i made it on paint that's why its so sucky
A young Vanessa took her first swim into her new classroom. With her mershirt (no seashells till she get s 14 says her mother. Her dark purple tail swished back and forth as she sat in her dawati . of course heads turned how can a girl be so pretty in the fifth grade. Long dark hair and wow what a mershirt. She got that allot and she didn't really mind. Her best friend Athena swam in. "Athena!' alisema Vanessa she hoped up and the two girls hugged. Her red hair bounced around. 'oh my gosh guess what this mwaka we can take electives isn't that awesome" alisema Vanessa. "I'm taking muziki class what about wewe "sorcery ". Nice the two girls shared their secret handshake. She girls sat in their seats. 'Hey look its triton" alisema Athena. Everyone knew that Athena had the biggest crush on triton ever but Vanessa had to admit he was a bit cute but a little ….uptight. "so how is Morgan" alisema Athena . "Oh she's wonderful. morgan was a fourth grader a mwaka younger than Vanessa. The kengele ringed everyone got into their seats "this is going to be the best mwaka ever.

Soon after school Athena rushed nyumbani she ran into her room "what a lovely little thing I'll do my dear it is divine. Things are working out according to my ultimate design, soon I'll have the little girl and her happiness will be mine hahahahahhahaha" sang Athena things were going just as she planned.