The Sultan, ruler of Agrabah.
The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters: From Mickey panya, kipanya to Hercules by
John Grant

Walt Disney Character Description of The Sultan from "Aladdin" (1992)

Portly and chubby-faced, with a large turban and a small stature, the Sultan hardly conforms to one's image of the average despot, yet he is a despot toward his daughter: confined within the palace walls, she must choose a suitor of noble blood kwa the time she is sixteen, because that is the law. It does not occur to the Sultan until very late in the movie that, although he did not originate the law, it is within his power to change it if he wants to, and it never seems to kuvuka, msalaba his mind that it is an unjust law - a stupid and bigoted tradition. Yet it is also very clear that he loves his daughter zaidi than anything in the world: it is simply that he cannot understand what seems to him to be her perversity, her demand for independence.
The Sultan is slow on the uptake about most things. It takes him a very long time while indeed to realize that he has unwittingly passed the rule of Agrabah over to his vizier, Jafar, who can control him hypnotically kwa use of his magical cobraheaded staff. When finally the truth is made plain to him - Aladin smashes the cobra head, thus lifting the mesmeric spell - he is clearly astonished that his power has been usurped.
Aside from Jasmine, his other passion is collecting toys - another echo of the 1940 version of The Theif of Baghdad, whose Sultan has a similar hobby.
The Sultan with Prince Aladin and his beautiful daugther, Princess Jasmine.