I didn't go over it so there may be a million typos... But I hope wewe enjoy it anyway!

The fog was thick enough to classify as a solid. It was impossible to tell what time of siku it was, as the thick haze blocked out the expanse of sky. It was near impossible to see one’s hand in front of his face, nonetheless the target he sought.
Though the spotlight at the nose of the U-boat did nothing to cut through the barrier of mist, Alek managed to find the island. There was an undeniable instinct that pulled him toward the landmass, an inner compass with a set destination.
The boy pulled as close as he could to the rocks, then strapped on his kuunganisha and stepped onto the rocks. He kicked the raft, slab away, into the ocean, and turned his back before it disappeared right before his eyes into the fog. He was tired of watching things disappear.
Alek pulled the white masquerade mask over his eyes. Quickly as his battered boots and greased gloves would allow, he scaled the algae covered boulders.

It had taken the tech-savvy maestro to infiltrate the facility. No sooner had he disabled the basement door was he scurrying silently through the grid-work of catwalks. It should have occurred to him how eerily deserted the building felt.
Alek had blamed the lack of guards on carelessness. What crazy person would break into a research center that held no record of existing? It was only when the catwalk shuttered did Alek become aware if just how unalone he really was.
He slowed his steps, quieted his breaths, then drew his rod. The blast of energy propelled him upward as a throat-rattled scream erupted beneath the grid.
Alek braced his feet against the railings, his rod gripped between his fingers buzzing in response to its master’s adrenaline.
“I know wewe are here!” Alek called. “I heard your scream!” The boy nearly Lost his balance as a deep chuckle resonated throughout the chamber.
“I heard your scream,” the voice mocked. It was raspy as the chill air, dark as its intentions. “I used to hear your screams. I listened to all the screams, the screeching, the crying.”
Alek struggled to pinpoint the location of the source. It was too dim to really see much, and the words echoed off the walls and ceilings and web of catwalks. He was too wary of getting down from the railing, lest he be attacked from below again.
“I listened to the prayers for death, the sobs of fear. Every single night.” The ast word was whispered right in Alek’s ear. As he whirled around to face it’s owner, buxxing rod in hand, a solid blow knocked him from his perch.
Alek toppled sideways and missed his footing. For a mgawanyiko, baidisha sekunde the air was rushing past him, then it was knocked out of him when he collided with another platform. The teenager thrust up his arm, a beam of energy bursting mbele from his palm. His shot was wild; it collided with the catwalk he had fallen from and burned a hole through the metal.
But for a mgawanyiko, baidisha moment, the light blue’s dim light cast enough of a glow for a figure to be spotted scurrying upward. It was thick and spiny, as if its back were covered in thorns.
“That’s a knew trick,” the voice hissed. “Did wewe learn it from your new friends?”
Alek raced his hands against the grate and flipped backwards to his feet. He raised his right hand and shot several zaidi wild shots into the dark. “Show yourself, coward,” he breathed in a huff of breath. It was only when he lowered his hands did he realize he had dropped his rod in the fall.
“Coward? I’m disappointed. We used to be so close,” then it added, “Maybe not as close as wewe in Whisper, but buddies none-the-less.
Alek felt his blood run cold. His eyes had just picked out the gleam of metal that was his staff, but it was suddenly difficult to concentrate on his task.
“Oh, my bad. I didn’t mean to tear open such a bloody wound.” A murmer in his ear. “Did it hurt, Aleksander, seeing her die?”
This time when he turned, his fist collided with soft tissue and he was rewarded with a surprised grunt. Alek raised his glowing palm and his fear was confirmed.
Standing before him was someone he never though he would ever encounter again. The dark-skinned boy reached up one of his four hands to wipe away the blood trickling from his lip.
“Gosh, man, you’ve really gotten strong,” his old ally observed. It was only once he opened his mouth in a malicious grin of bloody teeth, did Alek feel his brain start again.
He leapt over the railing and landed on the platform just below, He scooped up his staff just as the advisarey dropped down from above.
Alek raised his weapon and lashed out. The pole swung through empty and he was rewarded a sekunde later with a solid ngumi, punch to the gut. Alek doubled over with a wheeze.
“You know Aleksander, wewe were a cute kid,” Bugger went on as he shook his bottom left hand. :But there was always something that I despised about you, and I think wewe know what I’m talking about.”
“Enlighten me.” Alek thrust the end of his rod into the older, stronger man’s stomach. He immediately brought up the weapon and swung it right into Bugger’s skull. When he stumbled back, Alek was able to clearly see the spikes protruding from lettermen jacket. They were longer than Alek remembered, darker as if made with some sort of metal, rather than bone.
“Admiring the upgrades?” Bugger inquired proudly. Alek ducked as the other male swung at his face. He had little time to react as a thick wrapped around his neck, encasing him in a headlock.
“There, there,” Bugger crooned when Alek gagged for a breath. “Let me talk, then I’ll end your suffering for good. Knyaz Aleksander and Printsessa Whisper,” he chuckled drily at his own words. “That’s what everyone called you, remember? The prince of the test subjects. Back then wewe earned that title for your unkempt demeanor, as if wewe both were the bravest of soldiers. It was only later that I learned how fitting that title really was.
“Dr. Aleksander Felis, the first. The ruler of our division of freaks. He tried to be a kind tyrant, I’m sure, especially to his little mutant son. But in the end they’re all the same. You’re being very rude!”
Bugger kneed his captive in the ribs and dropped him. Alek tried to crawl forward, toward the staff laying just out of reach, but a heavy boot on his back stopped him.
“I had a speech prepared and everything, but know I’m thinking I should just kill you. OF course... that wouldn’t solve very much, now would it?” he turned his head, grinding his foot into Alek’s spine carelessly, considering. “Tsar Aleksander, our king, and his prince and princess... wewe are the last of the leaders of our origins. But there are others, aren’t there? There’s a the mbwa mwitu girl, Czarina Vika. And... Who’s that pretty brunette? Printsessa Tally? Terra?”
Alek mumbled under his breath. “What was that?” Bugger lowered his head to hear better. Just then did Alek’s energy field reach the staff and it flew to his hand. He whisked it up and smashed it into his afflictant’s face.
The weight disappeared from his back and the boy pulled himself to his feet. He swung his staff at the menace again and again until he crumbled to the ground.
Alek leaned close to the fallen man and whispered, “A prince does not bow to scum.” A bloodied hand grabbed his arm and Alek met the cold, angry eyes of his former ally. Alek saw only hatred, only the thirst for blood and the lust for vengeance. It was in that moment he knew Bugger had been driven too far.
Without much effort, he pried the fallen man’s hand from his arm and straightened. He turned his back and made it all the way to the cement platform leading to a heavy metal door before Bugger mustered the energy to shout at him, “You’ll never find him, Felis. That man wewe thought cared so much for wewe and that little blue haired girl has let wewe down. He let us all down.” He paused to take a breath. “Soon, I will come and finish off the rulers.”
Alek turned and met those wild eyes with a level stare. He raised his hand and fired a single beam. The energy hit the place Bugger lay and the entire catwalk collapsed. He then turned and exited the dark chamber.