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posted by khanna266
He had just pulled away from her as she slowly blinked not knowing what to say."Well I guess i'll see wewe later,"Roy alisema and then left the room,just after that BeastBoy entered the room,"Ari! look I just finished my present for you"he alisema giving it to her she pulled the ribbon loose and the box opened as she smiled,she put the box down as she held an ornament with rabbits around it,"Thank wewe Beastboy it's beautiful," Ari then hugged him and he turned into a rabbit himself,"Aw how adorable!"she alisema and petted him,he then hopped away.she was the only one there.*Beep**Beep*the alarm went off she ran to the cave as fast as she could,"What's the problem?"she asked,"I don't know but it looks like someone was messing with the computer"Nightwing anwered,"there fixed"he alisema in relief clapping the dust off his hands."But since your down here ari meet are new member,Daniel."he said,"Hey there"Daniel greeted Ari waved back,"He used to work with joker,so don't onyesha any sign of trust...Yet."Nightwing informed,Ari nodded in agreement.She then left and met Roy again."Oh,Hey Roy I didn't notice wewe out here."she said,"Well I am,So about earlier I'm..."roy tried to finish but Ari interuppted,"It's okay I liked it so does that mean wewe like me?",
she asked,"Of course, I know i don't know too much about you,but what I do know I like."he answered,"thanks"she blushed,"So what about tonight at the park?"Roy asked,"That would be
nice."she agreed,"See wewe then."he then kissed her on the cheek,and left.Ari then went sraight on nyumbani and ran upstairs to her bedroom she then jumped on her kitanda and grinned thinking of the way Roy kissed her earlier about the way he was her first kiss."That Was Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing."she described clearly of the kiss.She then searched and skipped through her closet then found at the back of it her special button. She clicked the button and the ukuta went up she went to an area where she has nice clothes and sparkly t-shirts so she picked a black sparkly button down shati and a white pear of pants she then went to her shoe section and chose some black kujaa with small red rose designs to the side.she put them on her kitanda for later.She took a whiff of her arm and turned
her head away quickly."I'm gonna need a shower,"she thought aloud so she went down the hall with two towels and a brush.She then went in the bathroom and took a nice hot shower.She couldn't forget about her kiss with
Roy so she kept smiling.As soon as she got out of the kuoga she wrapped her first towel
around her hair and the sekunde one around her bodyshe decided not to brush her hair until she got to her room so she grabbed the brush and left then right in front of her door she saw Daniel,"Not to be rude au anything but why are wewe here?"Ari asked him,"Batman alisema I could stay here since my dad is gone for the inayofuata two months,so I bet wewe want me to songesha outta the way au can I go in with you?"Daniel replied in an annoying way,"Dick!This guy is bothering me!"Ari yelled to Dick,"I'm doing something so deal with it yourself!"he yelled from his room which was right across from hers"Oh so your in your room."she alisema Sarcastically angry in her normal voice,Daniel then decided to leave so she went in her room and got into her clothes.
After she got in her clothes she decided to go across the hall and knocked on Dicks door.
"I told wewe I'm busy."he said,"Is it something to where I can't come in because if it is I'll go tell Batman."She threatened him he opened the door,"Come in."he alisema so she walked in,"Dang this room is messy I hope what wewe were doing was cleaning."she alisema sarcastically,"No,I was trying to find something"he replied,"Was it this?"She asks picking up a book on how to understand girls laughing,"Uh i'm holding onto this for a friend"he alisema nervously,
"Yeah right anyways do wewe think I should wear my hair up au down?"she asked,"For what?"He asks,"uh,th,the park?"she alisema nervously,"Down,and tell Roy i alisema Hi"He alisema as she left.So she left her hair down but was mad at Dick.She went down the stairs reaching for the door when,"Where do wewe think your going young lady?"Bruce asked in a stern deep voice,"Please let me go I've got my first tarehe and I reallly like him."she begged,"Okay,now what is this boy like?"Bruce asked firmly,"It's Roy Harper dad,how bad could he be?"she asked him his face went white and in shock,"Go back to your room."He demanded,so she ran upstairs in tears,she slammed her door and locked it then jumped onto her bed,"what is it he has against Roy I know he was made in cadmus but we can trust him now."she asked crying then she stopped and wiped her tears when she saw her window,"It's good I got this bedroom,"She alisema and climbed out the window and ran to the park as fast as she could."Sorry i'm late it took forever for my dad to finish lecturing me"Ari told Roy,"That's alright I should've known he wouldn't trust me."He forgave her,"Thanks so
what did wewe have planned?"she asked,"Well,I
thought we could just walk around,talk,probably grab an icecream cone"he
repllied,"that sounds fun"Ari replied so they started to walk around and talk,"So what is it that your trying to get a degree in,in college?"
Roy asked,"Medical doctor."Ari replied,"That
sounds helpful so does that mean wewe like
lending a hand to people who really need it?"
he asked,"yeah,I've always had a upendo for wanyama and i'm a big people person."she anwered,they continued to talk and after a while they alisema goodbye and had a nice long ten sekunde kiss."Well bye"she alisema then left.

Read my inayofuata makala to find out what happens next.
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 Costume! :D
Costume! :D
Name: Candice Light.

Alias: None/Her name. :)

Nickname: Candy.. :D

Appearance: Candice has long blonde hair, usually up in a ponytail au pig-tails((OMG!! SHE'S BLONDE!! OMG I might change it.. :/)) Her eyes are blueish green.

Age: 15 and a-quarter.

Civies:: Usually a green shati and a light pink skirt. She wears her hair down with a clip in it!

Costume: A cheer-leading outfit! :D

Personality: She's a really preppy girl, she's super girly and used to attention! She is a man stealer, she hits on every guy no matter what, even if he's not single! She freaks out over bugs, spiders, stupid things. She...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Corri-Human Illusion
Corri-Human Illusion
As promised.

Name: Corri
Alias: Bruno
Occupation: Vigilante
Powers: Corri is a master of a illusions. He knows a few carnival magic tricks and uses them in different ways. Corri can also control any personal, real, au inner form of darkness. He can transport people to world he created. If he's mad enough, Corri turns into a Hell hound.
History Corri is the last of his kind; a shadow human. He has the looks of a normal human, but is like a shadow, minus his golden eyes. He had come to Earth through mysterious circumstances. It is unknown hos he survived the time from infant to six. It was when he...
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posted by Robin_Love
She heard a crash, a loud one. She groaned and pulled the covers over her head. But when the computer announced Batman's arrival, she jumped out of kitanda and into the closet. We didn't have training today. Were we supposed to get a mission? She stepped out of her room, ready for action, like most of the others who had slept in on their siku off. Blade yawned before heading into the mission room. She saw not only Batman, but also Zatanna, and a few other JLA members. Okay. Not a mission.
“Devin's gone missing,” A voice whispered in her ear.
She would have reacted, but she knew that voice too...
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posted by Robin_Love
Her footsteps pounded on the ground. She heard him behind her and kept going. Don't look back. He'll take you. She's close by. Keep going. Don't look back! The voice echoed in her head, spurring her on. She wouldn't loose to him. Not now. She had come far in a few hours. Her powers were stable. Her abilities were strong.
The shadows had taught her. This host is perfect. Everything I need. The voice spoke again, eyes shinning bright red. She panted, running still. His steps started to fade behind her. She slowed a little and tripped. She got up and pulled out her weapon.
“Come out monster!...
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There is a three mwaka time jump between Season 2 and the Arrowette Series. A few things have happened...

Darkseid invaded Earth and was repelled, but Batman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan, and Flash were killed (Batman unbeknownst to the public) during the invasion forcing Wally and Dick to fill the respected roles of their mentors. One mwaka later, Barbara Gordon was paralyzed and forced to leave the cowl of Batgirl behind and become Oracle. Stephanie Brown took her place.

Red Robin, leader of the Teen Titans (That's right, I changed their names) is still Tim drake (There will be NO Damian Wayne). Aqualad...
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posted by Mclovin_69
moto was shot and burned a mti to the ground, Bentley looked at the burnt mti and glared looking back at the source, " violence is never the answer Sable!! hasnt uncle ever taught wewe that!! " Bentley shouted, Sables hands glowed blue with moto and she grinned evily, " i dont listen to others i only listen to myself Bent " she alisema evily. Bentley glared with his swords in his hands, " has'nt anyone ever taught wewe anything.... " he said. Sable grew angry " im done with the talking!! " she shouted shooting her moto towards Bentley, Bentley put his swords infront of him in an x formation being...
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posted by Skittles98
Kurt pulled the gauze out and gingerly wrapped it around my wound. I bit my lip as pain shot through my arm.
"Why did they want you?" Wanda asked
"I was bait. Bait for a certain father that never cared for me" I spat. Laura, Wanda and Laurna all snarled in unison.
"You misunderstand, mon Cheri. I do care for my daughter" Remy said, coming up to us.
"Gambit" I snarled
"Bon soir, mon ami" he grinned. I slapped him across the face.
"You're the reason I'm in this mess in the first place!" I shrieked
“And I am sorry wewe had to get involved with our family rivalry” he said
“No you’re not. You’re...
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posted by SilverWingsYJ
SilverWings tried to ignore it the first two times. She had finally gotten to sleep only to be awoken what felt like ten dakika later. She sighed as her ringtone, Whistle kwa Flo Rida, rang a third time. She didn't want to wake the others with the ongoing tone.
Silver fumbled for along the dresser for a moment before her hand struck the cell. She flipped it open and held it to her ear, her head still resting on the pillow.
"Hello," she alisema grogily.
"Nic," Silver sat straight up, fully awake now."What's wrong?"
"Don't hate me, but I need your help."
"Why would I possibly hate wewe for waking...
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