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 Yuuki kuvuka, msalaba Kuran
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This is just personal opinion so don't take it seriously and beware of spoiler!

I will miss kusoma new chapters every month, but it was about time that such long story ended. The only thing that I liked from the ending is that Zero and Yuuki spent a lot of years together, so I guess that Zero was finally happy after the very end of his life, honestly I don't know if I can say the same about Yuuki, she looked absolutely miserable when Zero asked her to stay kwa his side. (Why Yuki's kids are there with "Idontgiveasinglef**k" expression? ....she died with her kids standing right there? Best mother...
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No one can deny the huge popularity of the anime series Vampire Knight which was adopted from the famous manga with the same title created kwa Matsuri Hino.The story focuses between the vampire-human coexistence happening at the kuvuka, msalaba Academy, Wanyonya damu are long feared in the society and no one can tell wether there would be a time wherein Wanyonya damu and humans can share one community.Even though Vampire knight highlights this kind of situation what makes this anime series worth watching is its characters upendo story especially the upendo pembetatu of Zero Kiryuu,Yuki...
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Vampire Knight
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3rd Person
Luna gazed up at the stars,she smiled. She heard a noise in the bushes.She turned he head so she could see.Just the wind.She stood up and started walking.It began to rain "Oh crud" she said.She saw a building surrounded kwa a giant fence."Well rules are meant to be broken" she told herself. She climbed the fence and took shelter under a tree.Soon she was fast asleep.

The inayofuata Morning

When Luna awoke she was laying on a kitanda and she felt hot.Her throat hurt and she felt tired."Are wewe awake" alisema a male voice.She turned her head and saw a boy. He had silver hair and lavender eyes."Where...
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Voilà c'est la grande swali concernant Vampire Knight!!!!

Dans le manga, on est en quelle année?

C'est-à-dire lorsque Yuki kuvuka, msalaba a 15 ans, on est en quelle année?

Puisqu'il y a des voitures du siècle précédent et des calèches, je dirai vers 1965

mais il y a des jeans et des glaces alors je dirais 2015...
Rhoo trop d'impressisions et vous quand pensez-vous?

J'ai vraiment besoin de la réponse...

Mes recherches n'aboutissent à rien...

Puisque l'auteur ne fait mention de ceci nul-part...

Help me!!!!

makala de Pita.
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