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posted by The_Writer
Symbol of the Knight-


"Recognized, Robin. B-02."

"How did Joker get out of Arkham?! I want to know, now!"

A few younger members of the Team stumbled back in fear as the seventeen mwaka old Boy-Wonder stormed into the Cave. A look of murder on his face.

"Robin, whoah! What is it?"

"Out of my way M'gann! Where's Batman?!"

"Right here." the grizzly voice came. Robin rounded on the Dark Knight. "How did he get out?!"

"That's a good question. Another good swali would be why are wewe so upset?" Batman replied calmly.

"Because he almost killed Batgirl!"

Stunned silence.

"Is she--"

"She's fine, Cassie." Robin sighed. "But what I want to know is why wewe didn't finish him once and for all! Especially after--"

Robin froze. Saying "Jason" risked their identities. Saying "Robin" confused the younger ones, and saying "Red Hood" gave away too much.

"I explained it to wewe before." Batman said. "I know being back in the suit pains you, but you're uigizaji zaidi like him every day!"

"Who?" Cassie whispered.

"The sekunde Robin." Superboy replied. "little violent for a hero. But he was killed kwa the Joker."

"Recognized, Batgirl. B-22."

Barbara walked into the Cave. "Sorry, couldn't find my uniform--" she stopped at the stunned looks of everyone in the Cave. "What? You're uigizaji like wewe saw a ghost."

"But--but--" Robin stumbled over his words. "But you're--"

"But I'm what?" Barbara demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

Robin glanced at Batman and ran towards the zeta-tubes. "Recognized, Robin. B-02."

A moment later, the Boy Wonder was in the BatCave, closely followed kwa Batman and Barbara.

"I'm not following what's going on." Barbara said. "Bru--"

"Hush!" Robins hissed. He slowed as he approached the red-head figure of Batgirl, lying on the operating table, blood coming from her arms and stomach. Alfred was leaning over her with a surgeons mask on.

"Did wewe take off the cowl?!" Robin demanded.

"Of course n-- Good Heavens! Mistress Gordon! What on--How--"

"Let's find out." Robin said. He slipped his fingers under the cowl and slowly pulled it off to reveal the face of--

"Artemis." Robin breathed.

The cowl was fully removed and the fake red hair fell to the ground. The blonde had a contorted look of pain on her face. Robin touched her blood matted hair gently and brushed some strands out of her face.

"Where's Kid Flash?" Robin demanded, turning to his former mentor.

"He's at Little Bohemia in Metropolis with Flash." a new voice said. "Why?"

"This is his girlfriend, Tim. Dressed in Barbara's costume." Robin face-palmed himself. "I am so dead."
posted by MafiaYJ
I am Adrian, one of the few Watchers of your Earth. I was here before the beginning of time. And now i'm going to tell wewe something, no one knows, no human anyway, until now of course. And promise me my dear sweet not tell Babylon our secret. This is the back story on who her mother was, she's been wondering, yes she has.
It started back, way WAY back, in London.The mwaka was 1665, and Halloween was taking its toll on the town. Babylon's mother, whose name I shall not reveal just yet, was a nun in an old Catholic Church. She had gone to visit another church, far out of town. However,...
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posted by HyperKnight9X
This is actually the original version, with a thing au two changed.

Name: Silverbolt

Identity: Kyle Rhodes

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Hero au Villain: Hero

Mentor(s): Batman, Green Arrow (only in archery) and Black Canary.

Powers: His meta-gene grants him a healing factor, while Scion nanotech gives him enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses when he concentrates.

Abilities: Marksman, expert in both armed and unarmed combat, acrobatics including parkour, tactician, stealth, and master archer (in his later years he can moto five arrows faster than thought).

Equipment: Black...
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posted by HyperKnight9X
Name: Silverbolt

Identity: Kyle Rhodes

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Hero au Villain: Hero

Powers: His meta-gene infused with the mysterious energy known only as the Silver Force grants him enhanced strength, reflexes, senses, durability, and advanced healing. His suit also enhances his durability greatly.

Abilities: Swordsmanship, deadly hand-to-hand combatant, skilled in acrobatics and parkour, and tactician.

Weapon: The Silverblade- a single-edged katana-like sword that Kyle can power up with the Silver Force. The blade has two phases- the non-lethal stun mode, and the very lethal...
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added by InfinityYJ
"I'm trying to find a present for Holly, but have no idea—hey!"

"Uh-oh." Barbara said. "No."

"C'mon, Babs!"




"Why not?"

"I'm a fiery red-head, holly is a sexy blonde."

Sam smirked. "You find holly sexy?" he asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Barbara's blue eyes widened. "I mean, wewe see her as—that is to say that from the male perspective—"

Sam nodded in a "go ahead" gesture, but the Gothamite just glared at him.

"Go to hell, Grant."

"Someone's not happy."

Barbara hid her face behind the magazine.
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He has a dark side, a soft side, and a VERY dark side.
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posted by MafiaYJ
Mafia sat on the kitanda of the cave, randomly aiming her daggers at things and throwing them. So maybe the Bat would kill her later for making holes in the walls but eh. She didn't really care.
Amora was in the jikoni stealing all the soda for herself, sitting on a swing that she manifested from the ceiling. Counting and labeling, "Okay...3 Dr. Peppers, 5 Pepsis."
Babylon lived at the cave, so she usually stuck it out in her room, doing god knows what. Most figured she was still trying to cure herself.
Mafia aimed at a plant near the hallway and at Babylon's appearance almost made her hit Babylon...
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posted by Robin_Love
She strummed her guitar, bored out of her mind. Phoebe sat beside her, twirling the microphone in her hand. She groaned.
“Phoebes, we haven't played a knew song in a month! I can't work like this!”
“Sorry Bec, but we can't give up.”
“Sure we can. I know where Batman stores the chocolate. All we have to do is walk away.”
“What are wewe guys doing?” Blade asked, coming into the room.
“We're trying to think of a new song,” Phoebe explained while at the same time, Becca said, “Dieing in misery without chocolate.”
Blade smirked.
“Just re-make a song.”
“Do what now?” Phoebe...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley sat on the center of the meza, jedwali at the Watchtower. Unprofessionally, but no one alisema anything. Surrounded kwa both, the Leaguers and the newest part of the Young Justice Team. Batman addressed her Seriously, "Harley, wewe understand the risks of this? Don't you?" Harley nodded, "right now, i cannot stand it. I mean it. I don't know how wewe do it Batman, but i cannot stay human forever. I just...i cant." Silverwings rolled her eyes at Harley's comment.
Superman sighed, "This is a very dangerous risk Harley, if something were to go wrong..." Harley shook her head, "I took all the information,...
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Static Shock Test


"Sharon! For the last time, I am not eating yo' egg smoothies!"

"Son, eat your breakfast."

"Breakfast?! wewe call this breakfast?" the teen asked, indicating his plate. "I call it a smoothie! And Sharon should've added strawberries! And a glass."

"You know that is exactly how momma used to cook them!"

"Strange. I don't remember having to eat her's with a spoon!"

"Son, just eat. The school bus'll be here any minute."

"Yes, pops." the boy alisema dejectedly.

The strife over breakfast between Sharon and Virgil Hawkins was not uncommon in the Hawkins household. The fifteen mwaka old...
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posted by GambetteYJ
These rules were made and approved kwa Kaldur Ahum and Batman. I am dead serious with these, no mattter how illegitement they may seem.

1) No hacking. Anything. (Robin)

2) No Parties with zaidi than five people from outside the team/League (Wally)

3) No Batman video games (Wally, Robin, Gambette)

4) No making anymore "Gambette's banana, ndizi Flambe"

5) If wewe break rule four, wewe can clean the banana, ndizi off the ceiling this time.

6) No zaidi "Show and Tell" time (Wally)

7) No zaidi demanding Wally taste your chakula before wewe eat it to make sure it isn't poisoned.

8) No coffee for Wally, Robin au Gambette. EDIT:...
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