The following makala is against Winx Club.If wewe are a die hard shabiki of Winx Club that gets butthurt when they find out that there are some people who don't like Winx Club than don't read this makala because it certainly isn't for you.
In my opinion Winx Club is the worst excuse for a magical girl onyesha that was ever created and here are the reasons why:
1.The Plot
It is a fact that Winx Club has a very unoriginal plot.Let me mention the many shoujo manga/animes,books and other cartoons that Winx Club copied:
1.Sailor Moon-Bloom is basically a copy of Usagi:Let me point out the obvious similarities between these two characters:
-Both are normal girls that live normal lives until there find out they have magic.
-Somewhere between the middle of the series it turns out that they both are princesses of a Kingdom that was destroyed kwa evil forces.
-Both of them had family members that gave their lives to save them.
-The villains are after their powers because they have the most powerful powers in the universe.
Other things that are similar to Sailor Moon:
-One of the main characters turns to the dark side(Dark Lady=Dark Bloom)
Harry Potter:Well everybody knows that Winx copied Harry Potter with the magical school thing.No need to explain anymore
Wedding Peach-The main character of season 4 Roxy has a similar background to Momoko from Wedding Peach.They both have a magical mother but a normal father.Both of their mothers disappeared when they will still children but eventually return again
Mermaid Melody-The 5th season is about how the Winx girls must stop Tritannus from taking over the oceans.This also happens to be the basic plot of Mermaid Melody in whcih the girls have to stop Gaito from taking over the oceans.Funnily enough both Tritannus and Gaito also happen to have a brother.
-In season 3 the Trix are similar to the Dark Lovers from Mermaid Melody.In case that wewe don't know who the Dark Lovers are:The Dark Lovers are a group of 4 water demons who serve the main villain Gaito and also happen to be in upendo with him and fight for his affection.In season 3 The Trix are also desperate to get Valtor's affection.
Fushigi Yuugi-Season 6 has some similarities with Fushigi Yuugi as well.Lets count them:
-Selina is very similar to Yui.Selina just like Yui used the be the best friend of the main character but later turns into her enemy because she has been manipulated kwa the main villain.In the end she sees how wrong she was and turns into a good character again.
-They both are about a magical book
-The Winx girls enter a book world(the Legendarium world)similar to the plot of Fushigi Yuugi
Captain Planet-Its obvious hat Winx copied the whole"anti-pollution"theme of season 5 from Captain Planet
Too much contradictions,plot holes and things that don't even make sense
The writers have a bad habit of uandishi situations that contradict the things that they alisema in awali season.For example:
-In season 1 it is revealed that the Ancestral Witches destroyed Domino than in season 2 it turns out that Lord Darkar was their master and ordered them to destroy Domino than in season 3 it turned out that the witches didn't do it themselves but sent Valtor to do it but in the first movie there is absolutely no mentioning of Lord Darkar and Valtor.WTF?This whole thing doesn't even make sense at all.
-In season 1 it was showed that the Ancestral Witches killed Daphne out of revenge for saving Bloom but in the movie they didn't even know that Bloom is still alive.
-In season 1 it is alisema that Daphne was KILLED kwa the Ancestral Witches than in season 5 it turns out that she was only cursed kwa them.
-In season 1 Faragonda says that Bloom is the last fairy on Earth than in season 4 it turns out that Roxy is the last fairy on earth
-In season 3 Faragonda says that Enchantix is the final fairy stage but the Winx still get many new transformations after season 3
-In season 1 it was clearly stated that The Dragon Flame is the most powerful thing in the Universe than in season 6 it turns out that the Beast of the Depths is stronger than the Dragon Flame
Other things that just don't make sense:
If the Dragon flame is the most powerful power in the Universe than why couldn't Bloom's parents defeat the Ancestral Witches with it?
Why the hell didn't the Trix use such a powerful army as the Army of Decay to attack and destroy a planet?
If Lord Darkar is so powerful than why the hell did he get defeated so easily?
Why the hell didn't the Wizards of the Black mduara, duara appear in season 1 to kill Bloom who everyone thought was the last fairy on Earth?
Why the hell didn't the vichimbakazi from the other planets try to help the Earth vichimbakazi when they were being captured and imprisoned kwa Wizards of the Dark Circle?
Why doesn't Magix have a school for wizards?
There are many zaidi but I am to lazy to mention them all.
The plot is too much predictable
There are no plot twists and wewe can predict pretty much everything that is going to happen next
Too much stupid boyfriend drama
Why the hell is there so much boyfriend drama?In season 1 we have the drama about Bloom finding out that Sky is engaged to another girl(Diaspro),in season 3 we have Diaspro casting a spell on Sky to make him fall in upendo with her,in season 4 Sky is jealous of Bloom for hanging out with he ex,Stella thinks that Brandon is cheating on her with Mitzi and Musa breaks up(but gets together again) with Riven because she can't put up with his jerk behavior and because she falls for another dude etc.I thought that this was supposed to be an adventure ndoto onyesha and not a soap opera.All of this stupid drama just gets annoying especially with Bloom and Sky.
2.The characters are one-dimensional and boring
Iginio Straffi is terrible when it comes to uandishi good characters.His characters are one dimensional and there is almost no character development whatsoever.Lets just take a look at the main characters:
The girls:
Bloom-The worst character of the show.She is the self-proclaimed of Winx Club.She is selfish,self-centered,stupid,ungrateful towards her adoptive parents and a cry baby.The plot focuses on her way zaidi than it should too.
Stella-The girliest among them.She only thinks about boys,fashion and make up.She is not the smartest either.Stella is an ujumla, jumla super annoying character and I hate her in the first two seasons but they gave her a little development in season She is one of the few characters that has a zaidi detailed story.
3.Flora-She actually reminds of the 3 classic Disney princesses Snow White,Cinderella and Aurora.Why?Because just like them,so unrealistically nice and kind that it gets gets on my nerves.Thats basically how her personality is throughout the whole series.She is kwa far the most boring character in the show.She is also way too much obsessed with nature.One of the many characters who's background story we never get to know.
Musa-The typical tomboy that got eventually turned into an annoying super girly girl like the others in season 4.Not much is known about her background story either expect that her mother died when she was a child.
Tecna-The only smart girl among them.We know basically nothing about her background story either.
The boys:
Sky-A pathetic brat that is just as annoying as his girlfriend Bloom.He is an irresponsible prince that prefers to follow his girlfriend wherever she goes instead of learning to become a responsible King.He also left his fiancee for Bloom but nonetheless is celebrated as a good guy.
Brandon-The typical playboy.We don't really know anything about his story either,we only know that he is a good friend of Sky and pretended a while to be him in order to keep Sky salama au whatever it was.
Riven-The typical bad boy.The writers never really give a reason why he is such a jerk.
Timmy-The typical nerd who is usually useless in a fight.We also don't know anything about his story.
Helia-The shy and romantic dude.We also don't know anything about him expect that he is the grandson(changed into nephew in the 4kids version)of Saladin.
Nabu-A rather interesting character that gets killed in the end of season 4
Judging kwa the short analysis I did above wewe can see that most of the Winx Club characters don't have any background stories au character development.
Most of the villains are pathetic and stupid
Here's a short analysis of them:
The Trix-3 witches from wingu Tower who seem to be wild about stealing the Dragon Flame.During 80 %of the series they act zaidi like mean high school girls than real villains.Towards the last 10 episodes their finally onyesha potential when their steal he Dragon Flame and summon the Army of Decay.Season 1 is basically the only season in which the Trix have been above average villains.In the other seasons(expect season 6)they are joke figures that serve and have a crush on the main villain and get their punda constantly kicked kwa the Winx girls.
Lord Darkar-A lame and pathetic villain that is supposed to be the personification of evil(more like the personification of stupidity).He(just like the main villains in Sailor Moon)sends the Trix to do his work for him instead of getting his lazy punda up.He has some rather stupid plans like turning Bloom into Dark Bloom instead of just taking her fucking powers for himself.Even though he is supposed to be one the most powerful creatures in the Universe he is quite easily defeated kwa the Winx girls.He also has the ability to turn into a phoenix(that doesn't even look like a real phoenix)This clearly proves that Iginio has no knowledge about mythology.In mythology a phoenix is supposed to be an immortal bird that it entirely made of fire.So if make a villain that can turn into a phoenix,this villain has to be IMMORTAL which Darkar clearly isn't.
Valtor-One of the few good Winx Club villains.He is a really powerful wizard,a manipulative villain,has the powers to turn people into his slaves putting his mark on them and defeated the Winx girls many times.The only stupid thing is that he was easily defeated in the end
Wizards of the Black Circle-These villains actually used to be better in the past when they managed to capture and imprison almost every fairy on Earth,stole their magic and cut off their wings.As current villains their were really powerful until the Winx earned their Believix and eventually defeated them.Their leader Ogron still deserves credit for coming up with a good plan to trick Morganna into putting the black mduara, duara in her finger which opened a vortex that almost sucked all the Earth fairies.Overall I think they are above average villains
Tritannus-A pathetic idiot that wants to rule over the seas.All he does is whining about how his parents choose his brother to become instead of him,absorb toxins and through a trident every time he becomes angry
Selina-She used to be Bloom's friend but than turned evil.She can use the Legendarium a book that has the power to make myths come true after they have been rad kwa someone.She wants to free Acheron from the Legendarium because he promised her power.She is the typical villain that is evil because she has been manipulated all along kwa the main villain.In the end she turns good again
Acheron-An idiot that got stuck in a book that was created kwa himself,later got freed thanks to Selina and gets easily defeated kwa Bloom.