Theme song:

Ten miles from Ponyville, kwa the Delamare River is a town called Frenchtown. Hundreds of ponies live there, and together, they must survive.....

The Storm

Starring in alphabetical order

Aurora from Alinah_09
Barry from SeanTheHedgehog
Ditto from Canada24
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy from Dragonaura15
moto Vi Equestria from Jordy_Dash
Jesse from SeanTheHedgehog
Joe from SeanTheHedgehog
Katana Sun from BlondLionEzel
Lexi from Sonicexeluv
Orion from Alinah_09
Saten Twist from Canada24
Snowflake from Alinah_09

It was 6:30 in the morning. Saten Twist was opening his restaurant for the day.

Saten Twist: There we go. *Turns on TV, and has it set to the news*
News Pony: Today is February the 3rd. Our weather forecast for the week shows today, and tomorrow with nothing, but grey skies. Thankfully, nothing will happen, but on Friday, the 6th, we are expecting at least two feet of snow.
Saten Twist: Typical February.
Joe: *Walks into the restaurant* Good morning Mr. Twist.
Saten Twist: Mornin' Joe.
Joe: How's everything doing?
Saten Twist: Good. What can I get you?
Joe: I'd like a piece of french toast with bacon.
Saten Twist: That may take a while to prepare.
Joe: Well I have ninety dakika until my shift starts.
Saten Twist: wewe have to go into Trenton.
Joe: It's not that far, only forty minutes. Can wewe just get me my toast, and bacon?
Saten Twist: Coming right up. So where are wewe going today?
Joe: Today I have to drive my big rig into Manehattan with a load of steel.
Saten Twist: That's all everypony cares about in Manehattan. Steel, steel. We need zaidi skyscrapers.
Joe: Yeah, right? *Checks watch* I don't know why I got up so early.
Saten Twist: Yeah, well your breakfast will be ready soon. One zaidi question, where do wewe get all of your loads from?
Joe: A railway yard. Why?
Saten Twist: Just curious.

Across the mitaani, mtaa from the restaurant lived a family of three. Aurora, and Barry had a daughter named Lexi. She was a brat, and always liked to disobey her parents.

Lexi: *Listening to muziki with headphones while kusoma a magazine*
Aurora: *Knocks on door* Lexi, open the door, and get ready for school.
Lexi: *Takes off headphones* Shut up mom, I'm busy!
Barry: *Arrives* Everything okay?
Aurora: Lexi refuses to come out of her room.
Barry: Let me deal with it. *Opens door*
Lexi: Dad, what are wewe doing in here?!
Barry: Come on. Turn off that music, and get rid of the magazine. It's time for school.
Lexi: Maybe I don't want to go to school.
Barry: wewe alisema wewe wanted to go to Del Val after passing Middle School, but wewe can't do that if wewe stay here all siku listening to music, and kusoma magazines about celebrities.
Lexi: Alright, I'll get ready. Close the door, and get out of here.
Barry: *Exits Lexi's room, and closes the door*

In St. Foalis, two ponies climbed into a helicopter on juu of a building.

Orion: *Sits in pilot's seat*
Snowflake: *Sits inayofuata to Orion*
Pony: *Gives manifest to Orion* wewe two need to get some oil to a trucking depot in Trenton Neigh Jersey.
Orion: All the way in Neigh Jersey? What for?
Pony: It's needed kwa a town kwa there, and we're the closest company that can get it to them. Better start flying.
Orion: *Starts up helicopter*
Snowflake: Why did I let wewe talk me into this?
Orion: Because it's a fun job.
Snowflake: We're pegasi. We don't need to fly these things.
Orion: Well I like it. *Gets helicopter into the air* inayofuata stop, Trenton.

Trenton was fifteen miles south of Frenchtown. In Frenchtown, zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy was getting her clothing store set up.

zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: *Unlocks door, and has her clothing set up for sale*
Pony: *Enters store* Hello.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Hi. How can I help you?
Pony: My wife wanted me to come down, and buy this green dress for her.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: I got only two dresses in that color. I'll onyesha them to wewe now if you'd like.
Pony: Sure.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: *Walks to the back of the store*
Pony: *Following zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy*
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: See anything wewe like?
Pony: *Sees a dark green dress* This is it. How much do I pay you?
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Forty dollars will do.
Pony: *Gets forty dollars, and gives it to zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy* Here wewe are.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Thanks. I hope your wife enjoys the dress.
Pony: She will. *Takes dress, and leaves shop*

Meanwhile, a police chase was occurring. Ditto was using a Chevy to chase a Chevy.

Ditto: Almost there. I'm gonna ram you.
Bad Pony: *Drifts left*
Ditto: Oh, wewe think you're awesome just because wewe drift. *Turns left, and follows the bad pony*
Dispatch: Ditto, give me an update on the pursuit.
Ditto: *Gets on walkie talkie* This is Ditto to dispatch, my car is still working surprisingly, and the yellow car has just turned onto Route 12. We are eastbound, heading towards you. Request a roadblock.
Dispatch: Negative on that roadblock Ditto.
Ditto: Why? I'm losing him!
Dispatch: I'm sorry, but-

Steam came out of Ditto's car, and it broke down.

Ditto: Forget it. My engine overheated. Dropping out of pursuit! *Parks car on side of the road* I would've caught him if wewe gave me a decent car!
Katana Sun: *Driving a red Dodge Avenger, and stops in front of Ditto's car* Officer, do wewe need help.
Ditto: No, leave me alone. Where are wewe heading to?
Katana Sun: Up Route 12 to the Katana Karate School. I teach other ponies how to become warrior like me in order to defend themselves.
Ditto: What wewe should really be doing is improving on your english.
Katana Sun: *Gets back in his car, and drives away*
Ditto: Something I said?

At Lexi's school, she was waiting for homeroom to be over so she could go to her first class. It was an extra curricular activity at another building, so she had to ride the bus.

Lexi: *Impatiently sitting at her desk*
Teacher: *Typing a message on her laptop*
Principal: *Turns on loudspeaker, and talks into a microphone* Good morning. It is now 7:30 AM. Please stand for the pledge of alliegence.
Lexi: *Stands up with everypony else in the room*
Everypony in school: I pledge allegience to the flag of the United States of Equestria, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.
Lexi: *Runs towards the door*
Teacher: Walk to the bus.
Lexi: *Ignores her teacher*

Lexi got on the bus, and rode to where her karate class at the Katana Karate School. There were also some ponies from high school in the class, including moto Vi Equestria, and Jesse.

Katana Sun: Good morning students. I hope wewe had a salama journey from your school.
Students: Yes.
Katana Sun: Good. Now for today's lesson, we will practice kicking.
Jesse: *Imitating Patrick Star* Kicking? I wanna do some kicking.
Students: *Laughing*
Katana Sun: Hahaha. Very funny Jesse. That's why I like you. You're a very bright stallion. I bet everypony in the Delaware Valley Regional High School enjoys your company.
Jesse: Yes they do.
Lexi: Delaware Valley? Where's that?
Jesse: It's actually not far away. Do wewe know where Senator magumu road is?
Lexi: Yeah.
Jesse: It's right there. I actually go to that school. Other ponies call it Del Val.
Lexi: Oh yeah. I wanna go there when I pass middle school.
Katana Sun: Alright, enough chit chat. Let's start our lesson. moto Dash?
moto Vi Equestria: Yes master?
Katana Sun: wewe don't have to call me master. Just call me Sun for short.
moto Vi Equestria: Okay sun.
Lexi: *Slightly annoyed* wewe sound like his father.
Katana Sun: I want wewe to be the first gppony, pony to kick the bag hanging from the ceiling.
moto Vi Equestria: I got it. *Jumps, and kicks the bag twice before landing on his hooves*
Katana Sun: Well done moto Dash.
Ponies: *Clapping*
Katana Sun: Never have I seen a gppony, pony with the capability of kicking the bag twice in a single jump.
Lexi: Oh please, I could do that. *Walks towards the bag*
Katana Sun: Okay Lexi. Do your best.
Lexi: *Jumps up, and kicks the bag, but as she tries to kick it a sekunde time, she hits the ground, and does a split*
Jesse: Very close. wewe did good though.
Lexi: *Stands up* Shut up. I don't need wewe making fun of me.
Jesse: I wasn't. I alisema wewe did good.
Lexi: You're probably being sarcastic.
Katana Sun: Lexi, wewe need to control your anger. That is a very important thing to do in life.
Lexi: Not for me.
Katana Sun: I think we must have a talk.

Meanwhile, Orion, and Snowflake just exited the town of St. Foalis in their helicopter.

Snowflake: How many days do wewe think it will take us to reach Trenton?
Orion: Oh I don't know. Probably three days.
Snowflake: I'd say five days. We'll see who gets it right.
Orion: I heard we may get caught in a snowstorm kwa the time we get there.
Snowflake: A snowstorm? Why would they send us out there then?
Orion: I don't know. They think we might get there before it arrives. What I don't understand is how we're the closest company to Trenton. We gotta be at least four hundred miles away from there.
Snowflake: I don't know. With prices going down for gasoline, and oil, maybe some companies just decided they weren't making a profit, and closed down.
Orion: That could be true, but no matter what, we gotta get this job done.

Trenton Neigh Jersey, truck depot at Roberts Avenue
3:30 PM

Joe alisema that he got his deliveries from a railway yard. Well, he lied. It wasn't a railway yard, but four train tracks were inayofuata to the depot where the trailers got loaded with supplies.

Joe just returned here from Manehattan.

Boss: Nice work Joe. I got reports from those ponies that wewe did well delivering that steel.
Joe: No problem sir. Just doing my job.
Boss: Alright. I need wewe to get some timber into Fillydelphia. Once wewe return from that, you're free to go.
Joe: I'm on it sir.
Worker: *Walks towards the boss* Sir, a call.
Boss: *Walks with the worker to a phone*

A high speed passenger train was heard passing kwa as the boss got to the phone.

Boss: Hello?.. It's on the way, okay.... Okay, will do... Thanks again, and goodbye. *Hangs up*
Worker: Good news sir?
Boss: Our oil is heading over here kwa helicopter right now as we speak. It should arrive sometime on Friday. I need to tell Joe about it when he gets back.

Meanwhile, Ditto was on patrol, using a standard police car. Anything was better then using that Chevy which kept breaking down.

Ditto: *Drives slowly across a small bridge, then turns left* Lots of ponies say that Frenchtown is a boring place. If they wanna go around in some big city, Trenton ain't far away.
Dispatch: Ditto, do wewe copy?
Ditto: Yeah. What's going on?
Dispatch: We're getting reports of vandalism at the Bamboo house, the japanese restaurant.
Ditto: I'm on my way. *Turns on sirens, and takes a right onto a straight road, going as fast as he can*

The vandal was Lexi. Instead of going back to her house, she got bored, and decided to vandalize a restaurant with rocks, and graffiti.

Lexi: *Uses blue spraypaint to put the word loser on the front door*
Ditto: *Stops in front of the restaurant* Young lady, just what do wewe think you're doing?
Lexi: What does it look like I'm doing? *Throws rock at police car*
Ditto: *Watches the rock break the front window* You're gonna pay for that.
Lexi: Oh no I won't. I'm an alicorn, and-
Ditto: *Arrests Lexi* And, wewe have the right to remain silent. Keep your mouth shut until we get downtown.
Lexi: Ugh! If only I knew a spell to get me out of here.
Ditto: How old are wewe kid?
Lexi: Twelve.
Ditto: Why don't I buy wewe a pizza on the way to the joint?
Lexi: Why are wewe being so nice to me?
Ditto: *Offended* Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know being nice was a bad thing nowadays!
Lexi: Alright, let's get that pizza.
Ditto: Good choice.

They went to Saten Twist's restaurant.

Ditto: *Looking at menu* What kind of an Italian Restaurant has french toast for breakfast?
Saten Twist: Don't worry about breakfast, look at the chajio, chakula cha jioni menu.
Ditto: I didn't even have lunch.
Lexi: I'd like to have spaghetti, tambi with meatballs, a meatball sub with no cheese, and a salad.
Ditto: Take it easy kid, I alisema I'd get wewe a slice of pizza. Not the Queen Of England's chakula supply.
Lexi: Alright, let me get something straight. My name is Lexi, not kid. Also, wewe alisema you'd get me pizza. wewe didn't say wewe would get me one slice, wewe just alisema pizza.
Ditto: Kids these days. They just won't stop eating, and get greedy.
Waiter: *Arrives* Are wewe ready to order?
Ditto: Alright kid-
Lexi: Lexi!
Ditto: Lexi, if wewe want the spaghetti, tambi with meatballs, wewe can have it, but nothing else.
Lexi: Fine.
Waiter: *Writing down Lexi's choice for dinner*
Ditto: And I'll have one slice of pizza with no cheese.
Waiter: Who eats pizza without cheese?
Ditto: *Shows police badge* I do. Problem?
Waiter: *Walks away*
Lexi: (Everypony is always getting on my bad side. If only I could get back at them.)
Saten Twist: *Watching the news*
News Pony: Our weather forecast has changed. The snowstorm that we alisema would arrive on Friday will now arrive Thursday.
Saten Twist: *Slams his hoof on the counter making a really loud noise*

Everypony stared at Saten Twist.

Saten Twist: What? I'm sure you're all angry about the snowstorm coming here earlier too.
Lexi: (A snowstorm huh? That could work.)

It was now 7:30 PM. It rained for half an hour, then because of the cold temperatures, the rain on the sidewalks turned into ice.

zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: *Exits her duka after closing it, then slips on ice. She prevents herself from falling, then walks back into her shop* Time to get the salt.

Lots of other ponies were getting salt on the sidewalk to get rid of the ice. It would take a long time to get rid of the ice, but as long as it worked, they didn't care.

zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: *Pours all of her salt in a small area* There we go. Now that will get rid of the ice very quickly.
Saten Twist: *Slowly walking kwa zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy* wewe should spread that salt out to get rid of zaidi ice.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: No, I wanna get rid of all the ice in a certain spot.
Saten Twist: Sounds a little selfish. wewe should get zaidi parts of the sidewalk so everypony won't have to worry about landing on their face.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Why don't wewe do it?
Saten Twist: *Kicks the salt*

The salt moved further down the sidewalk, and covered zaidi parts then before.

Saten Twist: How do wewe like that?
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Nice.

Meanwhile at Lexi's house, her family just finished having dinner.

Aurora: Okay. So tell me about what happened during, and after school.
Lexi: Anything in particular wewe wanna know about?
Barry: Tell us what happened now.
Lexi: Shut up dad, I wasn't talking to you.
Aurora: Don't talk like that to your father.
Barry: I'm gonna go upstairs. *Walks away*
Lexi: Did I do something wrong mom?
Aurora: I don't know. wewe tell me.
Lexi: No.
Aurora: That's not true.
Lexi: Well, why are wewe uigizaji like wewe don't know what I did? Clearly wewe know because of the way you're acting!
Aurora: Do not raise your voice.
Lexi: I'll raise my voice if I want to raise my voice! How come everything I do is bad now?!
Aurora: wewe vandalized a building. Vandalism is serious. wewe can't be doing that anymore.
Lexi: Okay, I won't.
Aurora: And about school, I signed wewe out of the karate class.
Lexi: What?!
Aurora: Sweetheart, it's very obvious that wewe keep getting in arguments with that stallion Jesse. He's a very nice pony, and gave wewe a compliment when wewe acted like an idiot.
Lexi: What are wewe talking about?
Aurora: wewe bragged about some songesha another gppony, pony did, and tried to do the exact same thing, but wewe failed.
Lexi: Hey! Who do wewe think you're talking to, huh?! wewe wanna go to war?!
Aurora: You've been watching Scarface too much.
Lexi: I don't have time for this. *Walks away*
Aurora: While you're leaving the dining room, go to your bed. You're grounded until tomorrow morning.
Lexi: AHHH!!!
Barry: *Comes back downstairs, and goes to Aurora* that kid can be a handful.
Aurora: Why are wewe whispering?
Barry: come on, let's get out of here.

Barry took himself, and his wife to his white PT Cruiser, and started driving on a long road.

Lexi: *Watching her parents leave* Perfect. Now is the time to practice for the storm.
Aurora: Where are wewe taking us?
Barry: Remember that dance club in Ponyville wewe wanted to go to?
Aurora: Yes.
Barry: That's where we're going.
Aurora: *Shocked* Barry Baricza, wewe shouldn't have.
Barry: Well I figured wewe needed a break from Lexi, and since she's grounded, we have enough time to do what we want.
Aurora: Aw, you're so thoughtful. *Leans on Barry*

They arrived at the dance club, which played jazz music. As they entered this song was playing. Start it at 1:45:

Dance Club Pony: Welcome.
Barry: Thanks.
Aurora: Thank you.
Dance Club Pony: You're welcome. Have fun.
Aurora: Why don't we have a drink before we go out there to dance?
Barry: Okay. *Follows Aurora to the bar*
Aurora: *Sits down at a meza, jedwali kwa a saxophone hanging on a ukuta on display* This is a really nice place.
Barry: I knew wewe wanted to come here for a long time, so I decided to get us here right as soon as I heard wewe sad wewe grounded Lexi.
Aurora: Will she be okay kwa herself?
Barry: She's a twelve mwaka old alicorn. What makes wewe think she won't be fine kwa herself?
Aurora: Just asking.
Waiter: *Arrives* Good evening.
Barry: zaidi like bad evening with the rain, and the temperatures dropping to 7 farenheit.
Waiter: That didn't happen.
Aurora: We're from Frenchtown.
Waiter: Oh, I see. Well maybe tomorrow will be better for you. What would wewe like?
Aurora: Let me have a bottle of Bud Light.
Barry: I'll just have water.
Waiter: Coming up.
Barry: We're gonna go out to dance. Will wewe let us know when our drinks are ready?
Waiter: Yes sir. Have a good time.
Aurora: Why can't we wait?
Barry: Because I wanna dance. *Goes to dancing floor*
Aurora: *Follows Barry*
Barry: This song is almost over, so let's wait for the inayofuata one to start, then we'll dance.
Dance Club Pony: Okay, we're gonna give our records a break, and let our band play a few songs. They came all the way from Florida to play for us, au at least, one of the trumpet players did.
Ponies: *Laughing*
Dance Club Pony: Okay, do your stuff.
Jazz Band: *Playing music*
Barry: *Dances with Aurora*

They were having fun. Lots of other ponies were dancing around them as the muziki was played.

Waiter: *Arrives* Your drinks are ready.
Barry: Already? That was quick, thanks. *Stops dancing, and goes to the bar*
Aurora: *Follows Barry*

While they were having their drinks, Barry watched the other ponies dance.

Jazz Band: *Playing music*
Ponies: *Dancing to music*
Aurora: *Drinks her beer*
Barry: *Looks back at Aurora, then drinks his water*

inayofuata morning, Joe arrived at his job late.

Boss: *Watching workers unload boxes from a small freight train*
Worker: That's the last one sir.
Boss: Good work.
Worker: Okay man, we got all the boxes out of your train.
Engineer: Thanks. *Rings kengele on his locomotive as he drives the train away from the depot*
Joe: *Arrives* Sir, I'm sorry for arriving late.
Boss: Don't worry about it. I got something to tell you.
Joe: What?
Boss: Important cargo is coming here from St. Foalis kwa helicopter.
Joe: Why is it coming all the way from there?
Boss: No one else would send it.
Joe: What is it anyway?
Boss: Gasoline. Now get to work, a trailer has two bulldozers loaded on it. Take it down into Red Bank.
Joe: I'm on it.

Back in Frenchtown, zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy was running her clothing store.

Katana Sun: *Enters store* Hello.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Hi.
Katana Sun: I was hoping wewe could help me with a problem.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: What problem?
Katana Sun: I have a hole in my karate outfit, and I was hoping wewe could fix it. *Gives outfit to zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy*
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: *Examining outfit* I'll see what I can do.
Katana Sun: How much do I owe you?
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Nothing yet. I'll let wewe know when I finish.
Katana Sun: Thank you.

Forty dakika later, Katana Sun made it back to the karate school to teach his class.

moto Vi Equestria: *Watches Katana Sun enter the building*
Jesse: What happened to Lexi?
Katana Sun: That female alicorn? Her parents signed her out of this class. She will not return.
moto Vi Equestria: That's sad. I'm going to miss her.
Katana Sun: Me too. Before she left yesterday, I told her to be like an avenger. Everypony in that group is strong warrior. That is why I have a car named after them.
Jesse: How did she respond to that?
Katana Sun: I would like to tell you, but her reply was full of words I shouldn't say here.
moto Vi Equestria: Oh, I see.
Jesse: She has anger issues. I hope she gets that problem solved.
Katana Sun: I do as well. Now let us sit down, and meditate.

As they started meditating, Katana Sun thought of something horrible.

Katana Sun: Oh no.
moto Vi Equestria: Something wrong Sun?
Katana Sun: I want Lexi to solve her anger problems that Jesse mentioned. However, something tells me she will solve her problem another way.

Fort Wayne Indiana, Fort Wayne International Airport, 3:27 PM

Orion, and Snowflake had to land their helicopter in order to refuel. The landing pad they were putting their helicopter on was inayofuata to a runway with flashing lights.

Orion: *Lands helicopter*
Snowflake: I'd say we were both off on what time we'd reach Trenton. We'll most likely get there tomorrow.
Orion: Honestly, I think you're right. Stay here, I'll refuel the chopper. *Gets out of helicopter, and begins to refuel it*
Snowflake: Well, at least we won't have to worry about that snowstorm on Friday. *Turns on radio*
News Pony: We have some breaking news. An explosion on the Golden Neigh Bridge in San Franciscolt has killed twenty ponies. Some might say it was because of Walt Disney, killing people that do not like their movie, Into The Woods. Even though the movie itself is terrible, Disney has hired assassins to kill anypony that does not like Into The Woods. In other news, Frenchtown Neigh Jersey will be getting two feet of snow on the fifth of February, which is tomorrow. Original forecasts were made on the snowstorm occuring the siku after, but now everypony is expecting it on Thursday.
Snowflake: Oh no.
Orion: *Returns from refueling the helicopter* Will wewe turn that thing off?
Snowflake: wewe might wanna listen to this.
Orion: *Listens to radio*
Pony: I can't believe we're getting this snow tomorrow. Two feet of snow is just unbelievable.
Orion: Where is this happening at?
Snowflake: I can't remember. The news gppony, pony alisema somewhere in Neigh Jersey.
Orion: Are wewe sure wewe can't remember?
Snowflake: I'm sure.

Meanwhile, Lexi was practicing some magic on a melting icicle.

Lexi: *Looks at dripping water, then uses her magic to make the dripping water bigger while falling faster. As she sees her magic work successfully, she laughs* This will work perfectly. *Feeling hungry* I think I'll head to that restaurant the police officer took me to yesterday.

She wasn't the only one that wanted to go to Saten Twist's restaurant. Jesse, and moto Vi Equestria were there as well.

Jesse: *Sitting at a meza, jedwali inayofuata to the window*
moto Vi Equestria: *Grabs two root beers, and stands in front of the cafeteria*
Saten Twist: Yeah?
moto Vi Equestria: Let me have two slices of pepperoni pizza, and a salad.
Saten Twist: For here, au to go?
moto Vi Equestria: For here.
Saten Twist: Are wewe scottish?
moto Vi Equestria: Yeah.
Saten Twist: I thought so. Could tell kwa your accent.
moto Vi Equestria: Do wewe want me to pay now, au later?
Saten Twist: Now. *Types numbers into cash register* $13.39
moto Vi Equestria: *Gives Saten Twist fifteen dollars* Keep the change sir.
Saten Twist: Okay.
moto Vi Equestria: *Goes back to Jesse*
Lexi: *Enters the restaurant*
Jesse: *Looks behind him, and sees Lexi* Hey.
moto Vi Equestria: Hi.
Lexi: *Looks at Jesse, and moto Vi Equestria* Hey.
Jesse: Do wewe wanna sit with us?
Lexi: Sure. Just let me get some pizza. Alright?
moto Vi Equestria: Yeah, go ahead.
Lexi: *Goes to refrigerator, and grabs a Dr. Hoofer. She then goes to Saten Twist at the cash register*
Saten Twist: wewe were here yesterday with that cop.
Lexi: Yeah, don't remind me. I want a slice of pizza with sausage, and extra nyanya sauce.
Saten Twist: And with the drink, that will be $9.21
Lexi: That sounds a little expensive, doesn't it?
Saten Twist: Look kid, I don't make the rules. If wewe don't have the money, get lost.
Lexi: *Gives Saten Twist a ten dollar bill* Keep the change wewe bug. *Walks away*
Saten Twist: *Puts slice of pizza with sausage into oven* that was the worst insult I ever heard in my entire life.
Lexi: *Sits at Jesse, and moto Vi Equestria's table*
Jesse: So, how come wewe left our karate class?
Lexi: My mom got mad at me, because a police officer told her I vandalized a restaurant.
moto Vi Equestria: Which one?
Lexi: The Bamboo House.
Jesse: Did wewe really vandalize it?
Lexi: If I told you, I'd have to kick your butt.
Jesse: Just asking.
moto Vi Equestria: Katana Sun alisema wewe left because of your anger issues.
Lexi: *Slams hooves onto table* I DON'T HAVE ANGER ISSUES!!
Saten Twist: *Points at Lexi* Hey, only I can lose my temper here.
Lexi: wewe stay out of this, and give me that slice of pizza I ordered!
Saten Twist: Benny, throw her out of here.
Waiter: Right sir. *Walks to Lexi*
Jesse: And before wewe left, wewe told me to shut up when I alisema wewe did a good job trying to do that songesha moto Dash did.
Waiter: *To Lexi* Alright young lady, Saten Twist doesn't want wewe in here anymore. Get out.
Lexi: I want my money back!
Waiter: No refunds.
Lexi: *Leaves restaurant*

Lexi was very angry. Now she was desperate for the snowstorm to come tomorrow.

inayofuata morning at 6:50 AM, Ditto arrived at police headquarters, just outside of Frenchtown.

Police gppony, pony 36: hujambo Ditto.
Ditto: Hi.
Police gppony, pony 36: What are wewe doing here so early?
Ditto: I'm gonna talk to the captain.
Police Captain: *Sitting in his office*
Ditto: *Enters office* We need to talk.
Police Captain: About?
Ditto: Huh?
Police Captain: What do wewe want to talk about?
Ditto: Oh, I didn't hear what wewe alisema earlier. I want to talk about why nopony is going around town in trucks with snowplows placing salt on the roads.
Police Captain: That won't be necessary until tomorrow.
Ditto: Did wewe hear the news?
Police Captain: I don't care about the news. It's always full of lies. Now get out on patrol, and stop being paranoid about snow.
Ditto: What cars are available?
Police Captain: We have three Crown Vics, two Dodges, and a Suburban.
Ditto: I think I'll take the Suburban. *Leaves captain*

Lexi was in her room at her house. She wanted to wait on juu of her house to see if it would snow.

Lexi: (I can't get out of here with my parents around. I need to distract them with something while I get out onto the roof.)

The first thing she did was turn on her laptop. As it was inapakia up, Lexi put on a kanzu, koti that was guaranteed to keep her warm, as well as gloves, boots with socks, and a hat.

Lexi: *Returns to her laptop, and goes on Internet Explorer. She goes onto a website that plays sound effects, then finds an area for bullet ricochets. She clicks on the Winchester 1873 Single Shots Sound category, then quietly goes upstairs*

The laptop had it's volume set up at 100% volume. The sound effects started to come out of the laptop, and could be heard all over the house: link

Barry: *Hears gunshots*
Aurora: *Still sleeping*
Barry: Honey wake up.
Aurora: *Wakes up* What? *Hears gunshots* Oh my god! Lexi!! *Runs with Barry to Lexi's room*
Barry: *Sees laptop playing sound effects* wewe gotta be kidding me. *Turns off sound effects* Okay Lexi, get over here.
Aurora: Where is she?
Barry: Hiding somewhere. Lexi?
Lexi: *On the roof of the house* It worked. And just to make sure my parents don't get here... *Locks door to roof*
Aurora: Do wewe think she ran away?
Barry: Obviously, she's not here. *Thinks for a moment* The roof.

They started running upstairs towards the roof.

Meanwhile, Joe was driving a big rig hauling gasoline. He was going through Frenchtown, delivering the gas to the ponies in another town called Phillipsburg.

Lexi: *Sees snow starting to fall* Yes. The weather forecast was correct. And now, instead of two feet of snow, we'll get ten feet! *Laughs as she starts to use her magic to make the snow bigger while falling faster*
Joe: *Turns on windshield wipers* Jeez, this snow is starting to fall really fast.*Loses control* Whoa! I'm losing control! *Hits the sidewalk, and flips his truck over*

Suddenly, an explosion occurred. The truck burst into flames as soon as it landed on it's side.

Ponies: Oh dear!
Joe: *Sees gas station right inayofuata to his truck* oh no. *Runs away* Get out of here! There's gonna be another explosion!!
Ponies: *Watching the gas station blow up*
Joe: Oh no!
Lexi: Yes!! Hahahaha!
Ditto: *About to pass Lexi's house*
Lexi: Uh oh. *Hides behind a small wall*

Ditto didn't see Lexi. He was too busy looking at the explosions, trying to figure out how they started.

Ditto: *Turns on sirens, and stops near the gas station*
Ponies: *Watching zaidi cars explode*
Ditto: *Stops car, and gets out* What's the problem?
Joe: The snow caused my truck to go out of control! It's snowing really hard man, I don't know what to do!
Ditto: Take it easy. What we need to do is get everypony away from the area.

A white pick up truck passed Joe's burning truck. It was leaking gasoline, and started heading down another road.

Joe: *Sees gasoline* That can't be good.

The flames got onto the gas that was leaking from the truck, and started following it.

Truck Pony: *Sees flames following him* What in the name of Benny kilima is going on?!!!? *Floors it, and turns left*
Ditto: I gotta stop that gppony, pony before he kills someone! Make sure everypony leaves the area!
Joe: Okay. Clear out everyone, we need to leave before those explosions hurt us!
Ditto: *Drives his police car, and follows the moto trail*
Truck Pony: *Loses control on the road, then jumps out of his truck. He rolls away from the gasoline leaking from his truck, and watches it hit a tree*
Ditto: *Arrives in his police car*
Truck Pony: *Stands up* hujambo officer!
Ditto: *Stops, and gets out of his car* Are wewe alright?
Truck Pony: Yeah.

The moto caught up to the truck, and it blew up. Then, it set the trees on fire.

Ditto: Where do wewe live?
Truck Pony: Milford. I was heading back after buying a coat. Now I got nothing!
Ditto: It's alright, let's get wewe back home.

Barry, and Aurora found that the door to the roof was locked. They could not get to Lexi while she was making the snow bigger, while making it fall faster.

Barry: *Knocks on door* LEXI, OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW!!!
Aurora: I could try to fly up there.
Barry: I can't let wewe do that. The snow is too intense.
Aurora: Oh please. They don't call me Northwind for nothing.
Barry: Good luck.
Aurora: *Looks outside, and sees that two feet of snow are on the ground, and the snow is falling in big chunks* On sekunde thought, let's try breaking the door down.
Barry: *Hears an explosion* That's the 30th explosion I heard. Something is going on out there.

A chain reaction of explosions was occuring because of all the cars at the gas station, and on the roads.

Pony: *Stops at traffic light, and sees a row of cars blowing up near him. He runs out of the car just in time to watch it explode*
Joe: We need to put all the cars somewhere salama where they won't blow up!
gppony, pony 83: What if one of us gets hurt?
Joe: Somepony has to do it!
gppony, pony 53: What about the moto department? It's right there on that road. *Points at moto department that's only 400 feet away from the gas station*
Joe: I didn't notice that before, good idea. We still need to get those cars away from the moto before they explode.

But they blew up, and started causing zaidi cars to explode.

Joe: What are wewe waiting for? Get the moto department!!

But the moto department was already dealing with the trees that caught on moto with Ditto, and the truck pony.

moto Ponies: *Putting out the fire*
Ditto: Alright, good work. Now we need to deal with that other fire.
moto Ponies: Lead the way.
Ditto: *Gets in his squad car, but it won't start because of the cold weather* Come on, come on!!
moto Ponies: We'll go there ourselves!
Ditto: Wait! wewe have to wait for me to get this thing working, so wewe can follow me!
moto Ponies: *Getting into their moto trucks, and driving away*
Ditto: Gah! Get back here! You're disobeying orders from a police pony!!!

Meanwhile, an alarm was heard:

gppony, pony 63: Hey, that's the alarm to evacuate this city!

Another one was heard:

Police Ponies: Let's go! Get to the Pennsylvania side of the Delamare River!
Ponies: *Getting ready to evacuate*

zaidi explosions were occuring. This time, some buildings were blowing up.

Ponies: *Falling onto the ground*
Police Ponies: Keep moving! We don't stop until we kuvuka, msalaba that bridge!!

As everypony was preparing to evacuate, Orion, and Snowflake were flying kwa in their helicopter.

Snowflake: This snow is falling so fast, I can barely see.
Orion: Relax, we shouldn't be far from Trenton. *Hears engine stop working*
Snowflake: What was that?
Orion: Uhh........
Snowflake: Please tell me this thing didn't break down.
Orion: Maybe it did, maybe it didn't.
Orion: I don't know!! *Feels helicopter losing altitude* Okay, yeah, it's not working.
Snowflake: What do we do?! Where do we land?!!?
Orion: I'll find a spot!! *Sees a bridge* Not there, not there! *Tries to make helicopter go left* Great, this thing can't go left, au right.
Snowflake: The engine stopped working! What do wewe want it to do?!!?
Orion: Not land on the bridge!!!

But it did. Orion, held on tightly as the helicopter slid on the bridge going only eighteen inches.

Snowflake: *Falls out helicopter! Wah! *Falls off bridge, but grabs the edge*
Orion: Snowflake!! *Runs to Snowflake* Hang on! *Grabs Snowflake* I got you.

But they heard a sound:

Snowflake: What now?
Orion: I think the bridge is moving.

The sound stopped, and the bridge collapsed. Orion saw the part he was on land into the water, while part of the bridge behind him was still intact.

Snowflake: AH!
Orion: Relax, I got you! Can wewe fly?
Snowflake: My wings hurt, I think I broke them when I fell out of the chopper.
Orion: That's not funny-
Snowflake: I NEVER alisema IT WAS FUNNY, NOW PULL ME UP!!
Orion: I'm trying. You're heavy.
Snowflake: Well, did wewe ever consider exercising?
Orion: Did wewe ever consider losing weight?
Snowflake: Well, now that wewe mention it-
Orion: *Acidentally loses grip on Snowflake*
Snowflake: AHHH!! *Lands on an icy part of the river* Ugh, *Holding wound on her front leg, then looks in front of her. She sees a path of ice she can use to get back to land*
Orion: *Tries to use his wings to fly off the bridge, but the snow forces him onto the ice inayofuata to Snowflake* Well, flying ain't working for me either.
Snowflake: No kidding. I see a way we can get back to land. Follow me.

Meanwhile, everypony saw the damage Orion, and Snowflake caused to the bridge.

Police gppony, pony 57: No!! How are we supposed to get across now?!
Orion & Snowflake: *Slowly walks back onto land from the ice*
Police gppony, pony 57: wewe there!
Orion: Who, us?
Police gppony, pony 57: Yeah. Where did wewe come from?
Orion: St. Foalis. We were delivering oil to a truck depot in Trenton, but out chopper broke down, and landed on the bridge.
Police gppony, pony 57: How did wewe get off?
Snowflake: We fell onto the ice.
Police gppony, pony 57: Ice?
Ponies: Ice?
Police gppony, pony 46: Sarge, are wewe thinking what I'm thinking?
Police gppony, pony 57: Possibly.

Since the bridge collapsed, and everypony had to evacuate Frenchtown, the police made everypony kuvuka, msalaba the ice that formed on the Delamare River.

Police gppony, pony 64: *Looks around* I have a feeling we forgot a few ponies.
Police gppony, pony 57: They probably ended up dead.

But they weren't. Saten Twist was with a few ponies inside his restaurant. Neither of them heard the alarm, because Saten Twist was playing loud Rock & Roll songs, and the explosions were too loud. Now there was no music, and Saten Twist was getting annoyed with two ponies in his restaurant.

Eddie: *Sings* Like the karatasi la kupamba ukuta sticks to the wall.
Frank: Dadada.
Eddie: Like the seashore clings to the sea.
Frank: Dadada.
Eddie: Like you'll never get rid of your shadow, Frank you'll never get rid of me.
Saten Twist: I'll get rid of wewe unless wewe stop singing!
Frank: Hey, sorry man. We're just enjoying ourselves.
Saten Twist: Well do it quietly. *Hears an explosion* What is it with all those explosions?

Further away from the explosions, Katana Sun, and his karate class didn't hear the alarms at all. They were far away from all the explosions.

moto Vi Equestria: *Hears his phone ringing, and majibu it*
Katana Sun: Oh moto Dash. wewe know better then that.
moto Vi Equestria: Hello? Mom? Really? I'll be there. *Hangs up*
Katana Sun: What is the matter?
moto Vi Equestria: My mom got hurt, because of all these explosions. I heard 'em in the conversation.
Katana Sun: Explosions?
Aurora & Barry: *Arrive*
Katana Sun: Lexi's parents. What are wewe doing here?
Aurora: We were wondering where our daughter went.
Barry: This truck carrying gasoline crashed into a gas station, and now it's causing a chain reaction of cars, and a few buildings to explode. We can't find Lexi anywhere, and we're worried.
Katana Sun: What can I do?
Barry: Look with us.
Katana Sun: Okay. wewe two just stand kwa that door, and let us meditate.
Barry: Meditate?
Aurora: *Drags Barry to the door while walking there herself*
Barry: How is meditating going to help?
Katana Sun: *Meditates with his students*
Jesse: What are we meditating about?
Katana Sun: Our Lost friend Lexi.
Barry: *Sits* This is ridiculous!

Everypony ignored him

Jesse: Katana?
Katana Sun: Yes Jesse.
Jesse: I don't know about you, but in my meditation, Lexi is causing the snow storm to be bigger then it really is supposed to.
moto Vi Equestria: I'm starting to see the same thing. She's using magic to make the snow bigger, and faster.
Katana Sun: Alas, I see the same thing too. It seems, she is not our friend after all.

A big truck with a snowplow was going kwa Katana's Karate school. Some of the snow, and ice on the road caused him to go left unexpectedly, towards Katana's Karate school.

Jesse: *Looks behind him* Truck!!!
Ponies: *Moving out of the way*
Truck Pony: *Crashes into two cars, then crashes through the Karate school*
Barry: Is this guy crazy?
Jesse: It was probably an accident.
Truck Pony: *Slowly gets out of truck, then looks around the karate school* Didn't anypony teach wewe not to build something in the middle of the road?!

Everypony trying to evacuate Frenchtown crossed over the icy Delamare River, and were really close to getting into Pennsylvania.

Police gppony, pony 46: Hold it.
Police gppony, pony 57: What's the matter?
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Come on!
gppony, pony 89: Why are we stopping?
Police gppony, pony 46: Wait here, I think I see part of the ice that isn't strong enough. *Goes towards the patch of ice*
Orion: So, do wewe ponies get snowstorms like this often?
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Not at all. As a matter of fact, we've never had to evacuate before.
Police gppony, pony 46: *Gets closer to a patch of ice where he can see through* Hm. It looks almost like a window.

Then, the ice started to crack.

Ponies: *Hearing the ice crack*
Police gppony, pony 57: Get back to Frenchtown!
Snowflake: What about the explosions?!
Police gppony, pony 46: They're probably gone kwa now, let's go!

They started running across the river, back to Frenchtown.

Meanwhile, Katana Sun was with Aurora, Barry, Jesse, and moto Vi Equestria. They had to walk, because now the roads were covered with too much snow.

Aurora: *Freezing*
Barry: Are wewe alright?
Aurora: I'll be fine.
moto Vi Equestria: Allow me sir. *Uses magic to create a coat*
Aurora: *Puts on coat* How lovely.
Barry: Thanks a lot man, you're a lifesaver.
moto Vi Equestria: No trouble at all.
Jesse: How long have we been walking?
Katana Sun: For quite a while. Are we close to your home?
Barry: Yeah, it's that red house right in front of the bridge.
Katana Sun: Now we will try to get to the roof together.
Barry: Follow me, and Aurora. We'll take wewe inside, wewe can get some hot chocolate, and whenever you're ready, we'll look for Lexi on the roof.

Speaking of the roof, Lexi was having the time of her life. She created a small force field around herself which kept her warm. Inside the force field was a kitanda (She is laying on it), a soda machine, and a microwave, which was currently making popcorn.

Lexi: If you're going to have fun causing havoc in a town, this is how to do it. *Creates a cup of root beer, and drinks it*

Back on the Delamare River, everpony on the ice was trying to get back to Frenchtown.

Joe: I don't hear any explosions.
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: Good. They must have stopped.
Police gppony, pony 46: *Looking at the ice*
Police gppony, pony 57: *Watching the snow fall* I still don't understand how the snow is this big.
Snowflake: Neither do I. The speed is understandable, but the size of these snowflakes is like nothing I've ever seen before.
Joe: Where did wewe two say wewe were from?
Orion: St. Foalis.
Police gppony, pony 57: *Looks at distance between everpony, and land* Almost there.
Joe: *Falls through the ice, and is holding on, but is unable to climb back up*
Orion: Hey!!
Joe: HELP!!
Police gppony, pony 57: Don't worry, we'll get wewe up.
Joe: *Losing grip on ice*
Police gppony, pony 46: *Holds out baton for Joe* Grab my baton, and we'll pull wewe out!
Joe: *Grabs baton, but as soon as they start pulling him up, the water freezes, and Joe has his back right leg stuck in the newly formed ice*
Police gppony, pony 57: We need to break that ice.
Joe: *Tries to songesha his leg* Forget about it, get off this river before wewe fall through.

The ice could be heard cracking.

Joe: GO!!
Ponies: *Leaving Joe, and running back to land*
Joe: *Kicks the ice with his other back leg, and breaks it. He gets back up, and runs towards land with the other ponies*

The crack in the ice was catching up to everyone.

zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: *Scared*
Orion: *Looks behind him* Hey, he got out!
Snowflake: Good for him.

The ponies made it back to land, just in time. Part of the ice came apart, and started drifting down the river.

Orion: *Laughs* wewe lucky stallion.
Joe: Did wewe miss me?
Orion: Yeah.
Snowflake: We're glad you're okay.
gppony, pony 57: Let's check the gas station, and see if that moto is still there.

Meanwhile at Lexi's house

Barry: *Punching the door*
Aurora: Please stop, you've been doing this for ten minutes, and it hasn't done anything.
Barry: Alright, somepony else try.
moto Vi Equestria & Jesse: *Slamming their bodies against the door*
Lexi: *Hears ponies knocking on the door* Idiots.

Not far away, Joe, zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy, and the rest of the ponies in their group were walking back to the gas station. The flames were still there, but the explosions stopped.

Snowflake: It doesn't look too bad.
Joe: Yeah, but my boss will kick my butt if he finds out about me crashing one of his trucks, and setting it on fire.
Ditto: *Arrives* So this is where all of wewe have been!
Snowflake: Where were you?
Ditto: I was chasing a stupid gppony, pony driving a pick up truck with leaking fuel, causing a trail of flames to go from that gas station to an intersection twelve blocks from here! When the moto set the truck on fire, it also set some trees on fire. I called the moto department to help put it out, but as we were about to come here to put out the fire, my car wouldn't start. Wanna know why?
Orion: Uhhh..
Orion: Right. I was about to say that.
Ditto: Finally, I start my car, but as I get here, the only ponies I see are the moto ponies, so I think to myself, hm, where did everypony go? So, like the kind, and helpful gppony, pony I try to be, I look for you. Then, the snow keeps falling like it is now, and the roads are completely covered, and I get trapped inside. It took me half an saa to get out, but there's one swali on my mind. WHERE WERE wewe WHEN I NEEDED YOU?!!!!?!?!?!?
Police gppony, pony 57: Ditto, listen. We were evacuating, alright? How were we supposed to know wewe got stuck in the snow?
Ditto: Because you're my partners, and-

Just then, a building collapsed.

Orion: How did that happen?
Ditto: *Looks at the snow* The snow! It's putting too much weight on those buildings!
Snowflake: *Watches another building collapse causing an explosion* Here we go again!
Ditto: *Sees Saten Twist's restaurant* This way! *Runs to restaurant*
Ponies: *Following Ditto*

Inside the house across the mitaani, mtaa from Saten Twist's restaurant

Katana Sun: *Slamming his body against the door, then stops* It's no use. We have punched, and slammed our bodies into this door multiple times, and nothing happened. I have one idea.
Barry: And that is?
Katana Sun: *Kicks door open*
Aurora: Thank goodness.
Lexi: *Still in her kitanda in the force field with the soda machine, and the microwave eating popcorn* Yummy.
Barry: Playtime is over Lexi.
Lexi: What are wewe talking about? *Sees moto Vi Equestria, Jesse, and Katana Sun* What are wewe all doing here?
Jesse: *Disables Lexi's force field*
moto Vi Equestria: *Stops the snow*
Jesse: *Uses magic to make the sun appear, and clear all the clouds away. The snow quickly starts to melt*
Barry: I think it's time we took wewe to the police young lady.
Lexi: Why?
Aurora: wewe caused a storm that could've killed somepony.
Katana Sun: If nopony is dead that is.
Jesse: God forbid.
Ditto: Hey. What are wewe doing up there?
Jesse: Setting things right!
Barry: Wait there. We'll come down, and explain everything.

Saten Twist saw everypony, and came out of his restaurant.

Saten Twist: Hey. Are wewe coming in to eat, au what?
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: *Sees Saten Twist* Wait a minute. I recognize you.
Saten Twist: Really?
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy: wewe kicked the salt I put on the sidewalk.
Ditto: Why would wewe do that?
Saten Twist: She had it in a big pile. Wait a sec, you're the cop that came to my restaurant with that annoying alicorn.
Ditto: Let's hope we never see her again.
Barry: Unfortunately, that's where you're wrong. *Pushes Lexi towards Ditto* She's responsible for the snowstorm.
Jesse: We cleared it up. *Sees Saten Twist* Say, you're that-
Saten Twist: gppony, pony that owns the restaurant wewe were in. I know, I got it.
moto Vi Equestria: Are wewe open? We'd like some food.
Saten Twist: Thought you'd never ask. Come on in.

Everypony went inside Saten Twist's restaurant to have lunch, except for Ditto, and Lexi. He had to put her in jail for causing...

The Storm

The End