Bloom, Stella, and Flora walled through the Gardenia mall. Flora looked at the flowers and sighed.
(Flora)- "Don't the flowers look lovely, today?"
Stella sighed.
(Stella)- "You say that every day! You're always so natural! For once, can we duka at CLOTHES instead of flowers?"
Flora humphed.
(Flora)- "You always wanna duka for fashion! Why can't we just enjoy nature and it's beauty for once?"
Bloom smiled and faced Stella.
(Bloom)- "I'm with Flora. We ARE always looking and buying clothes. We need flowers and plants to lighten up our apartment,"
Stella humphed and crossed her arms. Bloom and Flora laughed. Then, a girl walked right through them, breaking up the group.
(Stella)- "Um, aren't wewe at least going to say sorry? wewe just walked through us!"
The girl turned around. She wore a pink tank juu and blue jeans with brown stilletoes. She wore silver hoop earrings, and two silver hoop bracelets on her left hand with a small mkufu that was a string with a blue bead on the end. She had on no makeup except pink lipstick and mascara. She had long blonde and straight hair and cold, icy blue eyes that sent a shiver down Bloom and Flora's backs. She scoffed, like they were just nerds talking to her.
(Cornelia)- "Um, what if I don't want to? It was an accident, okay?"
Stella growled. She always did this when she was mad. Bloom and Flora narrowed their eyes at the girl. Stella's face was red.
(Stella)- "Just who do wewe think wewe are? Queen Bee?!"
The girl humphed and held her head up high.
(Cornelia)- "I'm Cornelia Hale, and I definitely don't have to apologize to wannabe-divas like YOU! Go back to the dump where wewe came from."
Stella's face started to turn zaidi red. Steam was practically brewing out of her ears.
(Stella)- "I won't let wewe treat me and my Marafiki like that! My name is Stella Solaria, and I'll be teaching wewe a lesson about RESPECT!"
Stella reach for her ring. Bloom and Flora grabbed Stella and dragged her with them. Cornelia began to laugh.
(Flora)- "Stella! Leave her alone! She's not worth it!"q
(Stella)- "Yeah, but nobody messes with my Marafiki and gets away with it!"
Bloom looked at her.
(Bloom)- "Stella, Flora's right. We'll just go somewhere else,"
Stella pouted. She obviously was upset about losing to Cornelia. She glared back at a smirking Cornelia, who flipped her hair and sashayed away. Stella could of sworn she saw leaves fall from her hair. Then, two other girls walked past them. Another blonde and an African American girl walked past and stepped on Bloom and Flora's foot.
(Bloom)- "Ouch!"
(Flora)- "Ow!"
The two turned around. The blonde was very young, younger that the other, had very pale blonde hair in two braids. She had on a purple and black striped sweater, and a black pencil mini skirt. She had on black boots, and pale eyes like Cornelia. For a minute, the girls almost mistaken her for Cornelia’s sister. The other girl had black hair on the juu of her head (actually, the hair was like, boy-length) and only one strand of hair our with several colored beads on it. She had glasses on her brown eyes (not trying to be mean, but she looked like a nerd) and a machungwa, chungwa sweater. She had brown boots and a long red skirt, upindo with patches above it. She was carrying a brown satchel bag with papers hanging out.
(Taranee)- "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't see your foot!"
(Elyon)- "Oops! Sorry!"
(Bloom)- "It's okay. We're fine,"
Suddenly, a voice came out from behind.
(Cornelia)- "Elyon! Taranee! Over here!"
At the sound of their names, the blonde and African ran over to a waving Cornelia. Stella scoweld.
(Stella)- "They're Marafiki with HER?"
Cornelia turned to them and frowned.
(Cornelia)- "Oh, it's wewe again. Come to 'finally teach me a lesson about RESPECT,' yet?"
Stella lunged Cornelia.
(Stella)- "YAH!"
Stella jumped on Cornelia, tackling her to the ground.
(Bloom & Flora)- "Stella!"
(Elyon & Taranee)- "Cornelia!"
As both of the Marafiki tried to pull each girl away from the other, Stella and Cornelia had their own catfight kwa scratching, pullinh out hair strands, and hitting. Finally, the two girls were able to be pulled apart. Cornelia glared at Stella, growling. Both girls had their hair messed up, bite marks, and a few bruises. Both of there outfits had burnt-like marks on it.
(Cornelia)- "What the hell is the matter with you!? wewe just attaked me! And wewe ruined my outfit! You're crazy!"
Stella dusted off the dirt.
(Stella)- "Remember what I alisema about teaching wewe lesson? This is what happens when wewe mess with me and my friends!"
Cornelia growled.
(Cornelia)- "Then this lesson should teach wewe not to mess with ME! Earth!"
(Taranee)- "Cornelia, don't!"
It was too late. Cornelia didn't hear her and placed her hands on the concrete. No one was around to notice it excpet them, but jagged rocks sprouted from the concrete. Flora yelped.
(Flora)- "Look out!"
Flora shoved Bloom and Stella out of the way and made a ukuta of thick vines.
(Flora)- "Gaia’s Defense!"
The vines stopped the rocks from cutting through.
(Elyon)- "Woah! She has Earth powers too?"
Taranee and Cornelia glared at them.
(Cornelja)- "I bet they're minions of Nerissa!"
(Taranee)- "I don't know who they are, but they are messing with the wrong girls! Fire!"
Taranee shot a moto ball out of her hand. Stella and Flora ducked, but Bloom stood her ground.
(Bloom)- "Igneous Protection!"
A machungwa, chungwa dome covered them, and the moto ball extinguished within the dome. Taranee gasped.
(Taranee)- "That's impossible! I thought only I and Halinor had moto power!"
Elyon's fists balled up. Light began it shimmer inside.
(Elyon)- "Whoever these girls are, their probably dangerous!"
She threw two balls of light from her hand. Stella smiled.
(Stella)- "I don't think so! Solaria!"
Stella took out her scepter and used it to catch the balls and threw it back.
(Taranee)- "Watch out!"
The girls ducked for cover, but Cornelia was unfortunate and got hit in the face.
(Elyon)- "Cornelia! Alright, wewe just messed with the wrong Queen of Meridian!"
Bloom looked around.
(Bloom)- "Stella! Take us somewhere else!"
Stella nodded. In a flash, they were in a open forest area, big enough for a battle. Taranee, Cornelia, and Elyon stood up, shaking.
(Flora)- "This will make sure wewe won't go anywhere! maua, ua Trap!"
Green glowing pollen flew to the ground under Taranee, Cornelia, and Elyon. Suddenly, a big pink maua, ua emeged from the ground and swallowed up the girls like a venus flytrap.
(Cornelia)- "Hey! Only I control Earth! Let us out!"
(Taranee)- "Get us out of here!"
(Elyon)- "We're trapped!"
Voices and muffles still continued to come out. The three Winx girls looked at each other.
(Stella)- "Let's go get the others! Then these girls will know not to mess with fairies!"
The other two nodded and they all disappeared.

Cornelia and Taranee thought of how they were going to get out of there.
(Taranee)- "Don't worry guys. I'll contact Will and the others with my mind message."
(Elyon)- "Let's hope they get here soon. Did wewe hear those girls? They alisema they would go get the others! There are zaidi of them!"
(Cornelia)- "When I get my hands on that blonde, Stella, she is going to PAY! Especially for my hair!"
Taranee rolled her eyes.
(Taranee Thoughts)- 'Will! We've just been attacked!'

(Meanwhile, with Will)
Will, Irma, and Hay-Lin sat on the beach. Irma was sun bathing, Hay-Lin was playing in the water, while Will read up on her phone,
(Hay-Lin)- "Isn't this just fun?"
Will looked up.
(Will)- "Yeah, it is. Irma, I cannot believe wewe convinced your parents to let us come to Gardenia with wewe on summer vacation!"
Irma smiled.
(Irma)- "Well, I had to pull a few strings, but, wewe know..."
Suddenly, Will dropped her phone.
(Will's Thouhts/Taranee) 'Will! It's me, Taranee! We've just been attacked!"
Will groaned.
(Will)- "Already? What did Cornelia do?"
(Will's Thoughts/Taranee)- "Well, she kinda upset some girls with similar powers to ours. I think I head one of them say they were fairies.."
Hay-Lin and Irma looked up at Will with confused looks.
(Irma)- "Will, everything okay? Is Sheila trying to mess with wewe again for not getting Wi-Fi on the plane?"
(If any of wewe are wondering who Sheila is, she's Will's MP3 player)
Will sighed
(Will)- "No. Taranee, Cornelia, and Elyon are in trouble and angered some... some, vichimbakazi au whatever, but now their trapped! Come on! We're going to have cut our vacation short!"
Irma and Hay-Lin groaned.
(Irma)- "Let me guess. If kwa 'they'd wewe mean CORNELIA angered the fairies?"
(Hay-Lin)- "It doesn't matter who angered who! We have to save them!"
They all nodded. Will took out the moyo of Kandrakar and instantly opened a portal.

(Meanwhile, with Winx)
It was a peaceful siku at the Winx's apartment. Tecna was playing,a video game on her gadget/phone thingy, Musa was listening to muziki (by Beyonce), and Aisha was running on her treadmill. Yup. Everything was juuuuust peaceful, until...
(Stella)- "Guys! We need wewe to come with us! NOW!"
(Bloom)- "Easy, Stella. But she's right. We need wewe with us!"
(Musa)- "Why? Is it Tritannus? au Roxy?"
(Flora)- "No! It's these girls! They have powers like us, and now we have to go and stop them!"
(Tecna)- "Wait, what do wewe mean, 'powers like us?'"
(Bloom)- "Wellll....."

(Meanwhile, on Meridian...)
Julian and Caleb was sitting on the edge of a cliff. Nerissa aas glaring from her prison in the moyo of Meridian. She growled
(Nerissa)- "Trust me, Julian. When I get out of here, I will make Meridian bow at my feet!"
Julian smiled and chuckled.
(Julian)- "You say that every time, Nerissa. And wewe never fulfill that little promise wewe make."
Caleb glanced at his mother and smirked.
(Caleb)- "He's right, Mother. wewe are never getting out of there. Not as long as we're on guard,"
Suddenly, Nerissa felt it. Strong guts of magic. Not just any magic. She felt... cold and icy magic, and... a bit of electricity and some storm, and... dark magic and...
Satisfication grew to her face. The inayofuata bit of magic felt as if it were pollution and, she couldn't really smell it from there, but she could sense it was from the sea. Caleb and Julian sniffed the air.
(Caleb)- "What's that smell? It smells like the ocean,"
(Julain)- "That can't be. The ocean is miles from here. It must be the wind playing with our-"
Suddenly, a giant wave of magic sent the boys flying. The moyo of Meridian flew into pale hands. Black magic covered the mkufu that was held high, and Nerissa began to form into her corporal body... Outside the Heart! Nerissa looked around her.
(Nerissa)- "I'm... I'm free! (Cackling evilly) I'm free!"
Julian and Caleb grunted weakly.
(Caleb)- "Who are you?"
Nerissa turned to the "who" her son was refurring to. There were three girls, smiling evilly. The first had long dark green hair and had dark purple ink-like suits with octopus arms out the back. The sekunde one had frizzy storm wingu like hair and the same outfit as the other but it was dark majenta. Like the other, she had octopus arms out of her back. Finally, the one in the middle had the exact same ink-suit but it was dark blue. She had long white haor in a high ponytail and cold icy blue eyes that sent a shiver down Caleb and Julian's spine. Then, a giant monster appeared in front of them. The monster had a long samaki tail and the juu part of some,kind of muscular green samaki top. He lookes like a merman monster. Nerissa smirked.
(Nerissa)- "Who are wewe indeed."
The people smirked back.
(Tritannus)- "Nerissa, the ex-Guardian of of Quintessence, I am Tritannus, the ex-Prince of the Merpeople."
The girls stepped in.
(Icy)- "And we are the loyal followers of my dashing Tritannus, thr Trix, the descendants of the Three Ancestral Witches!"
Ancestral Witches? Merpeople? Nerissa like the sound of that. Tritannus smiled evilly.
(Tritannus)- "We come with a invitation. We are looking for recruits, to help us overthrow some pesky vichimbakazi who interfere our plans!"
Caleb and Julian looked at each other and laughed.
(Caleb)- "You were defeated kwa fairies? Little tiny creatures with wings? Ha!"
Nerissa smirked.
(Nerissa)- "I wouldn't laugh so soon, my son. I've had experience with vichimbakazi before and I can assure you, they are NOT beings you'd want to mess with. They are not tiny and are our own size. And they can transform and turn into their wondrous wings."
The two men stopped laughing. They turned to Nerissa with serious looks.
(Nerissa)- "What do wewe plan to do, Tritannus?"
Tritannus and the Trix smirked. The Trix called as Tritannus smiled.
(Tritannus)- "I plan to rule the Infinite Ocean!"
Nerissa's ears perked up. Julian shook his head.
(Julian)- "That can't be. I've heard the stories and they were as real smart passlings."
The Trix girl with ice hair smiled.
(Icy)- "Oh, I can assure you. It exists,"
The men had fearful looks, and were blasted kwa a shot of icy magic. Both were trapped in ice. Nerissa looked at the beings and smiled.
(Nerissa)- "So... Where are these fairies?"
Tritannus smiled, and the five cackled. All of them flew off, in tafuta of the six fairies.
(To be continued...)