♥Chapter 8 - Truth's

My moyo started to feel in ease as Kiseop carried me through the woods. Since I left this world when I was little, he gained some knowledge of combat and skills; he even learnt how to jump to big trees without use his hand… And that started giving questions, how long have I been away from this world and why does this Queen want me killed? I don’t remember a Queen before and any female in a high palace expect for a young girl that looked like that she had the same age as me with similar tone and figures as me. I held a tight grip on Kiseop’s neck and my arms are around it while he is carrying me with his hands at my back and knee.

He jumped swiftly and flawlessly through the trees without any cuts on either of us. I felt salama under his arms. This made me happy and just focus on his eyes and another else for some reason. He notice me looking at him as he turned his head for a sekunde and smirked at me then focused on the trees again. I really want to ask Kiseop why I left this world and into a new one as a new person instead of the real me?

It’s like I’m being controlled kwa a controller. I’m like a Voodoo Doll in this reality. The wolves, been mistaken kwa someone else, the fog and me having powers and inaonyesha myself, the truth about my past. Whoever this is must really hate au doesn’t want me to be in charge of something. I don’t know why I’m chosen to be in this situation at all. I just wish that it’ll go away eventually. I’m sick and tired of being controlled and being treating like a slave to everyone. I really frustrate me when I even don’t know what the real problem is.

“Cat got into your thoughts?” Kiseop asked as he stopped at a mti and looked at Rose.
Rose went back to reality without thoughts in her mind, “Sorry...”
“It’s okay.” He smiled as he kissed her on the forehead. “You need some rest, Rose.” Kiseop looked at me with his gaze.
Rose couldn’t resist it and spoke, “You look handsome.” She blunted as she snapped out. “Oh my… I didn’t mean that…” She panicked.
Kiseop just laughed as she confessed with a worried look on her face, “You’ll be okay.” He smiled as he place his hand on Rose’s eyes and spoke, “We are not that far now to the others, just take a rest and get rid of the bad thoughts and sleep peacefully.” He whispered as the stars on Kiseop’s neck glowed softly and soon made Rose tired.
“How?” She asked.
“I’ll explain later. wewe need to rest…” Kiseop started to jump through the trees again as Rose gave up and rested on Kiseop while his still moving. “It’s for your own goods, my Princess…” He whispered.

As the sun started to set Kiseop found the other’s as they started gathering food. Ken and Hongbin was at the moto that they made recently while Leo and Hyuk are getting water although N and Ravi are finding food. Kiseop jumped behind Ken as he got surprised kwa Kiseop’s entrance but got distracted kwa Rose resting on him. He was jealous that one of his close Marafiki is holding au carrying the girl that he liked since they met. Kiseop soon then laid Rose down on the ground with his shati as a mto on her head, to protect her from the rocks in the ground as she’s asleep.

With the return of Leo and Hyuk with the water, they grabbed about a litre of water for a drink and about 3 litres for the moto and food. They found fresh water near kwa the camp. Followed kwa N and Ravi bringing back the meat that they found and started cooking it as Leo is the Chef with N helping him. Kiseop got up and hugged everyone in a friendly-brotherly way, since they haven’t seen Kiseop since Rose was on Earth. The seven of them started talking about things and how things was for them as that they also had to be normal like Rose but undercover.

“Kiseoppie~” N came around in a motherly and hugged him with a grin on his face.
“Hi…” Kiseop tried to run away from N.
“Don’t wewe think about running away from me, mate.” N laughed.
Everyone expect for N gave him a death glare and spoke in sync, “It’s annoying wewe do that…”
Ken laughed, “We upendo wewe but sometimes it can be annoying…” He cleared up as he sat inayofuata to Rose with his eyes fixed on her, “Does she knows about your step mother yet?” He asked Kiseop in a serious deep-low soft tone.
“No” Kiseop replied. “Not yet, but she might be after the other one. Not Rose…” He thought as he found a stick near him and sat down on the ground inayofuata to Rose and Ken. “But if she wants her, then she will do anything to stop us, even if it means to kill Rose.” He looked up at the stars with a serious fixed gaze above the group as he watches the dark night sky above them.
With a deep sigh from Ken, he also joined Kiseop as he looks at the moon with a group of stars that formed a sort of a five-pointed nyota that looks similar to Kiseop’s and Rose’s stars. “What does that mean?” He asked as Ken pointed at the nyota on the right handed side of the first-quarter moon.
“A new phase for Rose...” Kiseop replied as he looked at his zumaridi, zamaradi crystal glowing with Rose’s Icy-Blue Tear Drop Ring. “This happened to me, about four to five years ago, if I would remember.” A paused from Kiseop, “Meaning, that it has been awhile for Rose to use her powers since she Lost her memories before because of her…” He got up, “I’ll get my revenge for my father along with Rose’s. He was like another father to me because he looked after my family and Marafiki really well, and I was blessed kwa that. So that’s why I gave myself a role as a Knight and a Guardian for Rose and her family when she went to Earth. I had to look after people that she was close with…” He eyes had some tears falling off, “But I was too reckless and forgot about my father, but… She killed him then Rose’s father… It was my fault. If I hadn’t been all reckless about my role as a knight for her family… then our families would’ve been alive.” He blamed himself as he walked to the other side of the moto with tears forming still, with blame for him.
Rose got up slowly and noticed Kiseop confessing about a secret, she couldn’t do anything about it but just wait and listen to his own words and voice about the people that he cared so much. “Kiseop…” She mumbled as she approached him with a back hug. “Don’t blame yourself like that. wewe tried wewe best to look after our family, thank wewe so much.” She kissed him on the cheeks with a tight back hug. “If it wasn’t for you, then everyone would’ve been gone really quick. I appreciate your hard work for my family so I give wewe this…” Rose used her power of water and made a small water tear drop bracelet for him. “I know that this isn’t much, but this is a memory of your tributes for wewe family serve’s and I acknowledge it with my heart.” She smiled softly. “So I give wewe this.” She placed the bracelet on his wrist. “You have only two wishes that can come true, but wewe must prove it with your moyo and wisdom in-order to make your wish come true. All wewe need to do is take off this bracelet and say your wish with a kiss au tear from you.” Rose smiled as she slightly blushed like cherry pink when she told him what to do. “Please don’t waste your wishes, because I can’t give au make anymore…” She looked up at the night sky. “Since I don’t have enough energy and power to make more… I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Kiseop turned around and looked at Rose’s eyes. “Thank wewe so much for being kwa my side.” He kissed her on the cheeks as he walked back and sat inayofuata to Ken again.

Did Kiseop… just kissed me on the cheeks. Oh my… I need to focus on this reality; this is too cruel for me. So many nice and amazingly good looking guys, that’s mysteriously helping me which they think that they don’t know when they actually do. Anyways, I guess that Kiseop deserves that bracelet since he sacrifice his life over his own family and my father, I’m still questioning about my real father. I really had no one on Earth; I had no family members at all. I thought that my parents left me in the orphanage before when I was only third-teen years old, with no traces of my parents nor siblings, so if I was from here. Then it would have been true. The wolves, claiming me as Amber, so this Amber must be related to me in some sort of a way, that I don’t understand, yet meanwhile, my father, for some reason, I have a feeling that the pervious King was my dad but it still doesn’t make any sense at all. Argh, if only I knew what was really happening around m, then I would have been zaidi cautious about myself in the first place.

“Let’s call it a night okay?” Leo spoke as he started to lay down.
“I guess.” Ravi replied. “Night everyone.
“I’ll keep watch.” Rose smiled as she saw everyone getting ready. “Night. I’ll keep watch of the moto and the surrounds.”
Ken nudged her, “You sure?” He asked.
“Of course. wewe need wewe rest.” She smiled.