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Ravage Part III 7

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Artemis watched as the kid stumbled closer. He appeared dehydrated and exhausted. He kept stumbling toward them until he reached Artemis.

"So you're the great Artemis, huh? I thought wewe acted nice to your guests." the boy alisema after a moment of silence.

Revenge smirked.

Artemis grabbed the kid and tossed him to the ground, pinning him with her foot and her spear. His mask... It was just like Nightwing's... But looks were deceiving. "You've got a sense of humor. That'll do wewe no good in the colony. My name's Artemis all right. How did wewe know?" 

"Nightwing sent me."

"Idiot." Revenge muttered.

"What makes wewe think I have anything to do with the Justice League?" Artemis asked.

"You were Green Arrow's Protege for four years, dated Kid Flash for three. Retired six months ago. Worked on--"

"You've alisema enough." Artemis said. "My turn to ask questions: Who are you?"

"Red Robin." the boy replied, grinning. He leaped up and grabbed Artemis from behind, putting her in a head-lock. "Oh, and if I wanted wewe dead, it would've happened, clear?"

"Clear," Artemis choked out.

Revenge laughed silently. "Bird Boy has promise." he muttered.

Harvey and Jain raised their eyebrows.

"I've never seen anyone give Artemis her head like that." Harvey said, laughing. 

"Shut up! We obviously can't trust him!" Jain replied.

"We can, we can. He's telling the truth. He's Batman's new sidekick."

"Partner." Robin corrected.

"Don't we all say that." Artemis asked.

"Indeed we do." A familiar voice alisema from above her.

Artemis turned to see Cassie floating above her along with Revenge and another guy.

"Cass!" Artemis exclaimed.

Cassie landed and hugged Artemis. Revenge patted her on the shoulder and Artemis turned and hugged him too. Revenge slowly returned the hug uneasily and Artemis backed up, laughing nervously and brushing a strand of hair our of her face.

"Sorry was--"

"It's fine, Artemis. I told them."

"What?" Liam asked. "Are those two dating?"

Robin stepped inayofuata to Liam and looked him over. "Who are you?" he asked.

"That's Liam. He can read anyone's emotions." Cassie said.

"Hnh." Red Robin replied and turned back to Revenge.

"Hey! M'gann can read minds and wewe don't have a problem with that!" Cassie said.

"Emotions are different than thoughts." Robin said, crossing his arms.

"Okay, I'm just getting a head-ache now." Jain said.

Artemis turned back to her friends. "Oh! Jain, Harvey, this is Red Revenge, Red Robin, Wondergirl, and umm... Her friend?"

Revenge and Robin snorted in disbelief. Cassie frowned at them.

"Okay...guys, this is Jain and Harvey."

"Powers?" Robin asked.

"Sleep and Control over taiga related items." Artemis said. 

"Nice to know, we need to get wewe out of here." Revenge said.

"So much for the party conversation." Harvey said.

"Where's the exit?" Artemis asked.

"Where's the exit?" Revenge repeated.

"Yes. Where is it?" Artemis asked again, placing her hands on her hips.

Revenge paused for a moment. "There is no exit."


"Somebody is going to have to blow us out. We need M'gann's help. She can contact Nightwing and he can--"

"How many of wewe came in here after me?" Artemis asked.

"The three of us, Batgirl, Miss Martian, Kid Flash--"

"Wally came in here?!" Artemis demanded. "We are not leaving without him!"

"Me and my big mouth." Revenge muttered, face-palming himself.


"And the ngome was completely destroyed?" Savage asked.

"Yes, Master. Unfortunately as well, the test subject was taken kwa the heroes. We just managed to send the last shipment of girls to the Culling." tarantula reported. 

"Our inside chanzo reports that the Justice League sent their brats to rescue Green Arrow's former protege." Manta said. "We must act quickly while Batman and Superman are still out of touch."

"Agreed." Vandall replied. "Contact our...hired help."

"Already here." Sportsmaster said.

Vandall turned to see Sportsmaster, Deathstroke, and his daughter Ravager standing in the doorway. 

"What do wewe want?" Ravager asked. Her father shushed her.

Vandall smiled. "The young team of Heroes is in the Culling. Take them out.

So commands...the Light."

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 Soul Civvies 1
Soul Civvies 1
Currently I'm obsessed with Soul Eater so here's my new OC R_L helped with the idea

Name: Soul Evans
Alias: Soul Eater
Occupation: Hero, Central High student
Powers: He can eat evil souls hence his alias, he can also turn his arms nto scythe blades. Perceptive in battle as well as having combat skills
History: Raised in a family famous for their high class music, Soul was always trying to keep up with his brother Wes until he learned of his scythe weilding and combat abilities. He used his new found talents as an excuse to leave his old life behind. After leaving his family Soul changed his name...
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OOC: This is a one-shot that me and robinluv14 wrote together. We were really bored so this is kind of insane. Like really insane. It’s really random, and not on the timeline of our other stories au the rest of the wall. Which is why Fin is alive and Delta isn’t a traitor and all that. Well we wrote most of this before the Delta thing. We were just too lazy to finish it and post it.....Well I’m rambling, as usual, so here. Read. If wewe dare.

The sun had set, and gray dusk had overtaken Happy Harbor. Most of the team was piled in the cave, in the lounge, the kitchen, au in their respective...
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Well hello,
ArtemisYJ's RPer here. And I have some things I wanna say. The Young Justice role playing is kind-a....BONKAS.
My character Artemis got pregnant. inayofuata thing I know 3 other people are pregnant. NOT cool. wewe can come up with your own drama. Don't copy other people. Use your own imagination.
Another thing that's not cool is spamming the wall. wewe don't need to post on that ukuta every other hour. I do notice a particular person that posts far to frequently and it gets annoying when the posts are pretty much the same thing over and over and over and over again.
Another thing. Your...
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Okay, I'm having one of those moments again. The kind where I get all depressed about Mercy becoming evil (because I really didn't want her to!) and about how there are WAY to many OC's! Not pointing fingers at anyone, because I'm doing it too, but seriously! If wewe want to make an OC, could wewe PLEASE just write an makala about them first? We need some idea about them first!
That's why I won't be RP-ing at all until I can actually WRITE a story for Casey! I suggest a lot of wewe guys do that, saying that some people don't even put up a bio for their character!
One zaidi point, PLEASE refrain...
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 jembe, beneti costume
Spade costume
Name: Rylan Touya
Alias: Spade
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Agility, acrobatics, ability to manipulate, trained in hand to hand-to-hand combat, flight, trained with a pair of Sais, jinx factor
History: Rylan Touya was born and raised in Japan. Both her parents were of German background, but Rylan's mom married a Japanese man after her husband died; Rylan was three. Rylan's new father was a scientist experimenting with all kinds formulas. When Rylan was five, she discovered her new father was trading and making deals with the villainous Poison Ivy. Rylan tried warning her mother, but was ignored. Three...
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posted by SilverWings13
I realize how crummy my first bio of my OC was, so I've decided to rewrite it.

Occupation: Heroin in training- Team Young Justice
Alter-Ego: Aryess Weston aka Ary
Personality: mature for her age, but often acts like a kid to keep up the good mood; trustworthy though doesn't trust many others; very friendly unless she feels threatened; stubborn.
Age: 14
Description: 5'5"; fair hair; light gray eyes; always wears her angel-charm nacklace; two tojo (one on left shoulder, one on lower back, both hidden from view).
Skills: no super powers, kisu handling, martial arts, mitaani, mtaa fighting, mild acrobatics,...
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