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 Happy Halloween!!!
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A coven of vampire chicks in NYC tafuta for their bloodmates and take a bite out of the Big Apple. NYC nightlife never looked this good.
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Vampire Diaries
dead in the city
vampire lovers
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Old Wanyonya damu VS. new vampires, planning on taking over the world.
Wanyonya damu
Directed kwa Don Sharp. With Clifford Evans, Edward de Souza, Noel Willman. When car trouble strands a honeymooning couple in a small Southern European village, an aristocratic family in the area reaches out to help them with sinister consequences.
kiss of the vampire
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posted by ICEhanica
3rd part of story

“Brthy I think I know what is wrong whit you!
You are vampire!!!”

„What? Are u serious, au just craizy?“
„Srry, but that is true.“
„Ok,ok, well see…Vampires not exist!!!“

My BFF is gone from the room, and returned for 5 minutes. Has brought a book.

“Here read this!!!” say she to me.
“Why, what is that?”
“It’s book, book about vampires.”
“I don’t need it!!!”
“Yes wewe need, here take it!!!”

I take the book and start to read aloud:

You become a vampire only if vampire bite you.
Then filling the severe headache, and thirst for blood.
If these biting...
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posted by ICEhanica
1st part of story!!!

Hi my name is Brthy and this is story how I become a vampire.

„Hey Brthy, how are wewe I don't seen wewe all year!!!“ tell my BFF Sandara. „I'm good thanks you'r look realy good, have wewe a boyfriend?“
„Ya, his name is Luke, and he is so cute! And wewe have wewe any boyfriend?”
“No, but it’s ok” It rang for the lesson, of course no one sat down beside me and my BFF, and she is sitting behind me have a whole siku to talk.

I came nyumbani and saw that there was no one nyumbani so I decided to take a nap.
Mom woke me up and told me to go down to dine. Ok I must admit that I...
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posted by nevenkastar
„Well…“ She alisema „I know…you are a vampire“ She whispered in my ear.
„What!!“ I yelled quite.
„Don't worry“ She smiled „I'm one too“
„You're what?“ I asked shocked.
„Yes, I'm a vampire. My name is Luna.“
„I'm Alexandra, but wewe can call me Alex.“ I intoduced me. „So wewe are really a vampire?“
„Yes, I'm going to the Vampire class in the Emily Priece High School.“
„Me too.“ I alisema happy.
„Really? I'm representing Japan. What about you?“ She asked curiously.
„I'm representing the UK.“ I alisema nervous.
„You ok?“ She asked worried.
„Yeah, It's just...
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posted by dhaval_rocks
Part 1:link

Part 2... begins...

Unpleasant Day...

Today its my Birthday!My 18th Birthday!so Happy ,n glad with my life! Living with my Mom & my little Sister Lisa .She is in 10th Grade.I ♥ my family.My Mom Mrs.James,is very kind,sweet & nice person.She is the real Epitome of mother,always care for me n Lisa. Today her happiness is on 7th sky.She is inn jolly mood due to my Birthday.She planned a grand party & prepared cupcakes,bourbons , donuts,& a lot of eating stuff.For me ,she is my best friend & a lot .I ♥ her so much .
Well i decided to visit Church & receive...
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