As I do with all of my favorites, I decided to type an makala explaining why Acxa and Haggar are my favorites. As of now I like the both of them pretty equally. This makala has a few spoilers if wewe don't know Haggar's backstory yet.


I liked Acxa on sight; in fact she's the reason I began watching. She looks so much like Azula (whom I very obviously adore). Everyone was literally calling her, 'Space Azula' over on tumblr. So I eventually caved and decided to see what the hype was all about and why they were calling her Space Azula. I wasn't disappointed.

She is a lot like Azula in zaidi than just looks. Like she's got the calm, calculated, and intelligent demeanor that I loved on Azula. Acxa just has what I look for in a cool, smooth talking villainess. When Lotor's not around she's the HBIC. She keeps the team focused and is very precise. I like that. I upendo a villain with brains.

I wish I could talk about a back story but so far we don't have one for her. I'm really, really hoping that, that will change. I feel like she's gonna have a pretty cool back story if she gets once.

She had one hell of an introduction too. She was quiet and masked the whole time and literally just robbed Keith at gun point lmao. Though they made a pretty good team up until then.

Acxa's fighting abilities stand out to me as well. I like her little space gun lol and thought it was pretty wild when she used it to block Keith's bayard. Her jumps and dodges are on point. I just upendo her fighting style in general.

And finally, of course I fell in upendo with her character design. She really, really does look like Azula except purple lol. She's just really pretty. ujumla, jumla Acxa is just an awesome character. Right up my alley.


Like Acxa, my liking of Haggar's character was pretty much instant. She too reminds me of another character I like a lot--Nerissa from W.i.t.c.h. They have kind of the same look and personality. Though I usually have a thing for the evil female characters, Haggar is a bit different for me; she's the first elderly character to become my favorite.

Her personality being the main reason as to why I like her, naturally. There's just something about the wicked witch type that gets me lol. I liked her slick but creepy mannerisms. Her kind of do what needs to be done thing. I was intrigued kwa the whole mad scientist thing she had going on and her total obsession with gaining knowledge--even at the cost of her own life, perhaps.

Which is another thing I liked about Haggar; her backstory. I was pretty surprised to find out that she was an Altan alchemist. But it was a really neat surprise. On the other hand I totally called that she had a thing for Zarkon and was super satisfied to find that they were married. I thought that it was very fascinating that she used to be the good guy.

Her powers are super cool too. That's just one zaidi thing that drew me to her in the beginning. She is just bad punda and I like the quintessence stuff--that's another thing she shares with Nerissa, the power over quintessence.

Last but not least, her character ubunifu is killer. upendo the long witchy kofia and the long straggly white hair. She's just just looks cool.