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"Daddy?" Where is Jacob?" Renesmee called to me from her bedroom.
"He is out at the moment." I told her as I walked toward her voice. She was sitting on her toddler kitanda opening and closing the locket Bella had aliyopewa her a couple months zamani for her first christmas. She didn't like to take it off. "He should be back soon." I stood in her doorway and she looked up with her brown eyes. The same brown eyes Bella's were before she changed. They were depthless and sparkled when she smiled.
"Where did he go?" Her small voice was concerned.
"He is out with Seth." I told her as I walked soundlessly over...
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chapter 22. FLIGHT
DEMETRI LEFT US IN THE CHEERFULLY OPULENT RECEPTION area, where the woman Gianna was still at her post behind the polished counter. Bright, harmless muziki tinkled from hidden speakers.
"Do not leave until dark," he warned us.
Edward nodded, and Demetri hurried away.
Gianna did not seem at all surprised kwa the exchange, though she did eye Edward's borrowed vazi, pazia with shrewd speculation.
"Are wewe all right?" Edward asked under his breath, to low for the human woman to hear. His voice was rough—if velvet can be rough—with anxiety. Still stressed kwa our situation, I imagined....
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Ok first of all this is not a twilight hate article. This is in response to one.Trust me I am a twilight addict.So if wewe are kusoma this and wewe have not read the link titled "Twilight sucks . . . and not in a good way" then wewe should go and read it.This will not make sense if wewe have not read that article(Which in itself does not make much sense).

Ok so , first of all this makala made me laugh , it is not because it was funny but because whoever wrote it is probable being beaten to death kwa twilighters everywhere.So let me say this: "twilight sucks...and not in a good way"Sucks...and not...
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