This is just personal opinion so don't take it seriously and beware of spoiler!

I will miss kusoma new chapters every month, but it was about time that such long story ended. The only thing that I liked from the ending is that Zero and Yuuki spent a lot of years together, so I guess that Zero was finally happy after the very end of his life, honestly I don't know if I can say the same about Yuuki, she looked absolutely miserable when Zero asked her to stay kwa his side. (Why Yuki's kids are there with "Idontgiveasinglef**k" expression? ....she died with her kids standing right there? Best mother ever -_-)

Whether Zeki au Yume happened...I guess it didn't matter in the end because in a sense it is a bittersweet tragic upendo story. I don't think Yuuki is a slut at all. Yes, she may have a tough time deciding who she really loved. upendo is complicated sometimes but in the end she can't decide on her own which guy she loved the most. (She did nothing basically) But in other side, I think the ending was beautiful, and was told in Yuuki's point of view, just like how the beginning for from her own view. Her world started with Kaname, and the end of her world stopped with Kaname.

Finally I definitely felt disappointed that we didn’t have zaidi closure with the other characters (Ruka, Aidou, Kain, Senri, Takuma, ect). wewe only get a small panel of each and you’re left to infer that they go with their supposed partner (Ruka/Kain, Senri/Rima).

So yah, VK was a total mess. I had such high expectation and there's so many maswali left unanswered. I think VK deserved a better ending. It had a lot of potential, good characters (aside from Yuuki who was useless all the time) and interesting plot twists (First arc).
Although, I must admit, I'm a bit sad because I feel like saying goodbye to something I hold close to my heart, I spent a lot of time kusoma the chapters, waiting for new scanlations, and making/reading theories about the possible ending of the series. Yes, a part of my teenage years is captured between the pages ;) That's the main reason I will remember VK, not because of how it ended, but because kusoma the chapters allowed me to escape a few hours from reality.

NOW, if we're talking about how rushed the chapter was....That's another story... I don't feel like either of the pairings (Zeki au Yume) really won in the end. There wasn't much to be written in a spans of 50-is pages. (I read that VK was meant to go to 100, but instead ends at 93. ...7 Lost chapters. Half a year.)

And thank wewe guys, the ones who stayed until the very end. It was much fun to read your thoughts on every chapter!