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posted by Rapidtail
Bounceflame had just turned 10 moons old and was fathering Spottedflight`s kits, Moonkit,Ryekit
Quickkit,Tanglekit, and Pebblekit. He had 5 healthy sons. Bounceflame was lucky, he was only 3 moons old when he got his warrior name, but he earned it kwa killing a badger to make it regret killing his mother,Sweetwish,his father,Speckledrop, and sister, Summerflame.

"From now on wewe shall be known as Pebblestep,Moonleaf, Ryewind, and Quickfeather"
Smokestar announced.His son and apprentice was
aliyopewa his warrior name moons ago, he was 5 moons old, and his brothers got their`s at 7 moons

Tanglefoot,Pebblestep,Mooonleaf,Ryewind, and
Quickfeather were all tiny warriors, just like their father.
posted by BramblestarTC
(Based on a true story that was not in the books)

Bramblestar is in his pango on a thing he has never seen

Squrrielflight: Bramble

Bramblestar: Ah

Bramblestar gets scared and runs into a pango edge making his head go into it.

Bramblestar: hmmhhmmhmd

Squrrielflight: Oh what's this.

Bramblestar's head is in the ukuta while Squrriel is distracted kwa his computer.

Squrrielflight: This is cool.

Bramblestar: Hmmmhhmmhmhmmhm

Squrrielflight: Oh Bramble your stuck in a ukuta let me help you.

Squrrielflight tries to pull Bramble out of the ukuta but he is really stuck but she manages to pull him out.

Bramblestar: About...
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    "Oh when is he going to get back!?" alisema Cinderpaw in the apprentice pango impatiently. "Calm down Cinderpaw, he wont take long" alisema Brackenpaw sleepily."Im looking for him!" she alisema as she came running out of the apprentice den."Where are wewe going?" asked a voice behind her. It was Longtail. Im looking for Fireheart!" she alisema excitedly. "Youre as skittish as a squirrle" Lontail alisema "Off wewe go!". She ran to the entrence of the camp and bumped into someone."Hello, Fireheart!" she said."Looks like I came just in time" he teased."I thought a badger ate you!" she also teased."No cat would be foolish enough to do that" alisema Tigerclaw. "OR wewe got ran over kwa a monster!" she said. Fireheart yawned. "You should go back to the apprentice den, its late" alisema Firepaw.

posted by BramblestarTC
Santa: HO HO HO Merry krisimasi Jayfeather.

Jayfeather is sorting his herbs not seeing Santa

Squrrielflights voice comes out of nowhere saying "Merry Christmas".

Santa: HO HO HO Merry krisimasi Bramblestar.

Santa: HO HO HO Merry krisimasi Shadowclan .

Santa: HO HO HO Merry krisimasi Slenderman, and keep scaring people on your two games.

Santa: HO HO HO Merry krisimasi Kate au should i call wewe The Chaser, and keep scaring to.

Santa: HO HO HO Merry krisimasi Riverclan.

Santa: HO HO HO Merry krisimasi Windclan.

Santa: HO HO HO Merry krisimasi Squrrielflight and everyone else of Thunderclan.

Me and Squrrielflight with wewe all a Merry krisimasi and a Happy New mwaka -Bramblestar

Kate (The Chaser): link
Slenderman: Everyone knows.
added by coolgal774
 Dina whacks Sweetie eating McDonalds out of bowl.
Dina whacks Sweetie eating McDonalds out of bowl.
Dina and Sweetie were eating their McDonald's that was left over from their owner's chajio, chakula cha jioni last night. Suddenly, Dina whacked Sweetie on the head.
Sweetie-What was dat for?
Dina-Shhh, I is hearing something.
Hazelstripe-I is Hazelstripe!
Sweetie-Hazel what da?
Dina-Shhh, let da sexy one speak.
Hazelstripe-I have come to take wewe to RiverClan.
Sweetie-YAY!!! Wait, what's RiverClan?
Hazelstripe-It is my Clan. Well, da sexy Spiderleg thinks uderwise. wewe is Sweetcloud, and wewe is... Er... Um...
Hazelstripe-Now, Sweetcloud, come to meet da sexy Thornclaw.
Brightnose-What about me???
Dragon-I wuv you!!!!!!!!!!
Brightnose-Okay. (Sighs) I hate dragons. I'll have to dump him and find a sexy CAT instead.
To be continued...
 "I is Hazelstripe!"
"I is Hazelstripe!"
posted by JayHollyLion
Shopping with warriors 😃

Squirrelflight, Bramblelaw, Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit at Walmart.

As they walk in with Lionkit and Jaykit in the baby seats....

" OMSC, MCDONALD'S! CAN WE PLEASE GET MCDONALD'S!?" Lionkit shouts while trying to get out of the cart."If your good, maybe." Brambleclaw meows. "First on the orodha is...... oranges." Squirrelflight meows. "I hate oranges." Lionkit mews sadly. Jaykit starts squirming. "Can wewe stop." Lionkit hisses. No reply. After they got the oranges. They headed to the Candy section. Brambleclaw grabs his sugar free mint mice and hands it to Hollykit...
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posted by Rapidtail
Leafcloud,Windbranch,Splashbreeze,and Twoear are out with their apprentices,Applepaw,Mintpaw, Oakpaw, and Eaglepaw.

Applepaw:" I smell something unusual"
Eaglepaw : " I smell it too."
Oakpaw : "So do I"
Windbranch : " It is probably a rouge."
Mintpaw :" Like the kind of monster ?"
Twoear: " How do wewe know that "
Mintpaw; " So, I read the back."
Splashbreeze :"YOU CAN READ ?
Mintpaw : "No, the word looked familiar."
All of a sudden a rouge cat jumps out at them,and it is on the Thunderpath, then suddenly a monster roars by, squishing the rouge cat.It is a Rouge car.

Mintpaw : "Well,Leafcloud, I guess wewe were right in both ways.
Everybody else : "MINTPAW!!!!!!!!!!"
posted by DinaJuice
Hello , I am uandishi my own warriors! There is Moonclan, Fawnclan, Stormclan, And Duskclan. wewe can not pick to be medicine cat of any clan but wewe can be their apprentice.Same with leaders and the deputy.if u wanna be a kit, ill tell wewe the queens name once wewe decide wich clan to be in.If wewe wanna be a Queen just tell me ur name and wich clan. Same with apprentices and warriors! The point is, tell me what clan wewe wanna be in and ur name. I accept any cat. Tell me if ur a tom au she cat and ill also need ur cat color, and if u have any mate, ill add him au her too.

Tell me ur siblings and mother and father and ill see what I can do! Yay...please reply as soon as possible, and if u have any other maswali u can ask and I will answer as soon as I get on! DONT FORGET TO shabiki MEEE!

Your fellow warrior friend, Brightnose

Warriors: The Lost Omen
#1 Signs of the Stars

The stars were shining brightly as a gray cat sat on a rock, meditating her thoughts and actions. She shook her furry head as she soon started to cry. Thin streams of tears lined down her cheeks. "Why?" She stuttered out. "Why did I not help them in their time of need?"
"It's not your fault mother," a voice behind her replied.
The gray cat whipped around to see her son, kanzu, koti shining like a nyota in the night sky. "Oh, Stonefur! Sorry about this. It's just that-" she cut...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
Here I will write about Moonclan (soon to be an RP that wewe can join, and wewe can pick which role wewe want)

Leader- Moonstar- loyal, strong, wise, fighter and he is a black cat with blue eyes
Deputy- Nightbreeze (me)- grayish black fur, manyoya with dhahabu eyes- clever, friendly, gets angry with messed with, loyal to her clan
Medicine cat- Patchwing- black and white fur, brown eyes, he is a brave, quite, calm, gentle, loyal
This is where wewe can make your cat and I'll post sign ups for wewe guys if wewe like to jiunge Moonclan
One day, 2 Cats named Scourge and Bone came into the forest. They were not a Clan yet, so they gathered cats. When they became a Clan, they couldn`t decide on a name, so they thought it over for many moons.But one day, a cat refused to obey Scourge`s rules, so he was killed, and he thought "Well, we made him lose blood before he died. AHAH! " " Let my Clan gather" Scourge yelled, " I stand before wewe today to tell wewe we have found a name. From now on we shall be known as BloodClan"


Everyone liked the name, and it stuck.
added by Honeytail
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posted by Honeytail
Brightnose and Dragon were talking about rainbows while sitting on juu of Dragon's castle.
Dragon-Isn't it so cool? Rainbows, I mean.
Brightnose-S'pose so.
Brightnose-You are not in dis story!
Dragon-I hate him.
Amberclaw-Will wewe be my mate?
Brightnose-Of course!
Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshuskit-I'm your kit.
Brightnose-He's so sweet!
Amberclaw-Yo, Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshuskit.
To be continued... Meanwhile, read something kwa JayHollyLion. Darkface and Amberclaw will have their picha shown in CRAZY Cats, part 3.
posted by BramblestarTC
Hello Twolegs and Twolegettes Bramblestar here and today about in 20 dakika we are going to play Captures the Prey the main goal is to, gets all the prey in each clans camps the game starts in 20 dakika we will keep wewe updated in the maoni below but for now place your bets. And also Starclan and Darkforest Cats have also come to play in there default clans however Tigerstar/Claw REfused to play so he is not playing now all the characters are listed belows who will Win!!!

1. Cats can Tag Cats.
2. Your Base must must be the CAMP.
3. wewe start off with 3 prey NO MORE.
4. If all your prey...
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posted by BramblestarTC
(type:camp-3839:83(below)(FGJD&-89h)-jdjf,-/(below ground:GFJDKJF:747)9393(883)$$&$-Leader:Bramblestar(Deputy:Squrrielflight)$81;(Dph:x:-263,y:-10s383(;?&)<script surrounded hard to attack>HISY<€£\£+}^Divclass><Easy to defend>medi cat pango <Neg=-1 :88;&2>mhrit68;(858943921-7;$94?9)[Tree Friend proof],<Antivirusbitdefender*}+^>£%~uj7588505>"77673/93$@@)?,.9-(:();();.;(:,?;<Maxcats=infinite>Money=Notalowed77+#}€!~|}#£€€,Warriorcode=On<Leader=On><Deputy=On><Kits=On><Apperentices=On><Warriors=On><Medi Cat=Armed>HAYOGNKFD*%##%{,Attack system=Off>

How did we get these: Me and Squrrielflight have a computer where we can hariri the codes of our camp au territory we are not allowed to modify them unless permission from of the Erin Hunters.

Rules: Leader, Deputy, Warriors Apperentices and Kits must be on at all times. Medi Cat must stay armed (On but one only). Attack System must be off unless needed.
For entertainment purposes only. Based on actual recordings.

Bramblestar: Now Squrrielflight if wewe put a Hydrogen rod in a reactor it will of cor....

Bramblestar is interrupted kwa a large explosion to find a beam coming from the lake.

Bramblestar: Squrrielflight what was that!!

Squrrielflight: I Don't know it must be the reactor we left earlier kwa the lake.

Bramblestar: Oh Dear we better get a Radiation suits on and clean the lake out.

A Few hours later after the lake is cleaned out Squrrielflight tells Bramblestar something.

Squrrielflight: So now that the lake is cleaned out I gave Jayfeather a...
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posted by JayHollyLion
Yay rexordings WHY CANT I SPELL


Holly- But the lost

Jayzer- D;

LIon- yah they sort of did

Jayzer- had Ganzaga au what ever they are lost

Lion- no

Jayzer- yes

Holly- i picked.Virginia and Arizona

I picked Florda and Arizona

Florida- yay Marafiki

Jayzer- il stay up all nigjy to watch games


Holly- There are no zaidi games



Holly- whats the purpose of my life if i have to upendo with these weirdos

Jay- hey! I like kuki, vidakuzi okay. STOP JUDGING ME

Lion- Youz hurts his feelings...
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