♥Chapter 2 - Leaving

As the two went inside, Ken's moyo felt like that it got stabbed so hard, making him feeling weak when he saw Hongbin and Hyomin holding hands again but Hongbin is smiling but in a fake way, on Ken knows that it's fake. N and Hyuk turned around and looked at the two and clapped while Ravi is making bila mpangilio noises and Leo... just being Leo, as the usual chic person.

"Dance performance now." The Co-director shouted. "You guys get changed and in 3O, (minutes) wewe guys start."
"Nae", the boys spoke in sync.

The group went inside the small room full of make-up stations. Hongbin, Ravi & Leo are the first ones to get there make up changed and clean. Meanwhile Ken is talking to Hyomin and the leader and the maknae... making upendo affection with the camera kwa the 'VIXX TV' crew. As Ken wanting to talk to Hyomin, he felt eyes looking at him... and Hongbin is observing Ken's actions.

"Sorry" Ken got up.
"Ken!" Hyomin got up.
Ken stopped, "I need to think."
"But" She got cut.
"Just leave him alone babe~" Hongbin interrupted.
She stared at him, "Don't tell me wewe done this to him..."
"No" I was about to get up.
"Stay still." The make-up artist got annoyed.

"Ken!" Hyomin shouted.
Ken stopped, "Just leave me..." He spoke in a serious tone.
"I won't leave my best friend alone." She protested.
"I alisema TO LEAVE ME ALONE!" He shouted in a loud tone making it heard kwa everyone at the set. "Now look what you've done to me!"
Hyomin stood still like an idiot, "It was my fault." She left him as she picked up her things and left the set in silence. "Bye..."
N walked up to him, "You okay?"
"Why?" N spoke in a motherly way.
"She annoyed me." Ken looked at the sun.
N sighed, "You realized that wewe tore her moyo apart."
"What" Ken looked at him?
"She left the set a while ago..." N placed his hand on his shoulder. "You need to tell her that you're sorry and that wewe didn't mean it."
"What happens if I did mean it?" Ken shouted again.
This time Hyuk walked up and joined the conversation, "Hyung... I got a text from her."
"I don't care." Ken sounded annoyed from the maknae.
N slapped him, "Get your act together." He asked the maknae. "What did she say?"
"She is leaving Seoul tonight..." He looked down. "She’s moving back to America."
N blunted, "TONIGHT!" He looked at him, "WHY DID wewe SHOUTED AT HER?! He had a rough time with Hongbin and now they are together..." N got cut.
"She dumped him again kwa this text..." Hyuk spoke as he walked back to get his make-up ready.
Leo walked up to the two, "Go get your make-up done."
"Nae" N spoke as he dragged Ken.


As Hyomin waited for her late night flight back home, she got a text message from the boys but none from Ken, they all alisema 'Good luck, stay safe, don't go..' things like that but no text messages from Ken. She raged as her 'best friend' didn't text her and had sekunde thoughts about Ken. She is now thinking that she regrets to come to South Korea. She was lucky enough to get the album before the release date, JELLYFISH ENT., gave it to her for her thank wewe for supporting the boys and also helping out at the ENT. Lucky enough to get it all signed kwa all VIXX members and also the Ent. Sunbae's/idols. Her time was a good experience to be as teenager/young older with a good education and career.

"Passengers flying to LA with Korean Airline airbus, KA-32O, is now boarding." The lady speaker spoke as people started to line up.

As Hyomin went to the end of the line, the boys shouted, "HYOMIN!" N and Hyuk ran up to her while Ravi and Leo were signed autographs to the 'Starlights' at the airport.
"We're going to miss you!" N hugged her.
She smiled to herself, "Where's Ken... and Hongbin?" She asked.
"Still shooting the MV, they got the most scenes to record." Hyuk hugged her. "We asked the manager and he alisema yes."
She had the 'oh' face expression. "I didn't get a text message from... Ken..." She looked down as she followed the line.
"He was about to send wewe one but didn't want to send it." N hugged her as she had tears.
Her moyo had a stab.
"Look just stay in a low-profile in the US. We will visit wewe soon. Trust me." Hyuk kissed her on the cheek.
"YA! Han SangHyuk!" N spoke.
Hyomin laughed, "Well I'm going to miss wewe 'N-Jumma'" she pinched his cheek.
"AY" He complained.
"You too 'HyukKawaii'" She kissed Hyuk on the cheek again. "You to Ravi~ and Leo~" She hugged him.
Leo gave her a piece of paper, "All of our numbers if wewe need to call au text us."
Hyomin thanked him, "Komawo oppa." She stopped before giving her ticket. "I'm going to miss wewe all so much!" She gave everyone a final hug.
"BYE!" The boys shouted as she gave the ticket and went in to the Gate.

As Hyomin hoped on the plane and found her spot at the Business Class, she bucked her kiti, kiti cha ukanda and looked outside of the window, looking at the cold small fog outside. She thought about her fun times in Seoul with the members, Hongbin and Ken, but now. She doesn't know what to do again in her life. At least she's going to America before her brother, UKISS - AJ, is going to chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha and the First US Tour. She got V.I.P tickets and backstage passes to all three cities: LA, New York and San Francisco. She can't wait to see her brother again since he came back to South Korea in March that was her last time to see him. After 9 long months without seeing AJ, she finally gets to see him again back in the States.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please songesha to your seats quickly as possible and safely as we are about to Departure from Seoul International Airport." The cabin-crew spoke.
"Well..." Hyomin sighed, "I guess it's good-bye South Korea..." She had tears and she quickly checked her phone for the last time with no text messages from Ken and turned it to Aeroplane Mode before turning it off.
"Is this kiti, kiti cha taken?" Someone asked Hyomin with a similar tone.
She turned around, "No" She saw her brother AJ.
"Hello little sis…" AJ hugged her quickly as he sat inayofuata to his sister as the UKISS members sat behind us and in-front of us.
"HELLO~" The boys spoke as they put their kiti, kiti cha belts on.
"Hi" She spoke in a low tone looking outside.
AJ poked her, "What happened."
She sighed. "Hongbin was cheating on me and I had enough so I broke up..." She continued to stare outside. "I was at VIXX's new MV shoot and Ken and I had a fight. He didn't say sorry nor texted me as the others even Hongbin texted me. So I had enough of it..."
AJ hugged his little sister, "It's okay. One siku he'll regret it what he alisema to you... and Hongbin, he texted me that he was sorry so I'm not that angry at him." He comforts his sister.
She hugged him back, "Thank wewe oppa." She laughed, "I didn't know that wewe guys are going to the States so early~"
"I asked the manager what flight wewe are going so I managed to get the same flight as wewe and the kiti, kiti cha inayofuata to you."
"Ladies and Gentlemen, now we are about to take off to LAX Airport, thanking wewe for flying with Korean Airline ndege kubwa, airbus 32O." The cabin-crew spoke again.
Hyomin sighed, "Bye VIXX..." She started having tears. "Bye Ken..." She looked at the airport, just seeing N and Hyuk waving like complete idiots.
She laughed.
"Why are wewe laughing?" Her brother asked as she pointed. "Those complete idiots." He laughed. "LET'S GO US!"