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This WWE picha contains hunk. There might also be pakiti sita, abs, ab ufa, tumbo gorofa, ngozi, skintone, uchi rangi, ubaguzi uchi, uchi an alisema, nude rangi, nusu uchi, and uchi zilizodokezwa.

posted by TDI_Angel
~If wewe are a shabiki of Kelly Kelly, then I'm sorry if this makala offends you. I'm just expressing my opinion, and there's no law against that.~

Kelly Kelly is probably Vince McMahon's inayopendelewa Diva in the company... Ironically, she's the most hated Diva in the company today. There's an entire Facebook group called "Kelly Kelly Sucks", and people all over fanfiction.net, YouTube, and right here on fanpop can't stand her. I hate her with a fiery passion, too, and here's why:

1. She can't wrestle and has no awali training.
If wewe watch her matches, she bothces half of her moves. She was hired...
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Trish kiss Carlito
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