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 Suspect 3: Mystery Woman (ya bila mpangilio pic none would pakia except this)
Suspect 3: Mystery Woman (ya random pic none would upload except this)

lilac pedaled her way to town. She thought really hard about which Pokemon would be right for her. Well, Cyndaquil evolves into Quilave which evolves into Typhlosion. Imagine what i could do with it's power!. She then thought about having a water type. Well, Totodile is a very maarufu Pokemon. Lots of people upendo water types, and if I chose it, I would be a really maarufu trainer! But then she remembered Chikorita. If I get a Chikorita, then I would be able to explore faraway places. I could climb up it's vine whip and explore many high up places! Plus, it's really cute!
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posted by sweetpea92
The Last Goodbye

I am standing on my tiptoes with my arms around him and he is bending down so that I can reach. There are tears of joy, and cheering. It is too loud to hear even my own thoughts but somehow I still manage to hear the sound of my moyo in my ears as I cling to my friend. After a long moment, we both pull back slightly and my hands slide over the strange fabric of his bright blue graduation gown. I look up at him knowing this could be the last times I see my most treasured friends. His hand leaves my shoulder, and he places it lightly on my face. My moyo nearly stops as something...
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posted by House_Of_Night_
hiyah =), Hope yuuh guys enjoy this, just as much as i've enjoyed uandishi it. Please, rate and maoni =).. And i'm totally sorry if this was way to long lOl.. xOox


‘Life as we know it, is Changing.'

Chapter One.

‘Look Lily. I totally wouldn’t freak out.’ Marci said.
‘Don’t freak out? ’ I asked, shocked.
‘Yeah, Marci. Don’t freak out? Lily future husband and father to her children, hasn’t dumped his girlfriend yet! So plan B I think!’
‘Thanks for the observation, Gemma and Plan B? No. Look its been over six months now.’ I explained and stormed off. Wanting to get...
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The sky had begun to turn to dusk and the moon was getting ready to rise.
Béla and Maleva were still heading down the old wagon road heading to their site
Béla is starting to get nervous as the mounting suspense of what will happen on the full moon started to build.
He watched the sky while keeping an eye on the sky his head began to give him a burning sensation a sensation he had never felt before his moyo started to thump and thud bobop bobop bobop bobop he was feeling tension of his muscles tightening and contracting he was scared stiff.
He raised his right hand up to his forehead and rubbed...
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posted by HarryPLover
The pain wewe caused isn't what scarred me
The burning tears wewe left me to shed isn't what burned me
Your last words aren't what hindered me
It was the Legend.

That endless struggle to win
To fight back
To not toss and turn in my bed
That secure feeling I had before you
To feel as a sharp as a pencil lead
Now that loneliness I feel without you
A constant reminder

Feeling my moyo beat again
Done with the breathtaking moments
And the heart-skipping kisses
To breathe again
Over and Done with

It wasn't those tears
It wasn't those words
It wasn't all that pain wewe left me to bare.

It wasn't the legend wewe were when wewe were here
But the legacy in my moyo that wewe left!

I opened my light blue eyes to buttery sunshine flooding through my window; no surprise despite the fact it was December 7. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, an always warm, always sunny place. The trees were always a brilliant green, the air always warm, and clouds rarely blocked the sky.
I detested it. Nothing against Atlanta itself, it was just too green, too bright, too hot. . . The air was thick and the humidity was high, and the unforgiving sun constantly beat down on my forehead. Maybe it's just me, but I fail to understand how anyone could possibly live in a place with even this...
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posted by uniquezandy
Sams POV
I am your normal, typical everyday teen who is 16 years old. Samatha is my real name; say it to my face and I will bite your head off. People say when there young, (girls anyway,) "Look mummy, I want to be a princess when I grow up, and I'm going to marry a handsome prince." To tell the truth, I used to be a girl like that. A girl who read every fairy tale she could get her hands on, and believe that they are real. It is a load of poison now. I had to learn that in real life, true upendo is rubbish and wewe won't grow up to be want wewe want. And in life, change happens quite alot and...
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posted by fly210
Liz's grandma had died last night. Liz was at her HUGE house on long island. Just then her family was called in to the house. Liz's Grandma's will had been read and her grandma had left her family the 200 acor house! Liz had always liked the house. It was big with a thach play house and 3 log cabens to play in ,a big lake and pool, a forest that went around the property, a rose garden, a walled garden and a apple orcherd in back. Not to mention a few other things. Her family went nyumbani that night knowing they would songesha in to the house. Liz would not chang schools because the house was so close...
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posted by CullenProperty
It's our week for spring break and I've thought about calling Nick, but every time I dial his number, that's all I do, I always hang up. Sometimes I just hold the phone in my hands and it never makes it to my ear.
But, one siku my little Volkswagen breaks down and since dad doesn't know anything about automobiles, we have to take it Luy's duka - the place Nick works.
I drive our old Chevy, towing my bug to Luy's with Dad and he unhitches it when we get there.
"Grace, I gotta get to work, maybe Nick can bring wewe home," dad says, looking tentifully at the karakana part of the shop.
"But dad, what...
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posted by viju
Something I feel inside
Something I breathe inside
The lightening and fire
Right now I’m bearing inside
My moyo is broken now
And it have fall to pieces
I’m finding a way through out
To reassemble and fix it
Oooh (fix it) Oooh (fix it)

The pain and sorrow
Is freaking me out
The moto and heat
Is melting my moyo out
The man who supposed to be
Isn’t there right now with me
The devils look in your eyes
Makes me scream…..
Makes me scream…..

The scars and wounds
They won’t seem to heal
That is how I feel
Aggression and pain
I’m hiding in my eyes
I’m finding a way to
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Third part. Comment, fan, but above all... enjoy. :)


“Where am I going to take care of wewe then, Tye?” I ask, already worried for my new little brother. That’s how I thought of him anyway, a little brother! I’ve always wanted one.

“Not sure… Let’s pretend we’re orphans and walk around see if anyone has the moyo to take us in.” He snickers. He really is my brother! I laugh then knuckle bump with him.

“Hey, I get a new name now, right? I’ve always liked the name Dean, can I be Dean?” I asked excitedly. I need to start uigizaji like a guy, puh…

“Ha ha! That sounds...
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posted by hannah_vampire
Thanks for the maoni plz keep kusoma and commenting :)

Nothing zaidi then a visual whisper, like a ghost, slipping past not to be seen.I stood still feet planted on the ground and hoping I would be as peacefully As I could and not be scared of what may lie ahead. I could see the fierce moto dieing in peoples eyes and I was hoping that the moto would not fully die in mine.

I walked through the forest as I stopped to see the most beautiful animal before me A real mbwa mwitu fully black with a white nyota shape on its right front paw and it was so Sleek and beautiful. I saw a girl running towards me...
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posted by zutaradragon
your mistakes don't define you, now. they don't tell wewe who you're not, au who wewe can never be. what's it take to get wewe to say you'll try? you've got to live this life like it's the only one you've got. what would wewe say, what would wewe do, if this was your last day? so, wewe found out today that life's not the same. not quite as good as yesterday.
and, yes, i know it hurts & i know your pain, but u never gave up this easily befor. such a beautiful thing to just throw away. i think wewe need to know that, of all the colors that wewe shine, this is surely not your best, it's really not your style. wewe should think about what wewe do, befor wewe do it, over and over again. i know wewe feel alone, that know one can figure wewe out, but wewe sould know that we just upendo to see wewe smile.i know wewe feel like you're lost, feel like you've drifted way to far away, but we can help wewe come back.
posted by RanmaRaj
I wrote this Song when my girl broke off with me

My college's band alisema it was too boring and told me to write another

I'd shared it with Kathy(Lilacool)
She alisema she liked it......Thanks Kathy

In the center of my heart
there is a deep pain
as if struck kwa a dart
blood is all going drain

but wait a minute
am i..............?

'tis there all siku and night
either asleep au awake
doesn't leave what I might
kick it au give it a shake

but on sekunde thought
am i..............?

Lil puzzling is it's reason
someone once lived there
may be till awali season
she was my heart's only heir

though she is long gone
my heart...
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 But I guess this is the price for not agreeing with a vampire.
But I guess this is the price for not agreeing with a vampire.
I woke up to the wailing of birds in the distance and the acrid smell of compost nearby. I couldn't see; it appeared that the night sky blended in with the darkness behind my eyelids when closed. I felt my body plastered against a marble slab that was the same length as my being, and sweat was misted against my skin. Strangely, the only way I could tell this was kwa leaning my head down to take a peek, realizing my skin was so white that it would be hard to tell if I had any blood at all in my body. My flesh felt numb, and shivering once brought my senses into a lighter view, but only enough...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
ok, im sorry, but this isnt what i normally write, i wanted to try something different... im sorry if its lame..

I woke to same sound, as every morning. The cries, of a exhusted child always did. I had thought for a moment we had a routine going on but wewe know children, but its jsut doesnt happen. It's if as though they are engineered to keep wewe up late, have a colourful shoulders and bags under your eyes, Well my baby did.
I was young, and so was she. We had that in common. Thats all we had, She was the spitting image of him. He makes it hard to upendo her sometimes.Which makes me hate him more,...
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PG13. I don't like this chapter... Kind of rushed.

Chapter 3

It has been a week since my detention, and the arrival of Megan. Jake hasn't been zaidi happy, now that he had a girlfriend. Brianna and Lilia have been on me zaidi than ever now. They don't know when au how to stop. I was getting really annoyed.

I walked into the school, looking quite pissed. As usual all the girls came and told me how great I looked, although I knew that I look like crap.

"Yo Joshua... Why the crappy mad face?" asked Ken. He was never subtle.

"Nothing. Fuck wewe and leave me alone." I told him.

"Eww.... I don't want it...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Hi! This is a story about angels, and I hope wewe all enjoy it! ^_^

There is a secret place made especially for us in the world. It lies on a secluded island in the Atlantic Ocean that remains undetected from the outside world.
This is where we, the angels that remained on Earth after thousands of years, rest in peace.
I was born an angel, my white, softer than marshmallows, wings sprouted forth after my birth. They grew as my body matured into that of a young adult of sixteen.
It was on my seventeenth birthday that everything changed. Well, it was actually about a week after the huge party that...
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posted by shomill
She crawls into a memory.
She sits, she cries, knees folded up to her chest.
Life is not like it used to be.

Why can't she enjoy life like she did before?
Because she had no life then, no identity.
She was what others told her to be.
She has learned.
She is gaining an identity.
She doesn't know who she is.
She only recently discovered that she didn't know,
That she had no life, no identity.

It's looking for her,
Coming slowly, across the sea.
She fears it will not find her.
It will wander in the darkness,
Searching, but never finding,
Never knowing how close it has come.
And she will never know it, even though she sees it, touches it, tastes it,
She will never be able to embrace it.

She keeps searching for she,
For her place to be,
To belong in this world, and to stand out.

I keep searching for me,
For my destiny,
For my identity.
It was Mia, the Rokurokubi; she was the head, the head connected to the very long neck. Opal looked with amazement as Mia knocked Grito to the ground. As her body started to walk mbele as her neck retracted back to it. “Um... Ok, that was not expected” alisema Opal. Alec and Marley were also in a great confusion, looking at each other trying to make something out of the situation. “Surprised?” Mia Asked. “A little” alisema Opal, trying to make it as a joke. The three released that this was Mia’s power, she is a Rokurokubi and this is what they do, all four of them started laughing....
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