♥Chapter 4 - Close Call

As the group found a waterfall nearby with a small lake inayofuata to it, the boys ran to the waterfall to cool down while Hyomin collapsed on the group from exhaustion. She was fine but she just collapsed since she have been running and walking for a long time with no water au food. The boys played around in the water, Hyuk watched Hyomin as she fell asleep when the boys continuously throwing water at him but he placed his eyes on her. This is new for him; it’s like his in upendo with someone. Hyuk can’t explain how it happened in the first place but he felt something in his heart. After a while Hyuk played with the boys for a bit until night was shown with the moon shining as a new moon.

“I’m going back to Hyomin, just having a rest.” Hyuk spoke as he walked to shore.
“Okay” The leader, N spoke with throwing water to Leo.
“Hey” Ravi complained as Ken dropped Ravi on water while Leo was happily washing his face.
Hyuk laughed for a bit when he watched his Hyung’s, “I wish that this happens to us in the real world if we don’t have any schedules…” He then started to stroke Hyomin’s hair softly, “Hope that you’re fine now, Hyomin.” He looked into her eyes as he grabbed her and laid her on his stomach.
“Ya” N yelled. “What in the world are wewe doing SangHyuk?” He asked in a motherly way.
“Nothing” He teased. “She was sleeping on the rough ground. I don’t want to disturb her sleep if I woke her up so instead on the rough ground, she is sleeping on me.” The maknae explained.
“Ya” Ken yelled.
With the loud noises happening around Hyomin, she couldn’t stand it anymore so she instead tried to wake up. With her eyes starting to shake as she woke up, she saw everyone staring at her and thought something was odd as she heard someone’s heartbeat and feel abs which is weird for Hyomin to notice. She looked around her surrounds a bit and notice that she was laying on Hyuk, “Ya! What in the worlds!” She complained as she got up. “Was I sleeping on you?” She pointed at Hyuk.
He just nodded.
“Oh…” She laughed as she got up. “Anyways, wewe guys had your fun so now it’s my turn for FUN! Yet again, I’m going to be a loner…” She laughed to herself. “Anyways, wewe guys should get some sleep and I mean it.” She spoke in her serious tone.

As I watched the boys trying to go to sleep, I started to walk up to the water as I felt the cold wind blowing at me giving me chills down my spine sensing that something au someone is watching me in the bushes around us. Without wanting to wake up the boys, I grabbed a small-sharp stick close kwa and walked up to the bushes. There was some small movement in the bushes that was clearly heard kwa only me while the boys are sleeping. As I was about to poke the bush, something jumped at me with sharp claws digging into my skin. Trying to not to cry loud with a scream, I poked the animal with my stick as another one was inayofuata to me and hurting me. I couldn’t hold in the pain so I tried to call out someone but I felt like I’m going to die from the animal still attacking me with its claws, so I closed my eyes afraid of the animals. Not seeing anything, I noticed that it stopped as I started to get stings on my marks, the animal(s) started to cry so I opened my eyes. Only seeing Hyuk and Leo attacking the animal as I tried to get up, when I got up, I suddenly collapsed in pain and eyes started to get blurry. I was poisoned, without knowing what happened to me and also round me that could’ve affected me.

“Hyomin” I heard Hyuk shouting my name numerous times. “Wake up. Please wake up!” He started to cry, “I don’t want wewe to die, not right now!” He continued to yell.
I tried to speak to him but I didn’t have enough energy so I tried to songesha my hand to his cheeks noticing that I have blood on it. With a smile let out her was glad with a sigh, “Oh my god. I thought that we Lost you, I’m sorry.” He apologized. Without any hesitating he picked me up and taking me to the waterfall nearby.
The others woke up in a flash as they heard my groans from the water going into my marks that the animal left. Leo told them what happened to me and they slowly approached Hyuk and I to the water.
“Hey” I tried to speak.
“Don’t speak; you’re wasting your energy.” Hyuk spoke in a serious tone as he continued washing my body from the blood.
I nodded and I clutched his shati from the painful marks that the animal left. I spoke softly, “Was that a mbwa mwitu that attacked me?”
He sighed, “It was 2 werewolves, and they were attacking wewe for chakula and for something.” He stopped answering the question.
“What do they want me for?” I questioned him again.
“Look” Hyuk started to get zaidi serious. “I promise, I’ll tell wewe when it’s the right time, but this isn’t. I need to clean the blood still.”
I looked at him in the eyes, “Thank wewe so much Hyuk.” Thanking him had to be made since he saved my life. If it wasn’t for Hyuk and Leo, than I would be killed, I was about to approach his cheek with a kiss but the memory from the Mbwa mwitu loups attacked started to haunt my mind. I flinched as looked at the water trying to clear my mind.
“You’re starting to get nightmares?” Hyuk asked me.
I nodded.
He grabbed my face and cooed me down with his warm body as I’m still getting stings but they are slowly fading away somehow, “Do wewe want to know what is even happening?” He asked me>
I nodded with a smile and kissed him on the cheek, “That’s for saving my butt before and yes please.”
“Okay” He grabbed me and took me to the cave in the waterfall, “I’m not allowed to tell wewe but I think that should know at least what just happened.”
“You don’t have to tell me what is exactly happening but can wewe just tell me what happened out there before and briefly, please?” I asked as I laid my head on his shoulder.
He grabbed my hand, “When wewe went through the portal before, which means that wewe were choosen.” He looked at me in the eyes.
“choosen for what?” I stopped the question.
“I’m not allowed to say…” He looked down. “I’m so sorry, I wish that I could. If I did then you’ll be in grave danger I told wewe a bit…”
“Well, I’m not letting wewe au the others getting hurt at all.” I hugged him with embrace. “I promise that I’ll try my best till the end of me.” I smiled. “That’s all wewe can say. I can imagine what might happen with the possibly of it coming true, I guess.” I spoke weakly as my eyes fell down and I started to sleep on Hyuk.
“I’m so sorry, that I’ve done this to you.” Hyuk felt sorry.

As Hyuk is thinking what is currently happening to them, the moon has finally fell and its morning as they are still under the waterfall away from the group. His thinking why the Mbwa mwitu loups have attacked Hyomin instead of Leo and himself. He imagined the incident as a nightmare, not just for Hyomin but also for him. He won’t let someone that he cares about die in front of him au someone that’s close with the other members.

The boys got up and walked around the pwani and followed the blood trail that Hyomin left and followed to the waterfall, which is currently has blood in the water still but the water is making it go away in sekunde making it pure again. They started to play around again like complete idiots until N found Hyuk and Hyomin under the waterfall.

He swam up to them, “How is she cooping?” He asked.
“She’s doing well I guess, the mark got healed and now she’s sleeping but still shocked.” Hyuk described the incident how she is doing as he looked into her eyes while she’s sleeping.
“That’s good. We need to keep a close eye on her au something might happen again like last night but zaidi worse.” The leader explained while going back to the group.