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posted by bubble_babe
One Fine Sunny Morning Izzy Sat At A meza, jedwali At Her Fav, '50's Dinner'. Although The Red Head Was Not In The Mood To Eat, au Do Anything For That Matter. Something Keep Bugging her. Something She Couldn't Identify. The Poor Girl Sighed, Now Her Head Hurt From Thinking so Munch. She Then Fell back in her kiti, kiti cha And Poped her Feet onto the table, eventhough She New The Cause Of It.

"Ey, Izzy, Gits Your Feeta Of Meh Table." A Big Man Behind The Main Counter Called.

"Leave Me Alone, Joe." Izzy alisema as she closed her eyes

"Nononononononon; Now!" Joe told her

"I alisema 'Leave me alone'!" The Red Headed Girl...
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posted by Sweet_Pants
It’s a silent staring match between wewe and her

The quiet air above wewe is whispering wewe words

Words wewe choose to ignore, words glaring at you,

Gnawing at wewe from the very tip of her eyes

But wewe won’t let down, no matter how much

She isn’t saying, no matter how much she can’t say

Because you’re in power, wewe brought her here

wewe yell, and she shrinks back, but in fear?

No, she’s waiting for her chips to add up

As life’s a poker game, the highs are all that won

She knows this; you’re the one who taught her

‘Lay low until wewe gain the kiti cha enzi

To strike back at those who thought

The same as Arrogance himself;

That you, gullible and pathetic, were theirs alone’

Please tell me what wewe think, criticizm is welcome.
posted by livethislifeup
Like after all the nights before, I had woken up a several amount of times. Every hour, past twelve, until I finally woke at nine. This routine was my life. It was all it was, after Max.
Max, was my life for the twelve years we had. However, five of those twelve years, we spent in grief.
Diagnosed with lung cancer on our sixth mwaka anniversary. At first, we were a little worried--but we were certain that things would turn out fine. He promised me that they would. That, however, was not the case.
With radiation treatment, and surgeries here and there, the cancer came back every mwaka until our twelfth...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1

You have just entered a world. A world like no other! This world is not like TWILIGHT au House Of Night au HARRY POTTER au any other world wewe are thinking of right about now. This world is way different. Where only a good bunch of people in the population live. The world has been divided into six parts: the WaterLands, the EarthLands, the AirLands, the FireLands, the ExtraLands, and the NoOneZone. Only one hundred people make up our world. And only 16.666666 people live inside each part. It sounds pretty depressing, I know, but this is how this world is! The...
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posted by babina
Hey! everyone! thanx for kusoma and commenting on my articles! HOPE wewe ENJOY THIS ONE!

When i turned around to look in the direction where she was coming from, i saw that nearly all the people who had been standing there were gone.I looked around and saw some of the kids running into the bathrooms, others entering classrooms which they were not supposed to be in.I thought about hiding in one room that was on the left side near the locker i had hit my head on but before i could even move, i had Mrs.copcon say, "Everyone stop where they are standing".

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posted by Twilightluv3r
Chapter 1 (Janae's POV)
How do wewe tell your bestfriend that wewe upendo them?Boy, don't I have a story for wewe and you'll never believe. My name is Janae Carter, I have an older brother name James and no parent. They were killed in a car crash kwa a drunk driver, but I don't want to get into that now.
When I met him I was seven years old, he was eight. At the time my brother was 18.
I was in the backyard playing in the onyesha in, Grand Rapids, Michigan just to let wewe know.While I was playing, building a snow castle, I notice a boy kicking a ball against the mti that splits between mine and his yard,...
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 Brittany and the Chipettes
Brittany and the Chipettes
Jeanette:Isn't it great going to high school on the first day?

Brittany and Eleanor:Yeah!
(The Chipettes climbing the bus)

Brittany:Hey,Jeanette.Wondering if wewe get to see your boyfriend,Simon again.


(Eleanor laughing)

Eleanor:Yeah,Jeanette!Take note.


Brittany:Jeanette,sit down.(Brittany whispering in class)

Ms. Fredickson:Good Morning,class!!!
(Ms. Fredickson as she walked into the class)

Ms. Fredickson:Ok!!!My name is Ms. Suzie Fredickson.But wewe can call me Ms. Fredickson.And I will be teaching wewe english.Since its your first day,let us just do something easy.First,you...
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posted by Dearheart
For Kay, my dear sister in Jesus. May this small tale help to remind wewe how beautifully and wonderfully made wewe are in the eyes of the Great Artist.

~~ Beautiful ~~

Once upon a time, not long zamani and not far away, there lived a wise and skillful artist who loved to paint. He delighted in making magic with color and bringing all the picha he saw in his head to life in his pictures.

One day, he was painting something extra special. His brush dipped in and out of the swirling colors and flew across the canvas in expert strokes; dabbing here, blending there, moving swiftly in a joyful, marvelous...
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added by Andressa_Weld
added by Andressa_Weld
If we go threw our universe, we come on end of it. Our eyes see it like shadow, it’s cold and slimy, but if we are enough careful, we will see…
…we will se nothing. Our eyes aren’t made to see this material; like mice can not see glass, we can’t see this material called Transparent Dust au Samíbi like human–shape being call it.
They are almost like people. Difference is just in hair and body language. It’s maybe impossible how any person can have different body language than you, but these beings called Pobabs have. When they are happy they lie down on belly, close their eyes and...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter 2: I'm Breathless.
At night after Roxana was arrested, Abe lays there in his bed, while the moon shines through his large window and onto his bed, he tosses his body from left to right and couldn't sleep, all he had been thinking about was Roxana, about her beautiful seductive but innocent young face and her chokaa green eyes, Abe snatches his head as he tries to sleep but everytime he closes his eyes, all he sees is Roxana's face but then he falls asleep, then he begins dreaming, that he was in Roxana's apartment, he looks around to understand why he is in her house, then he sees Roxana...
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posted by Kimi4312
(This is a maarufu online novel I had been posting on my Facebook account, enjoy! ^_^)

~Chapter 1: How To Save A Life~
Dawn was a beautiful young woman who recently caught her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman, Dawn wrote a suicide note to give to her Marafiki Jessica, Kristina, Alison and Madison, Dawn puts on her black dress and takes a razor blade with her, Dawn walks on her apartment housing roof that is 20 feet below, she sits there watching her boyfriend have sex with another woman, Dawn's dark eyes begins to pour out tears as her moyo begins to break she steps on the edge of...
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posted by WildCherryWolf
Dear You-Know-Who,

How can wewe not read my body language? When wewe present, I barely look up. I barely clap. I barely look at you? And yet, when my Marafiki present, I go wild. I clap, I cheer, I am constantly looking at them. I even think wewe touched my hair!!!!

I know wewe were impressed when I rocked up in the multipurpose area covered in blood and bruises. A door hit me, sent me flying into a pole and sent to the cement for goodness' sake! wewe hung around, I can tell. Yu stayed longer than I expected wewe to. At least wewe didn't see me when tears were flooding down my face. au when I hit the...
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posted by nick_cross
The Exiled
Story setting:
Era: future
Character setting: witch and wizards, vampires, werewolves, phoenix man, humans
Setting: earth, United States
World setting: future, world war??, nations combine to make 3 empires: wizard empire, empire of man, world empire.
For centuries we lived harmoniously; we had two different worlds. Two very different worlds. Their world was lived freely and without secrecy. In our world, that’s what it was all about, secrecy. Don’t make too much noise, don’t seem so noticeable, and most important, under no circumstances, don’t ever get caught. For a while...
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posted by para-scence
"You likehim?!" Echo said, somewhat surprised and disgusted. "Why?!"

"I don't know..." I whimpered. I hung my head. This was all so confusing. Echo took a bite of her sandwich, and watched me for a while. She swallowed.

"Well, iff wewe do... That's fine. I mean, just because I think he's a jerk doesn't mean..." she didn't finish. That was my problem as well. He did seem kind of a jerk. I still didn't understand why I like him. I put my hands to my face and groaned. Echo chuckled. "Love sucks..." I nodded.


I was walking nyumbani from school, a couple weeks later, when Foster showed up kwa my side...
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posted by para-scence
"What?" I squeaked. My whole world felt like it was tumbling down. This could not be happening. Heidi patted me reassuringly on the shoulder.

"Sorry, but it's true. I saw him hanging out with this one girl. Her name's Claire... wewe can ask Mateo; he saw him," she alisema sadly. I shook my head, but she just nodded. "I heard him say that he was only going out with wewe because he pitied you." I frowned and left, not wanting to hear more. I wasn't sure it was because of how ridiculous it was, au if I was afraid she was right.

Finally later in the day, I saw Blake. He was talking to Mateo again. I...
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