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Here is the third chapter, hope wewe enjoy, please maoni below.

Edward POV

“Can I help wewe dear?”
It seemed like today was the siku that we would get our first human visitor in the new house. I hated having to songesha constantly but I knew we had too, plus it made Esme happy to be able to ubunifu us all a lovely new nyumbani every once in a while.
The human at the door appeared to have broken down in his/her door, I wasn’t able to tell not being able to read their mind. There was only one human I wanted in my house but there was only one problem, she would never want to be here again after I left...
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.:Story Start:.
"How do I says this..., Aro thought for a minute,"Your a dad."
His eyes went wide and looked at me.I stared back there depths emotionless.Then anger flashed though them and in a sekunde I was held up against the wall.Alec looking at me dangerous.Jane growled, deeply, screaming,
"WHAT THE H**L ARE wewe DOING!YOUR GOING TO KILL HER!!", as if to help her out I gasped for air, not able to get any, tears falling from my eyes staring at his.
"You dirty tramp!", Alec screamed at me.Jane was shocked now, along with everyone else.
"Who's is it!?", Alec said, letting go of my neck, all my senses...
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posted by 9stardust
The first time I called, Billy answered and told me that Jacob was still in bed. I got nosy,
checking to make sure that Billy had taken him to a doctor. Billy alisema he had, but, for some
reason I couldn't nail down, I didn't really believe him. I called again, several times a day, for
the inayofuata two days, but no one was ever there.
Saturday, I decided to go see him, invitation be damned. But the little red house was empty.
This frightened me–was Jacob so sick that he'd needed to go to the hospital? I stopped by
the hospital on the way back home, but the nurse...
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This is from the New Moon website!!

wewe may be able to get your hands on some New Moon schwag with your whopper, as a tipster at TwiFans notes–

"Now my cousin went to BURGER KING today and found out that inayofuata WEEK they will have NEW MOON TOYS and CROWNS!!!!! Just wanted to tell wewe all. SO SPREAD THE WORD!! I hope wewe all can get yours too. I know i will be getting them too!"

The humans in New Moon will be eating Burger King for lunch one dayy (i added this)

I can defintely believe this rumor since they gave out New Moon themed Burger King crowns at Comic-Con recently.
posted by Edward_Bella234
I was born Esme Anne Platt in 1895. This is my story…

    My childhood was wonderful. I adored my parents especially my mother. We were very close. I lived on a farm just outside of Columbus, Ohio.
One siku when I was 16 years old, I was climbing my inayopendelewa oak mti in my front yard. I wanted to go higher, higher, higher! I loved the freedom I felt when I was up high. I reached for the branch above me and I thought I had a good grasp on it but when I lifted my foot, my hand slipped and the inayofuata thing I knew I was falling to the ground below.
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