I'm so stupid why in the hell did I when into that damn building. My sorry Jaivus. This is all my fault.
Back in the Infirmary
"Here drink this." Devin said, handing Ashley a small glass at which the blue haired collected it.
"Your sister alisema wewe need a lot of water if wewe wanna get back to your full strength." Devin told her, with a smile
"Why aren't wewe healing Jaivus?" Ashley asked, bluntly.
"Well I do have an explanation for that. wewe see Ashley when wewe two were brought Jaivus flat lined your sister and i were focus on getting his moyo beating again. When we manage to do that we decided to start healing his burns," She paused, "but then his lungs started to collapsed so we had to focus on that. In the end we only manage to do that but don't get to heal the burns. It took a lot out of me and your sister to get a moyo and a pair of lungs running again. We got to remove some of the burnt flesh then placed him in the chamber we'll begin again very soon." She finished her explanation.
"How soon?" Ashley asked
"Now." Kaya alisema walking up the the bed, "I'm ready." She told Devin
"OK then I guess we should get started." Devin replied. The Angel and the princess both approached the chamber both ready to begin. The started healing as Ashley watched.

As time passed Ashley grew anxious and found herself heading outside the cave. She came among the trees that were a few distances away from the beach. She sat near a mti facing the sea she looked out at the ocean the moon's bright light sparkled like diamonds on the water. The waves songesha like soft melodies, the autumn sea breeze flow through her hair with a trickling sensation. Ashley inhale the cool air then hugged her knees placing her chin on then. All of a sudden a stream of tear gushed out of her eyes she didn't try to stop it. She sobbed and kept repeating in her head ' I'm so stupid why in the hell did I go into that damn building. I'm sorry Jaivus. This is all my fault.'
"Ashley." A concerned voice alisema from behind. Ashley quickly wiped away the tears turning to the voice. To her surprise it was Jaivus looking at her with a worried expression. "Are wewe ok?" he asked, walking up to her. She nodded as tears flow down her cheek,
"I'm sorry i was being stupid..." Ashley alisema and continued to repeat the same thing to him. Jaivus tried to tell her that he understood but she didn't stop apologizing. He sighed and out of the blue found himself grabbing the back of her head and pressing his lips on hers. Ashley eyes widen but she slowly closed them melting into the kiss.

"Now there's something wewe see everyday." A Female voice alisema from behind them. They parted turning to Kaya. "I don't want an explanation just go back to the infirmary to rest. Before one of wewe collapse ." She told them then turned and walked away.