X-Men Create A Mutant...

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just ya know...
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X-Men 25 majibu

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BLAMargera123 said…
163 views and no one commented thats sad :(
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita x-menobsessed26 said…
name: Athena (last name unrevealed)

codename: Black Star

team: (unoffical) X-men

Age: 15

Appearance: hair-red (black streaks when using powers)
eyes-green (black when using powers)
weight-136 lbs.

Powers: (unknown just yet)

History: unrevealed

1st to comment! Awesome! This character is from the fan fiction I've been keeping on this spot and on the X-men OCs spot. I haven't decided how to exactly work her powers, though I know the basis of them. She can do anything. They come in spurts right now, and are completely uncontrolable and deadly. If you could, read the story and tell me if I should continue or start a new one.

BTW, great topic. I didn't see it posted otherwise I would have answered it sooner!
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita ryans_love said…
Name: Teagan Almeida
Codename: Mentalist
Team: undecided - lives nomadic lifestyle
Age: 17
-strawberry blonde hair, orange when using powers
-dark brown eyes, golden when using powers
-132 lbs
Powers: Telepathy, Omni-linguism, Light manipulation, Gravitational manipulation
History: running from the law for the past 2 years b/c they think she killed her parents. whether she did or not is up in the air...

hope you like her!


handy page for superpowers
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita FudgeCakesP said…
Name: Charlotte Anderson (adoptive name, birth name unknown)
Codename: Ember
Team: none as of now
-long, brown hair
-blue-green eyes
-140 lbs
Powers: Unknown as of now due to the fact that often when they are in use they cause her memory to "blur" making her memory of using her power a bit hazy
History: Powers manifested one night during a fight with her adoptive father. She killed her father, but can't remeber how so she ran away.

She's from the fanfic I wrote here:

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita x-menobsessed26 said…
@FudgeCakesP Can't you just edit what you submitted?
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita RoseElizabeth said…
Name: Chantelle Clarke
Codename: Magenta
Team: None as of yet
Age: 18
- mid-length dark brown hair
- dark green eyes (purple when using powers)
- 5'3"
- 129 lbs
Powers: Telepathy, mind control, telekinetic powers
History: not known
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita FudgeCakesP said…
@x-menobsessed26, I completely forgot about that! This is what happens when I have summer on the brain.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita x-menobsessed26 said…
@FudgeCakesP I know what you mean.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita ryans_love said…
:) seems like we all have a thing for telepathy...or james mcavoy...(: charles xavier was SEXY back in the day! :)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Wow_Nightelf said…
Name: Cassandra Nate
Code Name: Shadow
Team: X-Men
Age: 16
Appearance: Long, dark brown hair, pale skin, hazel eyes, tall
Powers: Able to shape shift into animals
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita AlidaWho said…
big smile
Name: Azare
Code name: Wolf Lady
Team: She is single (she didnt find team already)
Age: 18
Appearance: Red hair, yellow eyes, white skin, she is 170cm tall.
Powers: She can turn into a werewolf and his fight powers are strong.

Mental Note: I need to work on her :D
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita buffyl0v3r44 said…
Name: Sophia Harrison
Code Name: the Tantrum
Team: X-Men
Age: 17
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Dark Blue Eyes, 5'4
Powers: When she screams it shatters things and can kill you if she screams loud enough
History: when thirteen years old her older brother was messing around with her and holding her down so she started screaming, by accident she killed her brother, her mom, and her dad, she was then taken care of by her grandparents, she was so scared of herself so she ran away, Professor Xavier found her wondering on the streets, he took her in and then she joined the school and then eventually became one of the X-Men
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita paige-belle-15 said…
Name: Daniella (the surname was never revealed)

Codename: Viper

Team: X-Men

Age: 17 years

-Black hair, streaked with green.
-Emerald-green eyes
-5 '7 "
-134 Lbs.

Powers: Has a superhuman agility, night vision, regeneration and the ability to produce its own poison (usually out of your nails conse poison or another person with a simple kiss on the mouth ^ ^), their venom usually causes convulsions and delirium, but High doses can kill.

History: Daniella lived in New Orleans along with their maternal grandparents because his father was an alcoholic and beat her. When he was fifteen, his father broke into the home of his grandparents, with a gun and threatened to kill the grandparents Daniella, if she was not with him. He fired and hit the leg of his grandfather. In a fit of rage, she scratched. So they started to bleed, he began to have convulsions and screaming. Seeing that scene, Daniella fled. After that episode Prof. Xavier found her and said she would help her control her powers and since then lives in the Institute.

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Alycat4848 said…
Does everyone have to kill a family member? Also what's with the change in appearance when using powers? I understand with some but yeah.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BLAMargera123 said…
thank you all. now heres my Mutant!

Name: Andrew Syconac

Codename: Psychopath

Team: X-Men

Age: 32

Appearance: Black Shaggy Hair, wears X-Men Uniform, wears Black Military Pants, wears a Large Overcoat that has a white X on the back, wears black boots, and wears bandages around his hands.

Powers: has the ability to drive a person into shock or go insane.

History: Andrew has been locked away in a mental institute for 20 years, he formed a plan to get out but failed he was surrounded by guards thats when his power awoke, he made so many guards go insane, after that he busted out, then 22 years later he's been protecting a groups of young children with mutant powers from the Purifiers, but one day Professor Xavier enlisted him and the kids into the Institute.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita AceDarkwolf17 said…
Name: AJ Castle

Codename: Mage

Team: Alone at first but later joins the X-Men

Age: 24

Appearance: Short dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes, goatee, white long-sleeve semi dress shirt, black leather jacket, black cargo pants, grey shoes, and X-Men Uniform

Powers: Flight,Seeing into Future,and control over the Elements(Fire,Water,Ice,Earth,Wind,Lightni­ng,­Dar­kne­ss)

History: AJ got his powers at age 5 and has been secretly trying to control them better. Parents found out and took off leaving him behind without a care in the world. He has been on his own since he was 16. AJ has been living in Pittsburgh since he was 18 and uses his powers every chance he gets. While he was walking home he hears a scream. He looks up to see a girl hanging from her balcony 5 stories up. In a flash the girl slips and begins to fall, AJ quickly holds up his hand to catch the girl with his wind. It was a success and then Prof.X rolls up to ask him to come to live at the Institute with other Mutants. AJ accepts and months later became a X-Men. He goes on to be a Art teacher at the school.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Alvin2442 said…
Codename:Doesn't use one
Team:Solo maybe will join the X-Men
Appearance:Sliver,Green,and Blue and Jet Black hair with a dark grey jacket and black and grey striped shirt
Powers:Control over all elements along with being able to turn into animals and etc
History:Alvin at age 3 learned about his powers and used them.He controlled them better then his parents expected and by age 8 he had the basic control over them.When Professor X asked for him to live at the Institute and join the X-Men.I decline and say maybe later I want to figure out more about myself before I join.At age 12 I can used my powers at a advanced level tho when I tried something to advanced I would either pass out or be to tire to do anything else.At age 13 no matter what I did I never tire.
 Name:Alvin Codename:Doesn't use one Team:Solo maybe will jiunge the X-Men Age:13 Appearance:Sliver,Gree
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita PFEIFFER11 said…
codename: Doesn't have one
team:X-men(formly Brotherhood and Elementalists)
appearance: long straight black hair, skinny, sharp features with sly green eyes.
outfit:A black cloak over black clothes
powers: She can co troll darkness; shadows and is a telepath
history: Tabaris grew up with no father in the picture.Her mother died when she was 9, so her 17 almost 18 year old sister Gabrielle had to take car of them. When Tabaris was 12 The police came to her home to tell her that her sister was dead. Instead of her goingnto a foster home she ran away.She was found be Retel who was the leader of the elementalists and also controlled lightning. She then went back to the Elementalists H.Q. where she met Jordan( who controlls minerals),Ivy(who controlled plants),Kyle(who controlled sound), Sofia( who controlled Silence), Red(who controlled fire and would eventually be her love interest) and many more elementalists. 3 years later Red left to join the X- Men. 1 year after that Tabaris left too because she learned Retel was her father. She then was asked to join the Brother hood. At 17 She helped the X- men find Bobby Drake ( Ice Man) and defeat his kidnappers. She then went off on her own for a few months but Professor Xavier found her and she joined the team. Still mad a Red because he left without a good bye She didn't talk to him until he found out her sister and mother were alive. She then trusted him fully.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Nicolicious said…
Hey this place looks cool!

Name:Cara(No one knows her last name)
Appearance:Brown hair with different coloured streaks, purple eyes, 5"8.
Powers:Can absorb powers thrown at her, has a scar shaped like a scorpion on her hands that send out waves of energy(like Cyclops), Telekinetic.
History:Was born and raised on a farm until she burned down the house accidentally. A year later(she was 16)Magneto came after her and killed her parents. She escaped before Magento could get her and went to the Brotherhood. She left them and joined the X-Men when she was 17.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita moonshoes said…
Name: Brennan Hardingham
Codename: The Heart-Stopping Hurrican (stage name) later known as, The Hurricane
Team: X-men in training
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall, slightly tan, blonde-brain hair, hazel eyes
Powers: Ability to manipulate the air/wind, world class acrobat skills
History: **Alternate X-men Reality**
His parents died when he was 4 months old, lived in an orphanage in melbourne, Australia until he was six. A Circus Director based in Belgium on a holiday got lost, and accidentally ended up at the Orphanage. He saw Brennan showing his his Acrobat skills and proceeded to adopt him. He took part in the circus for 10 years and was known as "The Heart Stopping Hurricane", wearing a red and white suit doing performances.
When he was 16, newlyweds* Jean Grey and Scott Summers, were on their Honeymoon in Europe. They attended the circus, where Jean Grey detected that Brennan was a mutant.
After the show they invited him to Xavier's School for gifted youngsters. He reluctantly joined and became fast friends with Kitty Pryde, Bobby Drake and Rogue.
After he and his friends saved Professor Xavier and other students from an attack, they were promoted to X-men in training :)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 666demon said…
Name: Rose Maria Thomas
Codename: Thorn Rose Marie *Wolverine nicknames her Plant*
Team:*unofficial* X-Men, but mostly hangs and follows Gambit around
Age: 16
Appearance: about 5'11, long black hair in a ponytail, bright green eyes. Skinny.
Powers: Plant controlation. Don't get that? Good. She can control anything that has roots like grass, trees, flowers and even weeds.
History: When Rose was six, her parents tried to grow flowers in their front yard. They noticed the grass grew a few inches every time Rose went out to play or go to school.

One day they brought in a bunch of dead lilies inside and placed them on the counter. Rose ran by the counter and they instantly were alive and colorful. Rose's mother squawked. "FRANK! Frank get in here! Look what happened to the lilies!" Rose thought they were mad at her, so she ran away. along her 7th birthday she met Gambit and has traveling with him ever since.

*here's a little scrap of a story that I'm making for her.*

Rose's pov:
I woke up to the sound of a soft Cajun song. Remy must be awake since his side of the bed is still semi warm. I can smell bacon. Holy hell is he cooking me an omelet too? That cinnamon scent hits me and it’s like heaven.
“Gambit! What in the Louisiana Territory are you cooking!?” I called out to him. God my voice still hurts from screaming last night and NO, we did nothing but sleep in the most innocent way after he helped me with my broken leg. God I wish I didn’t piss Saber tooth off like that. What was worse is Remy not talking to me. I told him I was gonna run away and he didn’t say anything, just went to the door of his trailer and opened it. But I expected this morning to be different. Is he that mad at me? I try to move my legs. A sharp pain shot through my left leg so bad it felt like it was breaking again, I let out a growl and swing my legs over the side of the bed. “Don’t move Cher, I’m almost done.”
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Sky2122 said…
Name: Skylar Ravenswood
Codename: Psycho
Team: None
Age: 17
Appearance: 6'2" Skylar has green eyes and shoulder length dark red almost black hair, however when he uses his powers his eyes glow gold. Skylar often wears layers(mostly dark colors).
Powers:Pathokinesis: He can sense and manipulate the emotions and physical sensations of the people around him his range is about 20 miles in every direction. His powers also gives him psychometry on people and objects. if the psychic echo is powerful enough he can see it without touching anything. Finally he can cover himself in emotional energy giving him a power similar to tactical telekinesis giving him the strength to lift a ton and levitation.
History: Skylar was born into a family full of of mutant haters so when his powers manifested at the age of 10 he ran away out of fear for what his family would do. Growing up on the run taught him survival skills such as street fighting and lock picking. When he was 15 he settled down in New York. He now works as an online advice columnist and volunteers at a psychiatric ward using his powers to heal the people of their emotional wounds.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita x-menobsessed26 said…
Name: Loraine Marshall


Codename : none


Gender : female


Age: 26


Ethnicity: Bi-racial - Caucasian and Latina (maternal - Irish/German/Swiss ancestry; paternal - German/Mexican ancestry)


Height : 5' 4"


Weight : 116 lbs.


Hair color : Brown, dyed Black


Eye color : Brown


Unusual Features : several tattoos on her back, shoulders, and feet acquired while in college


Relatives -

Hibiscus Lee (wife)
Enrio Lee (adopted son)
Joyce Pohl-Marshall (mother, deceased)
Richard Marshall (father, deceased)
Dean Pohl (uncle)
Leah Pohl (aunt)
Karl Pohl (cousin)
Marcia Pohl (cousin)
Abigail Pohl - Bos (aunt)
Samuel Bos (uncle)
Thomas Bos (cousin)
Jasmine Bos (cousin)
Alan Bos (cousin)
Gavin Pohl (uncle)
Robin Pohl (aunt)
Sharon Pohl (cousin)
Derek Pohl (uncle)
Andre Marshall (uncle, deceased)


Education level : Bachelor's Degree


Occupation : Music Teacher, businesswoman; former baker, chef


Affiliation : X-men


Alignment : Good



She was born as the single beloved child of Joyce and Richard Marshall. She grew up close to her mother's side of the family, especially her aunts and uncles, as none of them had children until much later. Because of this, she was able to learn much from them, including baking from her aunt Abigail and shooting from uncle Gavin.

As she grew, she found a profound love for music. At puberty, her mutation manifested, though she wouldn't realize it until much later. After she graduated from high school, she decided to study music at the University of California, Berkeley, unsurprisingly. Halfway through her freshman year, she met Hibiscus and the two quickly fell in love, much to the disappointment of Loraine's parents. After a loud fight, she left the house and didn't speak to them again for two weeks. She then got a message telling her that her parents had died. Devastated, she nearly dropped out of school. Only Hibiscus stopped her from doing so.

At age 20, she got a message that her uncle Andre had passed away. He owned a pizzeria and left it to Loraine. Loraine and Hibiscus decided to run the place and found a love for food. Opening three bakeries and a matching pizzeria, this started the beginning of two popular franchises : Black Cat Bakery and Little Oregano's Pizza. Hibiscus decided to drop out of college to run the businesses, while Loraine finished her degree. They married at 21. Two years later, they decided to adopt a child, their son Enrio.

Loraine first met the X-men when Enrio started manifesting his mutation, an affinity for solar energy manipulation. Loraine was faced with a difficult decision, as Hibiscus didn't want to leave California as the business continued to expand. However, for the sake of their son, they needed to go to New York. Making an executive decision, she packed up hers and her son's belongings and moved to New York, where she got a job at the Xavier Institute as a music teacher. Hibiscus and Loraine remained separated for almost a year before Hibiscus visited Westchester to see her son. A long talk resulted in Hibiscus expanding East, opening her first bakery in New York.

During their stay in Westchester, Loraine was told that she, like her wife and son, was a mutant, though a much lower level, nearly insignificant.

Loraine was one of several mutants at the mansion almost killed in an explosion by the Marauders. In a coma, Hibiscus nearly pulled their son out of the Institute, but an intervention by Charles Xavier stopped this from happening. Scared to death, and unable to continue worrying for her family, she officially separated from Loraine and moved back to California, hoping her departure would eventually bring her family back to her.


Origin : mutant by birth


Power : enhanced sense and reflexes


Abilities: She is bi-lingual in English and Spanish. She also has proficiency with firearms, after learning from her uncle Gavin. She also has some experience with vehicle repair, learned from her wife, Hibiscus.

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita cyberius said…
Name: Edward Jackson
Codename: Hellhound
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: Black hair, with red stripes and glowing red eyes. He has claws that are harder than steel, and a pointed, black tail.

Powers: He can travel from shadow to shadow in a matter of seconds, he can summon fireballs, and use darkness to cloud a person's mind.

History: He was the second youngest of his siblings and usually took care of his younger sister. His family was wealthy and owned a mansion, though they rarely payed attention to their children. When he started puberty, he started to grow claws and a pointed, black tail. When his older siblings and parents found out, they told everyone in town. He became a pariah, an outcast, called a demon for his claws and tail.

At the age of the 15, he was found by Beast. He was living in the outskirts of the town he once called home. The kids that were scared of him called him "the Hellhound". Beast took him to Professor Charles Xavier, who taught him how to use his powers for good.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita k20ryosuke said…
Nam is The Key
Powers : He can enter the building anywhere he wants go. His hands are changes a key.
History: When he was ten years old he got a car accident with his parents. In the car which is broken, He couldn’t get outside but this power came to him, and then he got outside from the car. But his parents died.