One siku Cornelia was walking along the sidewalk when her phone rang. " who in the world could this be???" Cornelia asked herself, when she saw who it was she ignored the call quickly. Why is she calling me, we haven't talked in so long, i thought she forgot about me, Cornelia thought, oh well better face the music. Cornelia then called back the number. "Hello?"who somebody said, "hey Flora, it's me, Cornelia, sorry i didn't answer before remember we are suppose to not be talking to eack other" hearing the laughter brought back good memories. "Hahahahaha i remember, but i need your help. Something happend and i'm stuck in a jam, think wewe can help?"who Flora asked sounding scared. "who ok? Where are you?! I will be there in a secound" Cornelia alisema and ran behind a mti to transform. "EARTH!"who Cornelia cried then flew off to find Flora, " i'm in the park, remember were wewe saved my life?" Flora said. Cornelia shivered remembering the day.

Cornelia and Flora where walking in the park when Icy showed up, "hellooooo Flora" icy alisema dryly. "Flora what is going on???" Cornelia alisema sounding scared. "Nobody Cornelia, she was just leaving" Flora alisema confidently. "Oh now that is just cruel.............................................................................think fast!!!!!!!!!"Icy said, shooting Flora with ice beams. It only toke Cornelia a secound, before she attaked Icy, sending her 20 inches and a black eye. "Grrrrrr, wewe will pay for that girlie" Icy alisema evilly, before she attaked Cornelia, but Cornelia put up a shield to protect herself and Flora. "Begone, before zaidi damage is down" Cornelia alisema sounding confident and using her Queen voice. Icy then left, Cornelia knelt besides Flora and used her powers to heal Flora. "Thank you" Flora and faintly.


"Yeah i remember" Cornelia whispered. Cornelia was right over that park but there was no sign of Flora anywhere. "Um, Flora, where exactly are you?"Cornelia asked,there was no answer, Flora hung up. "Great, just great" Cornelia muttered. Just then a moto ball came out of nowhere and hit her in the back, hard. CRASH, cornelia got up slowly, she hurt bad now. "Oh, im sorry. Did i hurt you? That was only the beginning Cornelia" Bloom alisema standing over Cornelia triumphantly. "We will see about that, won't we? And what are wewe doing beating me up? Flora is in trouble, but your wasting time dealing with me? Pathetic!!!"Cornelia said, "Cornelia oh no, i'm fine, to bad i cant say the sam for wewe old friend" Flora alisema cruely. Just then the rest of the winx came and toke there turns beating up Cornelia. "Payback!!!!!"Musa cried. OMG......Will help me, the winx are here in the park, help Cornelia thought spoke to Will, but before Cornelia heard the answer she passed out. Soon the winx left and a secound after that W.I.T.H. showed up. "Cornelia CORNELIA!!!!!!!!!