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posted by Bluefire7777
Addar Barrack - Used for toothache.
Alder mti Bark - Treats toothache, swelling, pain, and prevents complications. Prevents infection and swelling if chewed and applied to a wound.
Alfalfa - If chewed, prevents tooth decay.
Aloe Vera - The gel inside of the leaves helps cure skin problems and burns. Leaves can be chewed and spit on skin problems and burns.
Ash mti Seeds - May be consumed to fight pain.
Ash mti - New shoots should be chewed and then applied to an adder au fira, viper wound to resist the effects of the poison.
Aspen mti Bark - Relieves stress and soothes restlessness and distraughtness....
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posted by Bluefire7777
Once he places his nose over the moonpool and closes his eyes the stars appear to open up before him. The Silverpelt stretched out around him as he opened his eyes and peared into the mist of the Silverpelt.
"Hello?" Ivorytooth calls through the mist. Suddenly a faded image of two small kits of unknown color step out stars in their eyes so small they didn't even seem old enough to be born.
"Hello Father we are the unborn kits Palekit and Riverkit we are here to give your first life innocence. As a leader one must enjoy life with his clan that sometimes the innocence of a kit is needed in a wise...
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