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posted by Insight357
I saw black sneakers with purple shoestrings. Then tight black pants. inayofuata a draping black shirt, with small hands covered kwa fingerless, leather gloves. A kuvuka, msalaba choker sat at the base of her neck. My eyes then fell upon hers. Those eyes, those piercing blue eyes, somewhat similar to my own. The black hair teased slightly, with choppy, side bangs, covering the outer corner of her right eye. It was the girl, from the hallway. The one who thanked me. I gasped softly.
    “Hello, Lucy,” I alisema to her.
    “Hello,” she alisema in the same small voice....
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posted by Lolita_Dark4
May 6, 2002
Boston, Massachusetts

To whom it may concern

My name is Ashton George Lingheart, and this is my confession. In July of 1998 I murdered my wife, Kim Rachel Summer Lingheart, a mwaka after the birth of our son. No one aided me in the crime and it is a thing I regret zaidi than anything in the world. I hid her body in a well from our awali location in New Jersey. My wife was a kind, gentle, soft-spoken woman whom everyone adored. She never got angry, even at the people who disrespected her. She loved our son just like a mother would, for she always wanted a family of her own. She...
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posted by axemnas
World war 2 is over the last of the Nazi airean race that hadn't fled berlin are hiding out avoiding revenge seakers.

Everyone knew Hitler was deep into the Supernatural but few new how deep he was in to it.
But there was a few of the guestopo that were close enough that actually studied it themselves.
It is rumored that Adolf had a shrine to it a complete cathedral dedicated to it covered with different demons and Supernatural beings most tortureing humans which wewe can imagine what he imagined them it was covered with different astrological signs.
supposedly that shrine has the secret to bring...
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posted by Insight357
    Seven mwaka old Claire Debony dashed outside of her pa’s barn. Her short, brown hair bouncing behind her as she ran. Her tee shati flapping behind her in the wind. She was going to meet her friend Wyatt down at the crick. It was an everyday ritual for them.
    When she reached the bank of the crick she glanced around for Wyatt. She walked out onto the pier. The pier went about one-fourth into the water.
    Claire spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She began to turn, but it was too late. Wyatt, a gangly boy with black...
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posted by hannah_vampire
I felt cold fingers against my cheek, a tingle of seduction warmth on my neck; I woke to Beautiful Damon standing kwa the window in the vast morning sunlight. He stood there looking at me and I felt enchanted.

He had Black jeans on and he looked like one of those models out of a posh magazine, He walked over to me “ I hope wewe don’t mind my sister thought you’d sleep best in that dress” I looked down to find myself in a silk like lilac short dress that flowed .I followed Damon’s graze to a strange boy that looked at me. His hair fell to his ears it was a white-grey color and His eyes...
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posted by Claudia4599
They always alisema that I was a bit mad.

I guess that’s why I hear bumble bees and geckos talking to me, and not about allergies au how to save money on my car insurance.

You see my dad and my mom is traveling the world for fun. My dad got me some teachers just for me so I won’t have to be in school with the normal kids. But I think it would be fun. I could have real Marafiki instead of no one. Also I could also see some real doctors about some of the things that I think of. They are strange. My fathers doctors say that I am perfectly fine, don’t worry, mentally fine, ect., I don’t believe...
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have wewe ever felt like wewe were trapped in the middle of something and wewe felt like there was no way out? i have and to tell wewe my story i have to start from the begining.

chapter one
first sight

i was 16 when i moved to america, it was different not like england it was warmer first and it felt weird i was use to covering up, but would that make me stand out? i looked around from where i was sitting, girls walking round in shorts and vest tops, guys the same yep i was deffenetly going to stand out if i wore my jumper skinnies and ugg boots. then a really depressing thought hit me.
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posted by ivanaoshea
Please don't mind if i have somewhere a mistake, english isn't my mother language.
i wrote better stories but only this is on english
i hope wewe will like it.

In my street, there are many family houses. Some are big and with parking garages and some are living in car on the street. Mine is somewhere in the middle, I have my own room, one bathroom, dad’s room and jikoni with living room. We don’t have one zaidi floor. In the back yard is pool and house for dog. We actually don’t have a dog and every time when I ask my dad, he’s name is Mark:”When are wewe going to buy me a dog? “And...
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These are the stores that I am uandishi just for fun! Tell me which one is ya'll inayopendelewa too if wewe want to! I hope to post thee on fanpop when they are finished! Well here are the main ideas.

Miyuki: Keeper of the Moon and Stars- This is the story of a girl back in 1932 Japan who is the daughter of a geisha and a German genral. One siku Miyuki gets taken away kwa a geisha house mother. Ten years later at the age of 17, Miyuki is a Geiko and finds out secrets of her past and future.

Follow the Stars Home- Basically most of ya'll are probably going to consider this a parody. But it is a parody like...
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posted by JohnnyCadeskid
Music: Shattered

Keaira’s dad Johnny killed a soc when he was 16
This made many soc’s that already hated him for being a greaser hate him more
His parents had beat him making him have a horrible childhood
His best Marafiki were all he could count on
He then met his future wife Kim
He had Marshall
Then Keaira who care along with Reeve and Kaden
Then Kyra
Then Johnny Jr.
His friend Dally didn’t have a much better life
Dally grew up in New York on his own
He came to Oklahoma when he was 13
He there had a reputation as a criminal
He then became Marafiki with Johnny, Ponyboy, Sodapop, Steve, Darry, and Two-bit...
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posted by SPS
She looks;
Her eyes desperate & fraught
Her body defenseless & weak.
Feelings of vulnerability;
Guilt seeping through her veins.
But what can she do?
She stares.

She stares;
Oblivious to her stare, he hums
Chasing a butterfly, hops & skips;
Not a feather of a burden on his shoulders
As he goes about his carefree life.
She smiles.

She smiles;
Memories come rushing through,
As she first held him in her arms.
‘I will give wewe the world’ she promised.
She lied.
‘You will be the king of the world someday’
This time, he stared, his big blue eyes
Gleaming with innocent mischief, unaware of what fate...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Third part. Comment, fan, but above all... enjoy. :)


“Where am I going to take care of wewe then, Tye?” I ask, already worried for my new little brother. That’s how I thought of him anyway, a little brother! I’ve always wanted one.

“Not sure… Let’s pretend we’re orphans and walk around see if anyone has the moyo to take us in.” He snickers. He really is my brother! I laugh then knuckle bump with him.

“Hey, I get a new name now, right? I’ve always liked the name Dean, can I be Dean?” I asked excitedly. I need to start uigizaji like a guy, puh…

“Ha ha! That sounds...
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Chapter One
Ashelyn (Ash):

    The first thought I had waking up in the morning was, today’s finally the siku I’ve been waiting for all my life.
Pushing away my thoughts, I rolled over on my bed, and wiped the sweat off my brow. Pushing aside the velvet curtain that covered the hole in the ukuta that was my window, I squinted in the early morning light.
    It was mid-September, and the heat was something awful. Even now, not even eight hours into the day, I could see the sun beating down on the ground. Dirt from the paths swirled in the air, making it...
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posted by mitchie19
2. B I G D A Y

One, two, three, go! I breathed. My right leg went first up the stairs and then my left leg.
This is it, this is really it. I squealed nervously. “Marhion Angeles Pearson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pearson” the school directress announced. I went up the stage. The audience clapped.
I felt like a nyota on a rise.
I saw Riley on the crowd, my eyes glued to him. Ah! I tripped. The audience gasp some stood up to see if I’m okay some of them laughed and snickered. drake Cell, the school news anchor video taped my clumsiness, he smiled. I quickly stood up. My cheeks were red, I...
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posted by hannah_vampire
I didn't know weither i should go back yet au if I should just stay here for awhile like I alisema i would even though it feels weird but I dont have to go back I mean Damon au Melissa could go.

I was sitting on Damons when he had walked in, 'hey Belle umm I thought wewe might be hungry so Here have this'. I know that the look on my face alisema are wewe kidding I am straving but I couldn't take it even though i decide to grabb it to be polite.

Four Days later

I hadn't been to school for four days and the only reason was because i know they would be their but I had to go back to Blairs because sooner...
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just chapter 2 and beginning of Chapter 3...please coment on how wewe like it. thank you

Chapter 2

The guard shoved the key into the lock and opened the door. The room was dimly lit and my eyes had a hard time adjusting. Once they pushed me in, the door behind me slammed. Great alone with a bad light candle. But that's when I heard the whimper. I whirled, expecting to find a dog au something like that, but instead a boy with shaggy black hair sat in the corner. I stared at him until he glanced up. His eyes were a gentle brown; his features were soft unlike Griffins. The boy smiled. He still had...
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posted by iceprincess7492
She sat kwa the window, listening to the sound of the rain falling outside, it was a dark and cloudy day, but for now that was something she did not see because she seemed to be Lost in a trance of thoughts. A sudden roar of thunder broke that trance and she was snapped back to reality. She looked around her surroundings trying to remember where she was; the room in which she sat was empty and so was the house, no one lived there anymore. She turned back to the window to stare at the rain when her eyes fell on an object that was lying on her lap, it was a picha frame. She picked it up and looked...
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posted by K5-HOWL
A little long but worth the read...

Two Choices

What would wewe do? make the choice. Don't look for a ngumi, punch
line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My swali is: Would wewe have
made the same choice?

At a fundraising chajio, chakula cha jioni for a school that serves children with
learning disabilities, the father of one of the students delivered a
speech that would never be forgotten kwa all who attended. After
extolling the school and its
dedicated staff, he offered a question:

'When not interfered with kwa outside influences, everything
nature does, is done with perfection.

Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn...
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posted by bubble_babe
One Fine Sunny Morning Izzy Sat At A meza, jedwali At Her Fav, '50's Dinner'. Although The Red Head Was Not In The Mood To Eat, au Do Anything For That Matter. Something Keep Bugging her. Something She Couldn't Identify. The Poor Girl Sighed, Now Her Head Hurt From Thinking so Munch. She Then Fell back in her kiti, kiti cha And Poped her Feet onto the table, eventhough She New The Cause Of It.

"Ey, Izzy, Gits Your Feeta Of Meh Table." A Big Man Behind The Main Counter Called.

"Leave Me Alone, Joe." Izzy alisema as she closed her eyes

"Nononononononon; Now!" Joe told her

"I alisema 'Leave me alone'!" The Red Headed Girl...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
 bellas dress and Converse
bellas dress and converse
Chapter 8
I was so nerves how charlie was going to react, matt squeezed my hand to comfort me charlie opened the door and gasped he was stairing at me ,not beliving it was me
He wasn’t sure if it was really me and then I heard billys voice from the phone
-charlie charlie are wewe ok?
He didn’t respond and turned off the phone
-yeah dad its me
He staired at me again
-you look different!
-yeah two weeks does that to you.
I lied to him
-oh Bella! I missed wewe so much I was so worried that I wouldn’t see wewe again!
Then I took my hand out of matts and hugged him
-your cold
-yeah its freezing out...
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