(Nellie's P. O.V.)
Papyrus had just returned from patrol,"Hiya Papy!" I alisema excitedly. Little did the skeleton know, I was MADLY in upendo with him. Papyrus held up the case to season one of Invader ZIM, "Would wewe like to watch this, human?" he asked sweetly. I nodded and placed the disc in the drive. As the episode started, I shivered. Papyrus carefully wrapped me in his scarf. I snuggled into it, "Papyrus, why didja take your scarf off? wewe always wear it." He began to stutter, "I, The Great- I think my spaghetti, tambi is burning!" the skeleton managed. I giggled, "But wewe aren't making any." I replied. Papyrus let out an exasperated sigh, "I have to tell wewe the truth, don't I, Human?" he asked. I nodded, "Fine, I-I upendo you, my sweet, attractive Human." I sniffed and hugged Papyrus, his scarf flying onto his neck. The skeleton gently kissed my lips; I inserted my tongue slowly. Papyrus played with my tongue for a while. As he pulled away, Sans came downstairs, "What's bone-ing on?" he asked. Papyrus growled,"SHUT UP, Sans!!!" he snapped, "And, also it's nothing..." Sans gave Papyrus a playful glare,"Riiight," he said, "You told the kid ya like her, didn't ya?" Papyrus squeaked out a tiny "yes." and kissed my cheek softly. from that siku forward, Papyrus and I were lovers to the core.