Eh, it's okay..Sorry it's so short.

I twirled the rose between thumb and index finger, and looked up letting the winds breeze through my shaggy black hair. I heard a flutter of wings behind me and gripped my hands onto the rail to ease the nervousness inside me. I kept one hand on the rail and swiveled around to face Devin, she looked at me with her blue eyes, as they stood out from the surrounding darkness on juu of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I hid the rose behind my back as Devin looked at me curiously, "Whatcha got there?" she said, tilting her head up attempting to see around me. "Nothing, why?" I quickly blocked her view kwa stepping to the side and centering the rose behind my back. Devin smiled and crossed her arms, "Please?" she walk towards me, putting both hands on my chest and leaning up against me. I smiled and looked down at her as she looked up at me, "Fine." I alisema pulling the rose out from behind my back and handed it to her. Devin blushed while covering her mouth, "Fang wewe didn't," I cut her off before she could object it. "Happy one mwezi anniversary Devin, I upendo you." before I could say anything else Devin grabbed my koti, jacket and kissed me, then pulled back and laid her head on my shoulder.  "I upendo wewe too."