Martina blinded a few times before she was able to full open her eyes, her head was pounding from the mind-blast. She sat up, as she did she felt a paining sensation in her waist she grabbed hold on it noticing a slit and blood. She looked around but Nate was no where in sight. She stood up wavering a little then made her way down the mountain to the cave.

As she approached the cave her entire body ached zaidi so did the slit on her waist, she continued to waver until she enter the cave. She fell to her knee from exhaustion Superboy noticed the zumaridi, zamaradi haired and rush to her shouting out her name.

"What happened?" Superboy inquired.

"A blonde Jaivus happened." She responded.

"You saying Jaivus did this to you?" he asked. She nodded then Superboy helped her up and took her to the infirmary. He left her in the kind of Koda since Rene wasn't there and took off to get Guardian and Frostbite (Akash and Kaya).
Koda finished up the wound as Superboy walked in with Frostbite and Guardain.

"What happen to you?" Frostbite asked laughing a bit.

"Shout up," Martina alisema harshly, "it was Jaivus."

"Alright let's hear it." Frostbite alisema sighing. After Martina relayed the events Frostbite was still in disbelieve Martina clinched her teeth and yelled at her,

"DAMN IT KAYA ADMIT YOUR FAILURE wewe CAN'T TURN THAT DISGUSTING CREATURE INTO SOMETHING WORTHY...." She was silence with a slap from Frostbite. Akash pulled Kaya away from her and Koda kept a tight grip on Martina.

"Koda didn't Rene say she was going to help wewe with something after the double with Zack, Ashley and Jaivus?"

"She saa ago." Koda replied

"If this Blonde Jaivus attacked Martina and kidnapped Nate would he attack Ashley?" Superboy questioned.

"Yeah..." Koda continued talking but Frostbite was listening to him but her attention was on Martina who looked at the Koda with a dull expression. She knitted her brows staring at the green-haired and within sekunde Frostbite was grabbing hold of Martina's clothes.

"Nice try." Frostbite whispered

"What's gotten in to yo..." Martina was headbutted kwa Kaya. The boys directed there attention at the girls when Martina body fell to the floor.

"She's being controlled kwa the Beetle that attacked her."

"How'd wewe know that?" Akash asked. Frostbite kneed turned Martina's body to her back and remove the hair from her neck revealing the beetle.
Frostbite stood up, "Queen Beelte kidnapped Nate and the others..."
"But how."
"Because I give her premission." Frostbite replied bluntly.
Rene opened her eyes to darkness, she's chained up as she can feel. She hears movement and calls out to her surprise Zack answered. Lights are switched on the both narrowed their eyes allowing it to adjust.
"Hello there I am Alanna the Queen Beelte and wewe must be Marafiki of the snowflake I presume." Alanna alisema sitting in a chair in front of the two with Lelisa at her side.