Characters :
Hyomin (You/OC), Ken, Kiseop & VIXX along with other K-POP Idols.

♥Chapter 1 - I'm in Control Now

“I can’t believe that his doing this is to on my birthday!” Hyomin complained as Ken got annoyed from Hongbin’s text me.
“Hyomin…” Ken spoke seriously.
She faced him.
With a sigh from him, “He alisema that he can’t come because he already has plans.” He hugged her.
“I’m so sorry…”
She let go, “Where is he now?” She shouted.
“At Jordan’s…”
“You gotta be kidding?” I spoke as I grabbed my keys.
Ken grabbed my arm, “Don’t” he paused, “It’s not worth it.”
I sigh and nodded.
“You’re better without that piece of shit.” He comfort her.
“Oppa” She spoke softly.
Ken grabbed her phone and started texting Hongbin, “I’m telling him that you’re breaking up, no buts.” He added.
She agreed.
“That boy needs to learn.” Ken spoke as she hugged him with embrace.
“Komawo oppa” She thanked. “I’m sorry that you’re a part of it.”
“It’s okay.” He smiled, “We’re best friends, aren’t we.”
She nodded.

As the two got in Ken’s car to grab Hyomin’s stuff, they noticed that Hongbin’s car was there as well. Hyomin started to get regrets and sekunde thoughts about her relationship with him. Every tarehe night, he would say that he is busy without telling his ‘girlfriend’. He doesn’t even care about her but Ken does. He cares about Hyomin so much, because she would always be kwa Ken’s side no matter what. The two were Marafiki before VIXX debuted. She even visited Ken and the others during Trainee.

“Just stay in here.” Ken got out.
“No” She protested as she got out and closed the door.
“Hyomin…” He smiled as he knows her emotions too well. “Ok”

Hyomin opened the door in a flash, as she saw Hongbin and your best-friend, Jordan hugging and making out. As Ken’s eyes meet Hongbin’s there was hatred in them, wanting to hit Hongbin hard on the face. The chemistry between the two became zaidi distance away from each other.

“BASTARD” Ken came up to Hongbin with a punch.
“Hyung, it’s not what wewe think.” He lied.
Hyomin stepped up, “Yeah right wewe idiot!”
“Hyomin” He spoke kindly.
“Don’t say my name ever again!” She threatens him. “Same goes with wewe Jordan!” She spoke as Jordan was about to close the door.
“Hey” She acted and left.
Ken punched Hongbin, “Why did wewe do that do Hyomin?”
“What?” He acted innocent.
“Anyways, if wewe haven’t notice, I’m done with you. I’ve had enough of wewe and your shit.” Hyomin grabbed her stuff and yelled on the way outside of his house.
“Hyomin, listen…”
“Just shut it.” Ken added. “I’ll talk to wewe in dorm later, just get the hell ready. Just wait until I talk to N. We have a muziki video shoot tomorrow.” Ken spoke as he walked outside.
“Where?” Hongbin asked.
Ken and Hyomin ignored and drove off in Ken’s car on the way to his.

As the two was in Ken's car, VIXX's new song soon to be released, 'VOODOO DOLL' was on with the rough song/final copy. Ken started to sing his parts of the songs as Hyomin admired the song alot. Since Hyomin is farely new to Seoul, Ken started a small tour just for her.

"Any place in particular wewe like in Seoul?" Ken asked.
Hyomin spoke softly, "HanSan River???"
"Have wewe been there?"
She shook her head, "No"
"Why" He asked.
"Don't know where is it and I don't have any time for it..."
"Oh..." He smiled. "Hey, our new song, 'VOODOO DOLL' needs a lead female." He stated.
"And..." Hyomin got some interest.
"I was wondering if wewe want to do it..." He asked.
"Oh..." She had interest but she remembered that Hongbin would be there.
Ken sighed, "The song is about a guy that is willing to give up his body for the upendo of his life so she wouldn't be hurt anymore." He explained.
"Hyomin" Ken stopped the car, "I know that wewe don't want to talk au see him again, but wewe can't escape because you're famous. wewe can't always avoid him. His like everywhere where wewe go. I know that." Ken stated. "I want wewe to be happy again and wewe can get your revenge kwa this muziki video."
"But I don't" She got interuppted.
Ken kissed her, "Just listen to me, and you'll get it." He started the car again. "I'm not the only one had enough with his actions, the other members had enough."

After the small talk, they made it to Ken's house, since his parent's are away on holiday at Jeju Island, his staying at nyumbani just to look after the place and let Hyomin stay with him. He message N and N doesn't mind it and thanks Ken for asking Hyomin for the female role. Since they needed one.

~MV Shoot - 7:38am/Monday~

Ken and Hyomin made it to the shoot and Hongbin last as the usual. The set is with 6 cage's one with a glass ukuta of maths equations, one with strings and rings attached, one with a tree, one with a cough... , one with a box of glass and one with strings and a Voodoo Doll in it. There was a meza, jedwali with fake materials for the Voodoo Doll and a Voodoo Doll. Ravi has the glass maths, Leo has strings with rings, Hyuk has the mti one, Ken has the strings and Voodoo Doll, N has the cough one - of course - and Hongbin with the glass box. While Hyomin is the one controlling them with the materials and Voodoo Doll.

"Sorry that I'm late..." Hongbin spoke as he ran and stopped as Hyomin turned around. "Oh..."
Hyomin ignored him and faced the director again and continued on talking about the plot.
"What is she doing here?" Hongbin asked Leo.
No replies.
"She is here because we asked her." N spoke.
"But wewe haven't discussed it with..." Hongbin got cut.
"We did." Ken added. "If wewe hadn't being going out at night and been cheating on Hyomin, then wewe would've known."
"Hyuk did they talk about it." Hongbin asked.
"Duh" The maknae spoke in sync with Ravi.
"Just get ready." N pushed him into the make up area.

~4 Hours Later~

"Now, wewe grab the sharpest steel and place it through the fake skin of Hongbin, but first wewe need to walk around him and touch his face..." The director spoke.
"You serious?" She asked.
"Aigoo..." She mumbled.
"3... 2... 1... Action!" He shouted.
The other members watched him while N asked, "I wonder if she hates it..."
Ken responded, "She loves it"
"What" They asked.
"Her revenge..." He whispered.
"Oh..." They laughed softly.
"She's a good actress, thou. wewe can't lie about that, wewe know." Hyuk admired Hyomin acted.
"And..." The director spoke, "Cut that was perfect."
"WOW!" They shouted.
"Go Hyomin!" Ken and Hyuk cheered.
The others clapped for the two people as they thanked each other in an awkward situation.
"Hyomin, your solo performance... with the materials in 2 minutes." the director warned.

Ken hugged her, "You did well."
"Komawo oppa." She blushed.
"You were the best! Daebak!" N hugged her as well.
"Gamsa!/Thanks!)" She bowed. "Well, I need to go again." She waved.
"Arreso." N smiled as he watched her walking back to the set.
Ken poked him, "She's mine."
"Since when..." N asked.
"When she finishes." Ken smirked as Hongbin listened to him.

Hongbin finally realised that he was wrong about Hyomin. In fact her understands the meaning of upendo towards Hyomin. He realised that he was a total jerk towards her. He thought that she would get prettier au better than herself so he can have the new her. Instead he perfer's this Hyomin as she act's to control her. Now he has the true meaning of the Voodoo Doll song and meaning.

"Hyomin, can I talk to wewe in private?" Hongbin asked as she left the set.
"Nae" She nodded.

The two went outside of the set and went into a small alley way inayofuata to the set. The alley way was quiet, small and cold outside due to the winds.

"I'm so sorry." Hongbin blunted.
"What?" She spoke.
"I'm so sorry." He continued. "I was a total idiot." He started, "Look, I wanted to now the real and new wewe when I with you. I wanted wewe to shape up a bit..." He got cut.
"But wewe were completey wrong." Hyomin looked down as her eyes started to tear up.
Hongbin begged, "Please forgive me..." He stated. "I was completely wrong about you."
"But..." She interuppted.
"Look and listen to me." He grabbed her cheeks and kissed her passionately. "I upendo wewe so much. If I ever done that again, then what is wrong with me." He hugged her, "I'm so sorry..."
Hyomin didn't know what to say au do. "Oppa..."
"Nae" He let go.
"This is completely stupid of me but I forgive you." She looked down.
"You serious?"
She nodded.
"After what I've done to you..."
She nodded.
"Hongbin hyung~ Hyomin noona~" Hyuk called the two inside.
"Coming" Hongbin grabbed Hyomin's hand and faced her, "Please don't give me anymore chances after this. Okay?"
"Nae" Hyomin nodded.