Tecna transforming.
On Alfea's first siku of school, Tecna was trying to be accepted as a famous fairy from Titania. She wanted to draw the young visiting specialists to her. But all the vichimbakazi and specialists were drawn to a different lady. Her hair was bright yellow, she wore a dark green juu shirt, a plum purple cape covering her matching boots. Tecna walked over to one of the surrounding fairies. "Who is this lady?" Tecna asked. Her eyes were deep and angry. "Cornelia. She's the Fairy Of Earth." the fairy replied. At the moment, the fairy swung her red hair.
At that moment, Tecna recognized the fairy. It was Bloom, the fairy of the Dragon Flame. Bloom hated newcomers because they tried to intrude her team, The Winx. Tecna then crouched below the Alfea Courtyard Fountain. There, she transformed into a Charmix fairy. Then she jogged back to the crowd of vichimbakazi and specialists.
She stomped inside the circle, meeting Cornelia's dark eyes. "I am Tecna, Fairy of Technology, and this lady has been trying to take my spotlight as Alfea's smartest newcomer. I declare a fight." Tecna shouted the to the entire school of Alfea. Cornelia then flushed angrily and jogged towards Tecna. It was clear that she was in her original transformation. Green sorcery was almost out of her hands. "Here's a blast of earth." Cornelia sneered. She earthquaked the spot right where Tecna was standing, but Tecna had backed up. Then, Tecna fired a blast of technology that looked like purple lightning. But Cornelia had dodged that attack. The fight was on.
"Earth is stronger than Technology!" Cornelia kept shouting. It seemed as if there was sorcery in her words. Tecna wouldn't give up. She relied on her spells to protect herself with force fields and blasts. All the newcoming vichimbakazi of Alfea thought Cornelia would win. But boy, they were wrong.
Hours later, Cornelia had fallen. Tecna stood strong and proud above, as if she'd hunted her first animal. Cornelia raised her arms up as if to let Tecna arrest her. "Leave!" Tecna bellowed. Her voice was like a fairy who had turned dark. Cornelia then jogged out into the nearby Enchanted Forest. She was never seen again in Alfea. Tecna was honored as "The Greatest Fairy At Alfea.". All the vichimbakazi rejoiced.

And for now on, The Winx and W.I.T.C.H. were always "versus" each other.
Cornelia, ready to fight Tecna.