Behold! (By request) The crappiest one shot you'll ever read!

Bloom shot Icy her best smirk…(yeah, the smirk wasn’t that great). She was going to end this battle with one final and big blast.

It was time to channel the dragon flame.

Bloom lifted her hands high above her head, drew all her, energy forward, and unleashed the dragon.

Icy sighed. Every time…same old same old. At this point she may as well not even try to songesha as Iginio simply hates her so there’s really no winning no matter what—little did she know Iginio was not doing the uandishi this time. ;) Instead she sat down on the nearest wingu because what does gravity matter in a crappy one-shot fic anyways.
Yup, that was her logic.
Now all she had to do was wait, defeat was coming…any dakika now.

Yup, there it is, the dragon sprung fourth from Blooms out stretched arms.

It dashed straight for Icy, halted, and then coiled back around at Bloom.

“Yeah, okay. No.” The Great Dragon bellowed. “Not again. Not this time. Not anymore. The Scale And Wing Society does not pay me enough to do this job.”

“Excuse me??? Like, what?” Bloom asked.

“Do wewe remember when she…” He motioned to Icy. “Kidnapped my ass? Yeah, I enjoyed that…it was a nice break, let me tell you.”

“What are wewe trying to say?” Bloom pouted.

“I’m trying to say that wewe and I…we just ain’t gonna work. You’re always sending me out to do the hard part for you. Never a thanks, never a please. It’s always ‘Great dragon do this, great dragon do that’ how about wewe do something on your own for once in a damn while instead of just sending me out to do all the work!”

Icy scoffed. “Tell me about it…Darkar wasn’t much better than her. Pretty much did the same thing.”

“I know man, it’s just ridiculous. I just…I just…I’m so sick of it!” He threw his wings in the air. “This needs to stop! Needs. To. Stop.” He glared at Bloom.

“So…uh…you still going to come at me…bro?” Icy asked.

The Great Dragon squinted. “Nah. Nah, I don’t think I will, man. I think Imma fight a fairy today…” He trailed off.

Bloom pointed at herself.

The Great Dragon nodded a very dragony nod.

“Please do.” Icy leaned back. “I’ll just be over here.” She put her sunglasses on.

Bloom cringed.

The Great Dragon charged mbele at his former master. “You’re a disgrace to dragoni everywheeeeeer!!!”

“Are dragoni always this dramatic?” Icy muttered to herself. She’d never get the answer because this fic writer simply doesn’t have time for that. But Icy was okay with that because I alisema so.

He gave a quick flick of his tail and sent the fairy flying across the sky. She really didn’t stand a chance. Another flick had her coming right back at him.

Right into his mouth.

Because she simply wasn’t worth using moto on…though fried fairy did sound good. Oh well. Too late now.

“So, now whose gonna keep the dragon flame?” Icy asked.

The Great Dragon laughed. “No one! I’M A FREE bitch, kahaba BABY!”

“And wewe know that I need wewe I want it bad, bad romance.” Icy muttered to herself when she thought everyone had stopped reading.