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Wrath of Ashardalon Swali

My new Character Ashling

Nicname : I hate being called Ashling just call me Ash
Class : anomodest / gun shooter
Side : bad
Kingdom: none lives in the Rewens
Specialize : Guns
Pet species: none
Pet name: none
Effect: as her temper goes up the blue flam in her goes up too
Story: I was born In another world that only lived on technology. It was built with skyscrapers up to 70 ft tall and streets made out of machinery like pipes and wires. when I was born they alisema I was the flaming one. In the prophecy it alisema the world would bow to its knees in hope for mercy but, one girl would have a chance to stop that event. Once a baby was born with one flaming blue eye wewe would know that baby was the girl to save the word. wewe know that blah blah story wewe hear it a thousand times about the chosen one that saves the world that earns great honer to there lives. Its the same happy ending every time, But this one is different they operated on me and made my arm transportable into a gun and highly unkillable. They told me that ashlardon (the guy I was gunna have to fight) was unkillable and that I was most likely to die. I left the planet to go regenerate my messed up mind,but kwa then it was already to late the world was burned to death kwa the time I got back. I landed on this planet with the same problem and I was determined to stay there and I did. I found out that my planet had high atmosphere and from training in that was like flipping here. Now I can easily dodge stuff here and blast them into dust. I mostly live in the Rewens of city's and kill a couple wanyama here and there.
 My new Character Ashling
 RoleplayCraz98 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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