His eyes snapped open and he looked around. He was sitting in the same mti he had come to hours ago. He pulled his shati away from his body, only now noticing how it stuck to him with a cold sweat. He shivered and ran a hand over his eyes.
“I haven't thought of that in years.”
He looked up to the darkening sky and sighed. The memory itself was dear to him, but he could still feel the pain of that siku as fresh as if it was happening now. The words from long zamani played in his mind and he looked at the simple wedding band on his finger. Doubts flooded his mind as memory after memory drowned out all reason. He jumped down and spread his wings, soaring up high into the air. He hovered for a dakika before folding in his wings and let himself fall. The earth came closer and closer and his eyes shut tightly. At the last possible second, his wings snapped open, feathers falling. He flew above the ground for miles before he landed on a tall tree. His wings folded behind him.
“The only way to get rid of bad memories. Just as he taught me.”
His mind floated away to another distant memory, but before it fully captured him, he shook his head. He took off into the air again, this time heading into the clouds. He hadn't thought back to his past in years. Most of the time, they just stayed in their organized files in his head. But they had been coming out lately. It had happened yesterday with Jackson. They had teamed up to put Jason to kitanda and then collapsed on the couch. In the playful yet close bond they shared, Dylan had strewn his body on juu of his friend's while Jackson scratched behind his ears; he had a strange obsession to the boy's purrs. It had been quiet and peaceful until the memory of a painful siku came to him. He still remembered it, clear as day..
The winter breeze blew his hair into his eyes. He sat in the snow, watching the other children playing snowball fights au making snowmen au snow forts. He pulled his knees to his chest to keep warm. His tail and ears drooped as he watched the others. A small girl with blonde hair caught his eye and she smiled. His face turned red and he looked away. She ran up to him, holding out her hand shyly.
“Would wewe like to come play with me?”
His eyes widened to the size of saucers and his ears perked up. She wanted him to play with her? He reached his hand up, but then it was pushed away.
“You don't want to play with him, Carrie. Look at him! He might have fleas au some other animal disease!”
The girl who had once been friendly suddenly ran off.
The boy followed after her. With a disheartening sigh, Dylan stood up. He was quickly knocked down as he was pelted with snowballs. He got up once again and ran. He didn't look to where he was going but he ran. No one bothered to follow but he didn't stop. He didn't stop until his legs were weak and he fell face-first into the snow.

Little Dyl~