Yeah, I wrote part of this at 2 AM. Sue me. :P

"Hit the deck!"

The 4 teens leap behind a fallen mti as the ukuta of the factory blew apart to smithereens. Rubble flies all over, but as the dust clears, the group dash into the newly created entrance and head for the nearest flight of stairs.


Peering through the leaves of the bush, Richi could see a part of the factory's large amount of security patrolling around the perimeter. Watchtowers with spotlights circled around the darkness surrounding the factory, and the beeps of sentries echoed into the blonde's ears.

"What, is this the national treasury?" muttered Richi to himself. Richi turned to the group's new companion, and sighed. "And take off the disguise, Cain." Cain glanced over at Richi and sighed before pulling out a small phone. Curious, Valeriya risked a peek over Cain's shoulder before a flash of bright light emitted from the screen and blinded her. Scotch hopped down from the mti branch she was scouting from and looked at Cain once more.

He had a completely new appearance, down to the color of his clothes. Cain sported dull blonde-grey hair which curled slightly at the ends. A very light blue collared shati and black jeans replaced the cloak, and white shoes were on his feet. Mischievous eyes locked onto the devil blonde, but a smirk lay on his face.

"About time, yeesh." Richi muttered, then made to continue scouting the factory. Scotch tapped his shoulder as he turned, and instead he stopped to look at her. "Yeah?"

Scotch looked down at the ground slightly before speaking. "Um.... How do wewe two know each other?"

Richi and Cain glanced at each other and then sighed. " I guess we can take a break." Richi stated, then sat down on the ground, motioning the others to do the same.

"I haven't been completely honest with my past to wewe two, au anyone for that matter." he began. "I know Cain because I met him when I had lived Up Above for those ten years. This guy here," Richi alisema as he gestured to Cain, " was the first friend I ever had before I had run from Heaven."