skyhudge posted on Oct 12, 2009 at 03:04AM
ok I'm SOOOOOOOO excited for these!!!!!!!!

Beastly (if you haven't heard about it by now you should go die...jk, just look it up) comes out July 30, 2010. If you live in Malaysia, you can see it a little earlier, on October 28, 2010...but I don't think that many of you do, so we'll all just have to wait til July.

Sucker Punch (I don't blame you if you haven't heard of it...only die hard fans like myself have=]) comes out March 25, 2011.

Now I know that both of these are really far away (especially Sucker Punch) but I'm still dying of excitement! I CAN'T WAIT AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. Beastly is in post-production and Sucker Punch is still filming (just a bit of extra info for you =])
 ok I'm SOOOOOOOO excited for these!!!!!!!! Beastly (if wewe haven't heard about it kwa now wewe should

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