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I'm Bored, So I will allow wewe to have me make a Mii character for Smash Bros and take a picture of wewe beating up a Nintendo Character

Yeah... the title says it all. Tell me what wewe want as your
Skin Color
Hair Color
Hair Style
Eye Shape
Eye Color
Nose Shape
Head Shape
Facial Hair (If Any)
Glasses (If Any)
inayopendelewa Color
Brawler, Swordfighter, au Gunner
Hat: (Optional. If your hat choice isn't in the game, I will just leave wewe hatless)
Clothing Type (This is the hard part, so read below for clothing styles of fighter types)

Brawler: Standard, Bike Gear, Mecha Suit, Fighter Uniform, Tracksuit, Vampire Garb
Swordfighter: Standard, Pirate, Samurai Armor, Plate Armor, Ninja Suit, Neon Suit, Cybernetic Suit
Gunner: Standard, High-Tech Armor, K.K. Slider Outfit, Wild West Wear, Mage Robe, Fancy Suit

And lastly, post the Nintendo Character wewe want a picture of beating up
 Windwakerguy430 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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