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posted by Aiden995
To WrestleMania XXVI, The Undertaker will put prize his winning streak of 17-0 and Shawn Michaels his career, in a rematch enacted with wide advance and potentially explosive as it happens only in the Grandest Stage of Them All. One mwaka zamani in the 25° anniversary of WrestleMania the Demon of Death Valley and HBK have aliyopewa life to an unforgettable match. The Phenom-ever defeated in the history of the greatest pay-for-view he was finally met with Mr. WrestleMania. Even if the Deadman has succeeded in reigning supreme on Michaels in a considered meeting among the most beautiful of every time,...
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The Undertaker and John Cena are the only two Superstars that have entered the Royal Rumble Match at No. 30 and won. These victories also occurred back-to-back in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

Hulk Hogan’s loss to The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI marked the first time ever that The Hulkster Lost a match via pinfall at a WWE pay-per-view event.

Maryse is the longest reigning Divas Champion, holding the title for 212 days. Jillian’s reign was the shortest at just five minutes.

During the infamous Hell in a Cell Match at King of the Ring in 1998, Mankind scattered 10,000 tacks across the...
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This can actually be either a Battle Royal with all the men inside a 50% bigger and reinforced wrestling ring au a Royal Rumble with 2 starting in the ring and a new person entering every minute. It will have WWE, TNA, and Legend wrestlers inside it. Tell me who wewe think would win, eliminations, how they would get eliminated, the final remaining wrestlers during a time. Anything really it's for fun

Here are the wrestlers:
1.)Triple H
2.)Shawn Michaels
4.)Kurt Angle
5.)A.J. Styles
7.)Rob van Dam
8.)Matt Hardy
9.)Jeff Hardy
10.)Rey Mysterio
11.)The Great Khali
12.)Hulk Hogan
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posted by anna_bella_duff
When I think about some of the best WWE Superstars in hivi karibuni memory, a few names pop up in my mind as well as everyone else's. But one name that consistently comes up with just about everyone is the name Chris Jericho

Jericho has been wanting to break out in the pop culture world in both uigizaji and music. His band Fozzy has sold a ton of records world wide and have finally gotten to a point where they are doing well on American radio.

Their metal-like rock muziki seems to be striking a cord with we Americans, and worldwide they've always done well. This is why Jericho has left WWE. He was given...
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-The first match of the night is Randy Orton vs. CM Punk in a Last Man Standing Match.
Orton defeated CM Punk.

-The match inayofuata up was an impromptu Tables Match for the United States Championship.
The match ended when Kofi Kingston leaped off of the juu rope to the outside to put Sheamus through a table.

-Next on the card was the Tag Team Country Whipping Match.
Michael Cole did, however get the win for his team after he rolled up Jim Ross.

-The inayofuata match was Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, to end their three-plus month-long feud.
It was a little disappointing to see...
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 In Punk We Trust
In Punk We Trust
WWE Champion CM Punk confronted Chris Jericho:

Chris Jericho finally spoke his mind on Raw SuperShow. WWE’s first-ever Undisputed Champion delivered a bold statement and message to the WWE Universe and all the Superstars and Divas, that they are all “Jericho wannabes.” Jericho explained that he did everything before everyone else, that he was the trendsetter in WWE. He then set his sights on WWE Champion CM Punk, claiming that he, not Punk, was “the best in the world.”

As Jericho continued to present his case, The Voice of the Voiceless made his way to the ring, itching to use his...
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#11 Sheamus
The first-ever Irish-born WWE Champion impressed many when he won that coveted title in his rookie year, but what's even zaidi remarkable about Sheamus is the confidence he has displayed behind the microphone so early in his career. Where many Superstars have spent years stuttering on the stick in hopes of finding their voice, The Celtic Warrior immediately grabbed the mic with confidence and ran down opponents in his unmistakable Dublin brogue. And while mashabiki may jeer at the pointed threats Sheamus has directed at rivals like John Cena and Randy Orton, they can't help but smile when...
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This is the only thing that makes any sense if vince was smart like he used to be he would do this because as we all know triple h will be facing Brock lesnar at WWE's inayofuata big paper view summerslam but I find myself just not excited for this match I'm not as into it and the reason why their has been no emotion in this rivalry it's not personal and that's what it needs for example a couple of years zamani Randy au ton and triple h had an amazing rivalry leading into a wrestle mania match for the wwe championship I didn't enjoy the match as much as I thought I would but the rivalry going in was...
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posted by Heidihi2
Today, Punk is headlining pay-per-views—and he’s doing so in spite of the events of 2011, when he assailed Mr. McMahon with his blunt opinions about the business and made a bold promise not to renew his contract with the company. Punk’s criticism struck a nerve with The Chairman who, against his better judgment, granted The sekunde City Saint a WWE Championship Match at WWE Money in the Bank in the Superstar’s native city, Chicago. Punk not only beat John Cena to win that match, he absconded with the WWE Championship as the sekunde on his WWE contract ticked down.

Fortunately for WWE mashabiki everywhere, Punk agreed to re-sign with WWE weeks later, compelled to return to the ring to prove that he’s the undisputed “Best in the World.” The Voice of the Voiceless continues to advocate on behalf of disenchanted WWE mashabiki everywhere, who feel the WWE product is in need of a good (roundhouse) kick in the teeth.
posted by Heidihi2

WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis has been one of Mr. McMahon's must trusted associates and a respected WWE employee since he joined the company in 2001.

A successful sports-entertainer in both the United States and Japan throughout the 1980s and '90s, the talented athlete turned his attention to the corporate side of the business after retiring from the ring in 2000. First working in the talent relations department for World Championship Wrestling, Laurinaitis joined WWE when WCW was acquired kwa the entertainment juggernaut in March of 2001....
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Now I know that other sites around the web are impatient about cena turning heel but I'm not I think that if it's going to happen it has to be the opportune time and cena has to want to do it now I went to a live event for the first time in my entire life and got to actually see the wrestlers perform and there's truly nothing like it I got to see cena and other raw superstars wrestle and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life but anyway on the way nyumbani from the event me and my sister were talking about how neither of us thought he would turn heel but I think if they did it at a big...
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posted by chloeluvzmiz
Power Rankings for 4/16/12 - 4/22/12

25 Gene Oakerlund +
24 Daniel Bryan +
23 Kelly Kelly average
22 A.J. +
21 Ryback +
20 David Otunga -
19 R-Truth +
18 Beth Pheonix average
17 Brodus Clay +
16 Cody Rhodes -
15 Lord Tensai +
14 Primo & Epico average
13 Randy Orton -
12 Alberto Del Rio +
11 Kofi Kingston +
10 The Miz average
09 Santino Marella +
08 Mark Henry +
07 Kane +
06 John Cena +
05 CM Punk -
04 Brock Lesnar +
03 Chris Jerico +
02 Big onyesha +
01 Sheamus +

At 1st, I put 'David Otungag.' Should've left it that way cuz it's true!! LOL

Thanks 4 reading! 4 zaidi info., visit www.wwe.com

-chloeluvzmiz ♥
 Once in a Lifetime...
Once in a Lifetime...
Firstly, I am not a shabiki of The Rock au Cena but I am a shabiki of WWE. I have been watching The Rock ever since I was a little kid up till now and all I can say is the man has done it all! He has won the Royal Rumble, multiple times champion, multiple classic Wrestlemania matches. Out of all the wrestlers to step foot in a WWE ring, The Rock is the most successful, not just in terms of wrestling but his whole life. Is it pure luck? I don't think so. He worked his punda off to get to the juu in his career and I believe he will always remain there. It is obvious to us that The Rock is leaning towards...
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This is my review for WWE Elimination Chamber 2012. It was horrible.

DUD = Zero Stars = There was NOTHING good about this match. I highly suggest that wewe don't watch it, because it made me want to claw my eyes out.
One nyota = * = Horrible. If there was anything good about this match, it was over-shadowed kwa the bad parts.
Two Stars = ** = Pretty bad. Not too horrible, but nothing special. There was probably only one au two things about this match that were good.
Three Stars = *** = Pretty good. Not a must-see match, but nothing that would make wewe scream in frustration, either.
Four Stars =...
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 CM Punk retains WWE Championship
CM Punk retains WWE Championship
ST. LOUIS - Whether Interim Raw General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis intended it au not - CM Punk stood tall over Dolph Ziggler in the WWE Championship Match at Royal Rumble, proudly inaonyesha off the most coveted prize in WWE.

Rather than risk seeming biased in light of his upcoming performance appraisal kwa WWE COO Triple H, Mr. Laurinaitis excused himself from officiating duties in the WWE Championship Match. This ultimately allowed Punk and Ziggler to do what they do best in an evenly-officiated contest.

The sold-out WWE Universe inside St. Louis’...
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This is my review for Royal Rumble 2012. I didn't get to see most of the first match, (the steel cage match for the World Heavyweight Title), so I can't rate it.

DUD = Zero Stars = There was NOTHING good about this match. I highly suggest that wewe don't watch it, because it made me want to claw my eyes out.
One nyota = * = Horrible. If there was anything good about this match, it was over-shadowed kwa the bad parts.
Two Stars = ** = Pretty bad. Not too horrible, but nothing special. There was probably only one au two things about this match that were good.
Three Stars = *** = Pretty good. Not...
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Five nights after a shocking and unforgettable Vengeance WWE Friday night SMACKDOWN came to wewe from the Toyota Centre in Houston Texas.
1.Non- title match up:The Awesome Truth def. AirBoom kwa a pinfall after R-Truth hit the the little jimmy finale.

2.Wade Barret def. Trent Barreta kwa a pinfall after hitting Trent with the wasteland.

3. Non-title match up:Randy Orton def. Dolph Ziggler kwa a pinfall after he hit the RKO.

4.Daniel Bryan losing streak finally came to an end when he def.Tyson Kid kwa a submission.

5.CM Punk(with Sheamus) def. Christian(with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez) kwa a...
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 C.M Punk having fun with Trips
C.M Punk having fun with Trips
C.M Punk deserves a medal he has changed the way things are going at least on Raw,its less pg people seem to speak their mind zaidi which is a good thing.The language barriers dropped a bit which is also a good thing.I never used to be a Punk shabiki but that promo at the juu of the ramp your not a big a punda kisser as Dwayne etc...just nailed it for me and now i want my ice cream bar! I think that Vince,Trips,Steph etc have not long realised that they have been sitting on dhahabu for the last 10 years. So now that they have Punk back they better not mess up au PIPEBOMB!
 Ive just looked into my crystal ball and this is what i saw Punk 1-Cena 0-ADR-0
Ive just looked into my crystal ball and this is what i saw Punk 1-Cena 0-ADR-0
Daniel Bryan defeated Kane, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Sheamus, and Cody Rhodes in the Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match.
Divas Champion Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella.Kelly Kelly is still our Divas Champion.
Mark Henry defeated Big Show.
Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Alex Riley, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, and The Miz in the Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match.
Christian defeated World Heavyweight Champion.Christian is our new World Heavyweight Champion.
CM Punk defeated WWE Champion John Cena. CM punk won the WWE Championship Belt.
After the match Vince McMahon calls for Alberto Del Rio to come out and cash in his MITB contract but Alberto forgot to say the words "I'm cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase" then CM Punk kicks Alberto on his head and runs through the crowd to exit the building with the WWE title.
 Capitol Punishment!
Capitol Punishment!
1.Ezekiel Jackson defeated Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. Ezekiel Jackson is our new Intercontinental Champion.

2.Dolph Ziggler defeated United States Champion Kofi Kingston. Dolph Ziggler is our new United States Champion.

3.CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio.

4.Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show. The referee announced Alberto Del Rio as a winner when he found that Big onyesha cannot compete.

5.Alex Riley defeated The Miz.

6.World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton defeated Christian. Randy Orton is still our World Heavyweight Champion.

7.Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger kwa pinfall.

8.WWE Champion John Cena defeated R-Truth. John Cena is still our WWE Champion!

Congratulations John Cena!
 John Cena won!
John Cena won!