When I woke up, I was in my kitanda at the dorms. I sat up, looking around. Was it..just a dream? I lifted my hand, feeling the bandage on my neck. My eyes were wide. No, it wasn't a dream. Zero, and Ichiru...did Zero know Ichiru was here? In the Academy? And who was this Maria girl? Why was she in a Night Class uniform? So many questioned ran through my head. My thoughts were crushed, though, when my door opened and Yuki walked in.

"There wewe are, Ikeda! Class is about to start. Are wewe feeling alright?" She asked. I was silent for a moment before nodding and getting up. Once I was dressed, Yuki walked with me to the school. "Ikeda?" I glanced at her, not paying much attention.

"What is it?" I asked, still dazed.

"Who bit you...?" I froze in place, stopping. I don't know why I seemed so shocked. Yuki knew all about the Wanyonya damu as well. But maybe she didn't know about Maria. I figured I would keep her a secret, protect as many people as I can.

"It's nothing...It was taken care of." I alisema quickly as I started walking again. When we got to the gates, someone was calling me. Some of the girls around us glared and shouted mean things at me.

"Oh Ikeda! My beauty!" Aido alisema as he flailed his arms around. When he caught up to us, he slammed into me, wrapping his arms around me.

"Aido?" Now I knew why the girls were angry. Aido was just one of the gorgeous boys from the Night Class, Akatsuki was another.

"Aido! You're supposed to be back in your dorm! What are wewe doing here?" Yuki alisema quickly.

"Yuki is right, Hanabusa. You're breaking the rules." I looked at the taller man, Akatsuki. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Much like Aido, but he had light blonde hair.

"Awww I just wanted to see Ikeda! I missed wewe so much after our meeting last night!" Aido cuddled me. My eye twitched a bit.

"You're breaking the rules too, Akatsuki!" Yuki corrected. Akatsuki grabbed Aido kwa the shati and dragged him off, sighing.

"My precious Ikeda! I will see wewe later! Don't forget me!" Aido cried as his cousin walked back to the dorms. I was slightly shocked. A Vampire, liked me? au zaidi the word for it would be obsessed. Yuki just looked at me, knowing what I was thinking.

"Only your sekunde day, and Aido thinks he's fallen in love! Well just so wewe know, Zero is the opposite. He is another Guardian of the School." Yuki said. Zero wasn't anything like she alisema he was. The whole time we walked to class, she told me he seemed heartless, never spoke much, and everyone was afraid of him. Finally, my anger got the best of me. I slammed my fist against the ukuta inayofuata to us.

"Zero is nothing like that! He's a sweet boy!" I shouted before turning and running the opposite direction.

"Ikeda!" Yuki yelled, but I ignored her as I ran down a corridor and found my way into a new section of the school. I shook my head, feeling my moyo jumping out of my chest. She was wrong, Zero...my Zero was nothing like that. Any of that.

I had sat there in the abandoned area of the school for what seemed like forever. I skipped class because I couldn't handle Yuki at the moment. I sighed a bit as I moved my legs, stretching them out. I hadn't seen anyone all day. I finally stood up when I noticed Aido walk passed the doorway. He stopped when he saw me and grinned, waving.

"Hey! Ikeda! What are wewe doing here? siku Classes are over...actually they have been for sometime...You should probably hurry back to your dorm." Aido said. I narrowed my eyes. This boy confused me zaidi than anyone I had ever met in my life.

"Sorry, I'll get out of your way." I alisema as I went to pass him, but he grabbed my wrist and spun me around.

"I have a swali for you...Since we're alone.." Aido said. I averted my eyes from the door to Aido's face. Perfectly flawless. "I see I have your attention. Good."

"What do wewe want, Aido?" I asked, getting a bit impatient.

"I was wondering...How do my fangs feel...piercing your neck? I could tell wewe liked it last night...Whether Kaname knows it au not, I want your blood..." My eyes were wide.

"You're supposed...to take the blood tablets." I tried to choke out. Aido sighed a bit.

"Those things are never that great. Sure they satisfy us to a point...would wewe let me..drink your blood?" He asked, becoming zaidi serious. I was a bit taken back kwa his request. I was also shocked he was asking. Last night, he didn't ask. He just took it like he already owned me. I thought for a moment. So far, these Wanyonya damu have shown they are different. And I guess, Aido wasn't so bad. Maybe..if I couldn't be a Vampire Hunter...I could be useful in a different perspective. I looked up at Aido after I pulled myself out of my deep thoughts. When I nodded, he instantly shoved me against the wall, still holding my wrist tightly.

"Don't..hurt me...Aido.." I whispered as he tilted my head into his shoulder.

"Of course not.." He alisema as his lips grazed over my neck. Then, almost quicker than the first bite, he sunk his teeth into me. I gasped a bit, closing my eyes. I felt the same as last night. For some reason, a Vampire drinking my blood...felt good.

If my Father knew what I was quickly becoming here, he would pull me out for sure. I had to keep this a secret. No one could know. When Aido pulled away, I fell to my knees. He cleaned his face off and knelt down, cleaning and wrapping my neck for me.

"Can we keep this a secret?" I asked, trying to catch my breath. Aido flashed a grin at me.

"Your wish is my command." I took in a deep breath before leaning against the wall. Aido remained knelt as he watched me.

"What...what does my blood taste like?" I asked, somewhat curious.

"Well, a mixture of things really..It's like chocolate...but sweeter...and richer. Not like a harsh dark chocolate, but not as plain as white chokoleti either. It's perfect and creamy." The way Aido explained it made my stomach turn a bit. I never thought blood could taste like that to a Vampire. "Sorry. Well, wewe should probably go before Kaname-San finds me." I nodded a bit, standing up and walking out. I waved to Aido before disappearing outside and behind one of the beams. There, I rested. I felt so tired, so weak.

"I thought I smelled blood...I knew it was yours Ikeda. Other than Zero, I know your blood oh too well." Maria chuckled a bit.

"Maria...if that really is your name..." I said. Like my Father, I knew about all the Pure bloods, all the Vampires, all their powers. I knew Pure bloods could posses family's bodies.

"I'm glad wewe figured it out. Zero is on his way to knowing. He has a hunch, but it won't be confirmed till he speaks with someone of the Night Class." The girl giggled.

"Why don't we take this conversation away from the Academy, shall we?" I asked as I limped a bit, but walked down towards the old building where the Night Class use to stay before the Moon Dorms were built. Maria skipped behind me.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I was enough of a Hunter to know this was going to be a long night. I may not be strong enough, but I was smart enough to protect others. As I walked inside and up the old rotted out stairs, I found myself in a room where I saw someone standing. As though he was waiting for us.

"Oh! Ichiru! She came! She came!" Maria danced. I narrowed my eyes a bit.

"Why have wewe come here...Shizuka Hio?"