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=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=Windows 8.1=+=+=+=+=+
1. Smaller ikoni (apps)
2. Larger ikoni (apps)
3. A start button!
4. Calculator
5. Scan app (for scanning papers)
6. New Store features (a lot to explain all)
7. There is an All Apps Button on Start
8. Microsoft Office 2013
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=Windows 8.1 - Update 1=+=+=+=+=+
9. New shut down/restart/sleep button kwa name
10. The shut down button is hidden on tablets for accidental shutdown
11. New tafuta button kwa name
12. wewe can pin Metro UI apps to the taskbar
13. Title bar on Metro UI apps (go to top)
14. Taskbar on Metro UI apps (go to bottom)
15. Metro UI apps can run as desktop apps