Cornelia : Why are we not making a converge, hello?
Stella : Maybe because wewe all are "idiots"?
Irma : Hey! Watch, watch, watch,.. your mouth!
Stella : Dorky "witches"!
Will : Guys! Let's do this!

Bloom : Dragon Fury *blasts*
Taranee : Aah! *hits*
Cornelia : What is your power, girl?
Stella : Sun and moon, wewe got a problem with that wewe *****!

***** = twerp

Flora : Roxy, ready for a converge?
Roxy : wewe bet! *holds Flora's hand*
Flora : Convergence! Maximum Nature! *blasts*
Cornelia : AAAAAHHHHHH! *hits* How dare you?

Stella : wewe got a problem with that wewe "goofy" *****? Well I don't! Bloom! Watch out! *sees Irma blasting to Bloom*
Bloom : Dragon Barrier! *creates a barrier*

Taranee : *blasts to Stella*
Stella : *ends up into a water*
Flora : Stella!!!!

Musa : We need to salama her, she can't survive!
Flora : Then let's reverse transformation!
Musa : ENCHANTIX! *transforms into Enchantix*

Tecna : Go!
Musa : *flies inside the water and carries Stella* Huh!
Stella : *not breathing*
Musa : Fairy dust!!! *uses her fairy dust and saves Stella*
Stella : Wh-what just happened?
Flora : No time to talk, *blasts to Irma* time for revenge!!

Stella : Um, guys *blasts to Will* don't wewe think we should stop this battle and call them "weaklings"?
Bloom : No!
Flora : Ridiculous!
Tecna : No way!

Will : moyo of Kandrakar! *blasts*
Flora : *creates a shield* How do wewe like that? *and Will's spell hits back to her*