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At last here we are. The final (At least planned to be final)entry in the Nightfall Saga. After writing five other entries, I'm planning to end the series with this one. (Unless I can think of a good enough reason to do another) Anyway, for this one, I had to set up a really good ending. And while I have what will happen in mind, I am still working on how it'll get there. Anyway, I'll post chapters when I can, but expect this to take awhile. It'll be the longest entry. Lol.

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Ashley Garland was made the last vampire after defeating her creator Pike, which she did with the help of two teenage boys, Danny Mason and Harold Sunderland. After awhile, Danny was killed helping her and Harold, who was soon turned into a vampire to save his life. Little did she know this teenager would turn out to be the most important person in the whole world, despite her attempts to keep him safe, Harold accidentally let loose the worst possible demons except the devil himself, onto the world, and was killed soon afterwards, but not before promising his redemption for what he'd done. Ashley left her only remaining alley, Harold's cousin Cooper, behind and departed Crystal Cove to find and defeat the Dark Ones forever. And that is where the story begins, and here's how it ends...
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Chapter 1:Cooper's Sorrow
Crystal Cove,Califonia|September 16,1998|
Cooper Holmes paced around the house that was now his. His uncle, James, had passed away the month before, and had left the house to him. He opened the door that hadn't been entered in nearly two years, the room that once belonged to his cousin Harold Sunderland.
Like James, Harold had died too. Cooper was the only one left in his family, as his parents had also passed a year ago. Cooper entered the room, and looked around dust and cobwebs covered the place. He sighed. He knew his cousin wasn't coming back, and the only person he had left to consider family was gone too. He was thinking of course of Ashley Garland, who was once again the sole surviving vampire, there had been others, such as her creator Pike,
her friend Danny, and of course Harold, whose death had once again made her the last one standing. He hadn't seen Ashley for nearly two years, since she had left Crystal Cove to find a way to stop the Dark Ones, the most powerful demons in existance. He'd attempted to call her, but she never answered her phone. He knew it was to keep him safe from harm, and so far it had worked. Crystal Cove had experienced nothing supernatural since she had left. He turned to see a photo of Harold by the old computer his cousin had typed stories on. He picked it up, and stared into his smiling face. Cooper felt a tear come to his eye. "What am I supposed to do? I've lost everyone." he asked the picture. "What am I supposed to do?!" he shouted through his tears. Suddenly the room got very cold. This had only happened once before. The night Harold had died, he had recieved cooridinants from someone or something invisible. "Who's there?" he asked. Suddenly, Harold's computer clicked on. Cooper watched in awe as the mouse moved to open a word document, and words began appearing on the screen. It read "Hello Cooper". Cooper sat down. He knew it had to be the same thing from before, he had a gut feeling about it. "Who are you?" he asked. The keyboard began typing, and stopped a moment later. It now read, "An old friend trying to help." Cooper was in awe. "Have you helped before?" he asked. "Yes". was the reply. Cooper stared around "How can you help me?" he asked. The keyboard typed a single word. "Ashley" Cooper looked around. "You know where she is?" Again, the response was "Yes". "Where?" he asked. "Spring Creek, Ohio" was the response. Cooper stood up. "I'll trust you." he said, and grabbed the keys off the rack and climbed into Harold's old Jeep, and sped away.
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Chapter 2:Flashes
Spring Creek, Ohio|Two days later|Springwill Hotel Parking Lot
Ashley Garland had hit rock bottom. She'd been looking for almost two years for a way to defeat the Dark Ones, sure they'd been in the news, known only by her of course. Their M.O. was burning people alive from the inside out over a course of days. She knew if Harold were there, he would've probably had a vision by now about their weaknesses, of course, his visions would have had some doubt to them due to demonic manipulation. She sighed, then there was Cooper, her only living friend, who she'd left back in Crystal Cove, and hadn't seen since. He'd called a few times, but she ignored it for his safety, and from what she could tell, the Dark Ones hadn't appeared in Crystal Cove at all. She'd heard rumors from the supernatural beings she'd encounted during her search that the Dark Ones answer to a leader, their boss. But nobody had ever seen the leader's face. All she knew was the Dark Ones take over a host that dies over the course of a few weeks at best, then they move onto another. So there was no telling who was what until they died. She had been at it for over a year now, and she still had nothing. She heard her cell phone ring, and saw it was Cooper on the caller ID. She sighed, and turned the ringer off. It really hurt her to ignore him, but she had too. "What'd you do that for?" asked a familiar voice from nearby. Ashley turned and saw Cooper walking towards her. "Cooper?" she asked, shocked. "It's me." he said. "How'd you find me? What are you doing here?" Cooper held up a hand to silence her. "To answer, first off, it's a long story, and second, I came to help you." Ashley sighed. "I've tried to keep you safe." she said. Cooper nodded. "And you have, but let's face it. Those things are everywhere. It's only a matter of time until they get to Crystal Cove. Nowhere's safe entirely anymore." Ashley sighed. "What about Harold's dad?" she asked. Cooper hung his head. "He passed away last month. He left me the house and Harold's car." Ashley's face turned apoligetic. "I'm sorry to hear that." she said. "I liked him." Cooper nodded. "He never held you responsible you know. He told me." Cooper said. "Did you ever tell him what Harold was?" she asked. Cooper shook his head. "I just told him he died trying to help people. But he never gave up hope, and to be honest, neither did I, especially after the other day."
Ashley was suddenly alert. "What do you mean?" she asked. Cooper told her about the incident in Harold's old bedroom. When he finished, Ashley replied. "You think it's him don't you?" she asked. "I do. Who else would help me find you?" he asked. "Maybe the same spirit who helped us find Harold that night?" Ashley asked. Danny smiled. "Unless it was Harold, using some kind of new power to tell us where he was?" Ashley shook her head. "Doubtful. Harold never showed me any proof he had any powers other than his visions. If he did, wouldn't he have told us?" she asked. Cooper shrugged. "Maybe he didn't know he was doing it?" he asked. "Besides if not him, than who would help us?" Ashley sighed. "No idea. But maybe they'll help us find out something on this "boss" I've heard about." Cooper gave her a look. "What boss?"
he asked. "The leader of the Dark Ones." she said. "The others refer to him as the boss." Cooper looked around. "We need help."
Suddenly, the air got colder, and Ashley's suitcase opened up, causing her notebook to fall out. It opened, with the words, "Riverview, Kentucky" inside. "I didn't write that." she said. Cooper walked to his car and climbed inside. "I'll meet you there." he said.
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Chapter 3:News Report
Riverview,Kentucky|Lakeview Hotel|
Several hours later, Cooper pulled into the parking lot of an old hotel. Ashley's car pulled into a parking space right behind him.
Cooper climbed out of the car and looked around. "This city's pretty big. Why did... whoever, send us here?" he asked. Ashley climbed out of her car. "I don't know." she said. They walked into the hotel. Ashley rang the bell, but nobody came. Cooper looked around, and saw the TV in the room change channels with nobody around, finally it stopped on a newstation. Cooper tapped Ashley on the shoulder. "What?" she asked. Cooper motioned to the TV, and pointed at the book that the ghost had wrote in. "It changed the channel to this station. Nobody else could do it." he said. "Why this station?" Ashley asked. Cooper shrugged, and they stared at the story. "First, nobody can explain the disappearances of guards here at Riverview Asylum. Then, they turned up dead just days later, burned alive from the inside out." "What's that supposed to mean?" asked Cooper. "The Dark Ones. They must be trying to get into that asylum for some reason." Cooper stared at her. "What could they be after that's there?" he asked. Ashley shrugged. "I don't know, but that has to be the reason we were sent here, right?" Cooper nodded. "It makes since. Maybe what their after is inside, and maybe it is the key to stopping them!" Ashley nodded. "It's our only lead. We've got to check that place out. And I know just how to do it." she said confidently.
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Chapter 4:Riverview Asylum
Ashley's car pulled into the parking lot at Riverview Asylum. Cooper and Ashley climbed out, and walked up to the door. Ashley flashed her fake FBI badge, and they let her and Cooper inside. They walked to the desk. "Yes?" said the receptionist. "I'm agent Ashley Garland of the FBI, this is one of my consultants, Cooper Holmes. We're here investigating the deaths here." The receptionist sighed. "They all were guards near the long term ward." "May we look around up there?" asked Cooper. She nodded. "Top floor." she said. Ashley thanked her, and took the elevator to the top floor. Once there, they looked around. Cooper saw something through a door that caused him shock. "What is it?" asked Ashley. Cooper pointed inside. Ashley looked and saw someone she never expected to see again. Her friend, Harold Sunderland.
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Chapter 5:The Born-Again Identity
Harold stared blankly at the wall. The first thing Ashley noticed was he was no longer the shade of pale associated with vampires. Ashley signaled an orderly. "What can you tell us about him?" she asked. The orderly sighed. "He was found in Washington last year, he'd lost his memory and was nearly dead from hypothermia. Nobody could tell how he'd survived in the water for so long, especially in the blizzard the days before. He was transferred here, after he said he'd had dreams about this place specifically. They figured he must have some relatives or something here." Cooper nodded. "I know him, from Washington, I mean." The orderly looked at him. "How do you know him?" he asked. "He's my cousin! His name's Harold Sunderland, he's 19, he's been missing since Christmas Eve 1996." The orderly continued to stare at him. "If that's true, maybe you should go talk to him. Maybe you can jog his memory." Cooper nodded, as the orderly walked away. "Thanks." he said, opening the door. Harold looked at them as they entered the room. "Hello Harold." Cooper said. Harold continued to stare at them. Ashley studied him. She knew he was different. Harold was no longer a vampire, she sensed. When he'd dealt with that extreme cold for two days, she knew it had killed the vampire side of him. He was human again. That she was absolutly sure of. "Harold, it's me. Your cousin, Cooper." Cooper said, looking at him. Ashley looked at Harold, and knew they needed to get him out of there. As soon as she thought this, Harold spoke. "You've come to take me out of here, haven't you?" he asked. Cooper nodded. "I got to get something out of your car." he told Ashley, who nodded as he left.
Ashley sat down across from Harold. "What do you remember?" she asked. Harold shrugged. "All I remember was the cold I felt, and falling off a bridge. I can't think of I reason I didn't die." He looked at her. "I remember you too." he said. "And the guy you're with. Not your names or anything, but I've seen your faces in my dreams. Dreams of horrible things..." he said, stuttering. "Do you trust us?" Ashley said. Harold nodded. "But I don't have the foggiest reason why I do." Ashley spoke calmy. "Because you knew us, at least before you lost your memory. We're your friends. Harold." Harold looked up. "That's my name? In my dreams, I heard your voice saying it." Ashley nodded. "We're going to find a way to get your memory back. I promise. All you have to do is agree to come with us." she said. At that moment, Cooper returned to the room. "I always, some part of me, anyway, knew you'd come back, and Ashley knew too, or she wouldn't have kept these." he said, holding up Harold's old glasses. Harold took them, and put them on.
"These, are mine..." he said. Cooper nodded. "Let's get him out of here." he said.
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I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now I feel really bad because I forgot to add this one to my updates, and I missed out on reading and posting when u posted them. Now.I will have this on my updates and never miss a chapter again.

I love the chapter. It was really good. And all the chapter before this one are really good too!!
And I can not.wait untill u post again. I hope its really soon!!!!
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Thanks for replying! Actually, the plot of this one might take more than one entry to complete. BTW, how do you want the series to end?
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Chapter 6:Bad News
*3 Hours Later
Three men in suits walked through the doors of Riverview Asylum, and approached the desk. "We're looking for this young man." they said. The receptionist looked at the picture. "There must be some kind of mistake." she said. The men looked at each other. "What do you mean mistake? What mistake." The woman looked at them. "Two people from the FBI checked him out a few hours ago. Agent... Garland, I think, and someone else." The leader of the men pulled a photo out of his wallet. It was a photo of Ashley, Harold, and Cooper. "Yes. Those two came and took him." she said. The men looked at each other. "You're positive?" they asked. When she nodded, they looked at each other, and took off their sunglasses. Everyone immediantly knew what was wrong. The men's eyes turned fiery red, and their face began to change as well. Their jaws unhinged to reveal rows of razor sharp teeth, their arms changed bloody red, and their fingers grew razor sharp claws. Everyone screamed as the grabbed the woman, and ate her alive. Blood spewed everywhere, and after she was dead, they quickly overpowered the people inside the building. ****
About twenty minutes later, the creatures returned to their human form. And left the building, the leader of the three was on the phone with someone, while the other two waited by the car. "Gotcha." he said, hanging up. "What do we do now?" asked one of the two. "The boss says we catch and kill those three at all cost, and the next time we mess up, we're 'Fired'. You know he hates bad news." The two looked at each other. "Where could they be headed? We have no leads do we?" The leader smiled. "The boss has a theory about where they'll go next." he said. "Get in the car. I'm driving."
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Chapter 7:Premonitions
Lakeview Hotel:Austin,TX|September 23,1998|
Ashley and Cooper had tried for the past two days to reawaken Harold's memory, but so far they'd found nothing at all that worked. They'd found out about the events that occured at the asylum after they left, and Cooper and Ashley knew it was the Dark Ones looking for Harold. At the moment, they still had no leads and were stuck in a hotel room in Texas until they could get any kind of clue that could help against the Dark Ones. "What are we going to do?" asked Cooper. Ashley sighed. "I don't know. It seems hopeless. Harold's here, but he can't help us at all without his memory." Cooper sighed. "And our poltergeist friend hasn't shown up to help either. At that point, Harold tossed violently in his sleep. "Harold!" they both shouted, running over to him. Harold saw something when he opened his eyes. He saw a town that looked familiar to him, he noticed the name "Crystal Cove" on the sign. The town was in complete ruins. Then he saw creatures with deformed bodies and faces eating everyone who was trying to escape.
Then he saw Ashley's lifeless corpse laying on the ground, black blood all over it. He turned and saw Cooper also lying dead on the ground, covered in blood. He turned and saw someone in a black hood. "You've got to return to Crystal Cove Harold. You and your friends are the only ones that can help them now. The key to victory lies in your hometown. Go there NOW!" Harold looked as the figure removed the hood, revealing a familiar face. Suddenly, he was awakened by Ashley and Cooper. "What happened?" Ashley asked. "I don't know." he said confused. "This hasn't happened since the day I was rescued." Cooper stared at him. "What'd you see?" he asked. Harold thought a moment. "This city. I know it somehow, it was in ruins, then a voice told me that the key to you defeating... The Dark Ones, yeah, that's it. Is to return to Crystal Cove. They also said we're the only ones who can help." Ashley and Cooper looked at each other. "What if it's a trap?" Cooper asked. Ashley shrugged. "It's our only lead. And what if it's not?" she asked. Ashley quickly packed the suitcases, and a photo of Danny fell out of her bag. She quickly picked it up and they raced to the cars, unaware someone was watching from the window of the room they were just in.
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Chapter 8:The Threat
Crystal Cove, California|September 24,1998|
Ashley's car pulled into the driveway of the Sunderland house, with Cooper pulling in behind her in Harold's car. Ashley climbed out of the car and looked around. There was no sign of anything, and she couldn't smell anything related to blood except for Cooper's and Harold's whose blood's scent she reconized from memory. She motioned for Cooper and Harold to follow her inside. "Where are we?" asked Harold. Cooper reached over and opened the glove compartment of the car. "Back home." he said, pulling a gun out of the compartment. "Let's hurry up and get inside." he said. Harold nodded, and followed Cooper out of the driveway and into the house. "Why're we here?" asked Cooper. Ashley looked at him. "Maybe coming back here will give him his memory back." she said, walking down the hall and opening the door to Harold's room. "Harold, come here." Ashley called. Harold walked down the hall and into his old room. "I hope this works." Cooper said, and Ashley nodded. Harold looked around for a moment, and sighed. "Nothing." he said. "You still don't remember anything?" Ashley asked. Harold shook his head. However, suddenly the old computer in the room, the one that Cooper had first encountered the phenomena that had been helping them clicked on. Cooper stopped Ashley from going in the room long enough for a file to open up on the computer. It read "Nightfall:The Beginning".
Ashley got a confused look on her face after seeing the title. "That's the story Harold wrote about Pike." she explained to Cooper, who looked puzzled. "Harold come look at this." said Ashley. Harold walked slowly over to his computer, and sat down. Suddenly, he saw flashes. First, it was him meeting Ashley at the high-school, then it was Ashley killing Pike, then Danny throwing the lighter at the wall in the gym, then Danny, dying in his arms, then the Freak gouging him in the stomach with it's claws, followed by Ashley biting his neck, then him, Cooper, and Ashley in the police station looking at Detective Miller, and finally, he saw himself being horribly burned, and falling off a bridge. The flashes stopped, and Harold collapsed to the floor. Ashley and Cooper came to his aid, and his eyes opened once more. "I remember." he said quietly. "Wait here." said Ashley, looking at Harold, and she and Cooper left the room. "Why'd you stop me from going in there when the computer turned on?" she asked. Cooper looked around, and spoke again. "This is going to sound crazy, but bare with me..." "Hey guys, you might want to come back in here!" came Harold's voice. Ashley and Cooper walked into the room to see Harold watching an old TV. "What is it?" asked Ashley. Harold pointed to the TV where the mayor of Crystal Cove, Mark Andrews, was talking to the press. "We want everyone to know we are not preceiving this letter as a terrorist threat, but I can say, we're undergoing a full investigation with the police department's best detectives trying to find the sender." Harold clicked the TV off. "What note? Why would Mayor Andrews be so upset about a note?"
asked Cooper. Harold sighed. "Because it promised the full annihalation of Crystal Cove in 72 hours, and it came with a timer." said Harold. Ashley and Cooper exchanged glances. "The Dark Ones." they replied. "What're we going to do?" asked Harold. It was Ashley who answered. "Talk to someone who knows more than us about this threat." she said.
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Chapter 9:The First One
Crystal Cove Police Department|20 Minutes Later|
Ashley pulled her car into a parking spot outside the station. "Are you sure about this?" Cooper asked. Ashley nodded. "O'Laughion's our best bet. Besides, he's the only cop in town who'll talk to us after what happened with Miller. Cooper nodded, knowing she was right. They climbed out of the car and walked up into the station to the desk. "We're looking for Detective O'Laughion." said Ashley. "In his office." the receptionist said without looking up. "And he's the sheriff now." she said. "Thanks." said Ashley. They walked up the stairs to the sheriff's office. Ashley knocked on the door, and they heard someone get up, and walk across the room to answer it. When he opened the door, he immediantly stared at Harold in shock. "How're you..." "He's alive Kyle." Ashley said. O'Laughion looked around quickly, and ushered them into his office. "You shouldn't have come back." he said. "Who're you talking to?" asked Cooper. "All of you." O'Laughion said, pacing around nervously. "Why?" O'Laughion looked at them. "Something's been let loose." he said. "Something evil." Ashley nodded. "That's why we're here." she said. O'Laughion shook his head. "You don't understand." he said quietly. "They're everywhere, the streets, the stores, even in this very department. You shouldn't have come back!" Harold stood up. "I know the dangers. But you've got to know. Miller took my blood to set these things free. They're my problem, and I intend to do something to stop them, and if you can help us, now's your chance to do it." he said. O'Laughion looked at Harold in horror. "They'll kill me." he said. "They'll probably kill the whole planet if you don't tell us what you know. Do you want that?" he asked. O'Laughion sighed. "I don't know their plan, but I do know that they all report to a man named Nick Cartland in the mayor's office. He's sending them all out to an old warehouse downtown. Whatever their plan is, that warehouse is a big part of it." Ashley stood up. "Who did you say was giving out the orders?" she asked. "Nick Cartland. He's the mayor's assistant. But everyone knows he's the one who really makes the decisions." Cooper nodded. "Any weaknesses?" he asked. O'Laughion shook his head. "None that I can tell. Guns won't work I tried that myself on one of them I met during a bust." Cooper sighed. "That puts us back to square one." he said. "Not quite." said Ashley. "We may not know how to kill them, but we know who's running everything, and where the secret base is." O'Laughion nodded. "That's all I know. Now hurry and get out before..." At that moment, the door opened up. A man in a suit walked in. "Comissioner Wilson." stuttered O'Laughion. "What brings you here?" Wilson smiled. "Special order from the boss himself." He smiled at Ashley, Cooper, and Harold. "Looks like the boss was right, terrorize the town and you'll come running. His face and body mutated into a demonic form, and he took a step towards the three, but O'Laughion screamed "No!" and tackled him to the ground. "Run!" he shouted. The three ran out, looking at O'Laughion sadly as they went. As they raced through the station to Ashley's car, they passed several people who mutated as well. They managed to make it to the car, and sped off just in time.
Wilson paced the room. "Now tell me Kyle, what did you tell them?" he asked. "I'll never say anything." O'Laughion shouted. Wilson's phone rang, and he answered it. "Okay, Nick. He won't talk." There was silence while someone on the phone spoke. "Gotcha." said Wilson, and he hung up. "New order from the boss. If you won't talk..." O'Laughion spoke before he could finish. "I'll die before I help you!" he shouted. Wilson smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that." he said as he mutated. And with that he tackled a screaming O'Laughion, and began ripping into his flesh.
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Chapter 10:A New Source
|Riverview Hotel/Dark Falls, California|The Following Day|
It had only been hours since Ashley, Cooper, and Harold had learned of O'Laughion's gory demise on the news. Nick Cartland had made the announcement on the news, much to Ashley's disgust. Harold meanwhile, was once again in a state of depression. "It's my fault O'Laughion is dead." he said sadly. Ashley knew it was pointless to argue with him, because no matter what she said, there was a truth to it that she knew Harold would never look past. Cooper had been making some phone calls to various research departments in the area for help finding the Dark One's weak point, but so far had come up with nothing whatsoever. "Okay, well thanks anyway." came Cooper's voice from the next room. He hung up the phone and walked back into the room. "Well?" asked Ashley, although she already knew the answer. Cooper sighed. "Nothing." he said, tossing the phone book onto the desk. Suddenly, the room got cold again, and the book flew onto the floor, and pages started turning on their own, finally, it stopped on a page with a message inside it. Harold walked over and picked up the book. "These pages were stuck together." he said, examining it. Both Cooper and Ashley climbed up to look at the page. It read "Crystal Cove Occult Research Society"
and underneath it was a number. Cooper immediantly looked at Harold. "Are you doing this?" he asked. Harold shook his head. Cooper looked at Harold, then turned to Ashley. "Who's helping us then?" he asked. There was no answer from either of them. Cooper looked at them again. "What's been helping us then?" he asked. Harold looked up. "What do you mean? This has happened before?" Cooper nodded. "Too many times to be coincidence. First off, back with that whole situation with Miller, your computer came on with your location being typed in. That's how Ashley and I found you that night. Then, nearly a week ago, the same thing happened when I was in your room, and it told me where Ashley was. Then, in the parking lot in Ohio, Ashley's notebook opened up and someone wrote the town where we found the report on the TV that led us to you." he said, nodding at Harold. "Then, when you had no memory, the computer clicked on, opening the document that gave it back. And now, we find these pages stuck together? Aren't you guys even remotely curious about this?" he asked. "Fair point. We know it's a ghost." Ashley said. "But whose?" asked Cooper. "That's the million dollar question." said Ashley. Harold looked around. "Who are you?" he asked to the air. There was no answer. Suddenly, the room got cold again, and the mirror in the room fogged up. Then, Harold noticed writing appearing on the mirror. "Guys?" he said, motioning towards the mirror, which now spelled a single word. Ashley and Cooper's eyes widened, as did Harold's. "I don't believe it." Ashley said. The word on the mirror was "Danny".
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OMG! I've been waiting for you to do bring him back! Wonder what'll happen next? Hope you post soon!
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Chapter 11:Meetings and Plans
|Crystal Cove TV Station|
Mayor Mark Andrews was sitting backstage waiting for the signal for his interview when Nick came up to him. "What's the word?" asked Mark. Nick waited a moment. "Sheriff O'Laughion is dead sir." Mark rose up without emotion. "What do you mean he's dead? What happened?" Nick stared into Mark's face unflinching. "He was eaten alive." Mark sighed. "Why was he eaten alive?" Nick continued to stare at Mark. "I had to give orders." Mark's face filled with pure hatred. "I'm the boss. You don't give orders unless I give the ok. If we give ourselves away, the plan we've spent centuries hoping would come to pass will never see full fruitation. Do you understand me Nick?" Nick's face for the first time filled with fear. "I... understand sir." Mark's face gradually went back to normal. "Did you get what I've asked of you?" he asked. Nick nodded. "The plans for to Crystal Cove's water pipeline are on your desk as we speak. Mark smiled sinisterly. "And the vampire and her companions have no idea of our weakness?" Nick smiled. "No sir. But there is a bit of bad news..."
Mark's eyes shifted to red. "You know I hate bad news Nick!" Nick nodded. "It was Wilson. He let them escape before he ate O'Laughion." Mark's face formed a demonic smirk. "So he's giving us away is he?" Nick nodded. "It appears so sir." he replied. Mark nodded. "Cancel the interview." he said. 'Where're you going?" asked Nick. "To take care of a leak in our system." said Mark, walking away.
Wilson knocked on the door of Mayor Andrews's office, and heard him invite him in. "Nick said you wanted to see me boss?" asked Wilson. Mark nodded. "Sit down." Wilson gave Mark a look, and Mark looked up. "SIT DOWN." he said firmly, his eyes changing color once again. Wilson nodded and sat down. Mark returned to his papers. Wilson looked at them briefly. "What are those?" he asked. Mark didn't even look up from the papers. "The plans I've approved for Crystal Cove's Water Pipeline." Wilson nodded. "Anyway, you wanted to see me about something?" Mark looked up. "Yes. Wilson, I understand you under orders from Nick, ate Sheriff O'Laughion?" Wilson nodded. "Yes sir. I'm confused..." Mark held up a hand to stop him. "Did you check with Nick that I gave the order?" Wilson was starting to get uncomfortable. "No sir... But I thought..." "And is it true that YOU let the vampire and her friends escape?" Wilson nodded, now trembling. "Please sir..."
Mark's expression was now full of hatred. "You know how long I've prepared for this plan, and now because of you and a lot of people like you who can't control your pathetic hunger, our plan is in jeoprady!" "But they don't know how to kill..." Mark's face was changing into a demonic form. "Not yet, if they find out and get rid of me you KNOW what'll happen, and not just to me, but all of you!" Wilson was in pure terror now. "Sir please!" he begged. Mark mutated fully, shocking Wilson with his true form which was much bigger than his and with a lot more teeth. Mark tackled Wilson to the ground. "You'll be the example to what happens to the others who get out of line." he said. And with that, Mark devoured Wilson whole, each bite sending splatters of blood across the room.
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