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posted by GlitterPuff
January 1995

It was December break, and snow was everywhere. The park was covered in a thick sheet of fluffy porcelain. It looked like a fairy tale, especially with the large castle-like igloos. The streets, however, were a different story. The cars drove through the slushy snow and the porcelain, tiled turned a nasty grayish color, the pollution discoloring it. The two kids preferred the fairy tale.

They played around in the snow, throwing snowballs and making snow angels.

They eventually overtook one of the igloos, and hid inside for quite some time; hiding from their parents. They sat at the very back of the igloo, watching the entrance for one of the parents to enter. There was a small pile of snowballs between the two of them, prepared to attack intruders.

“Do wewe think we have enough snowballs?” The little red head asked.

“We might. Should we make more?” Rene nodded, packing up snow from underneath her. Jake did the same, except her took it and threw it at her.

The red head stared blankly at the wall, spitting out snow. Quickly, she took hers and smashed it in his face. This just resulted in Jake’s laughter echoing in the small igloo.

So, the two of them began a snowball fight inside their little igloo. The snow flew around, hitting them left and right. Until Rene fell over, and knocked out a few blocks at the bottom.

Jake flung himself towards her, embracing his body around her before the snow could fall on juu of him.

There was quite a layer on juu of them. Enough for them to be trapped underneath. Jake could hear the parents’ squeaky steps quickening and rushing over to them. He opened his eyes and looked down, not really able to make out the girl he held onto tightly.

“Are wewe okay?” She whispered to him, which sort of shocked him, not expecting her to ask that question.

“Yeah, I’m fine. wewe need to be zaidi careful.”

“You started it.” He rolled his eyes.


“Ha, wewe admit it,” she began. “Means I win.”

"You always seem to," he laughed quietly. Jake could feel Rene's head songesha as they heard the snow songesha above them. Both squinted their eyes as the light seeped in and the parents looked down at them in relief.

“You two gave us a moyo attack!” The red heads mom confessed.

“I think it’s enough snow for today,” Jake’s replied, with a nod from the other mother. The mom’s pulled out Jake, who was clinging onto Rene to much they were able to pull her out at the same time.

“Well this stinks,” Rene alisema gloomily, “We never got to snowball any intruders.”
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
A mwezi passed since Scotty's "attack" and rescue.

Alex sat on the arm of her couch, slowly stitching up a pair of pants, humming happily as her husband slept on the couch. At the sound of her phone ringing she quickly reached out and silenced it, setting down her current project. She didn't bother to look at the number, walking into the room and answering with an annoyed hello. "I need wewe to come to me." He brother spoke, sounds of machines beeping behind him. "Why..?" She replied in a heavily confused matter, pacing from the kitanda to look out the window. "I have something wewe may want to see....
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posted by SilverWings13
Part 1: link

Nov 27, 1927 11:45 pm
New Orleans, Louisiana
A French Quarter dance club

Yakov stared at the other men a moment, dark eyes dancing between the Russian boy, the nervous mayor, and the intoxicated teenagers. It had been three days since the last new moon. Alexie guessed this was the first time Yakov had planned to feed since then-- that was his hope, anyway. As if kwa fate, the girl closest to Yakov suddenly fell into him, giggling breathlessly. She looked up at the man quizzically, as if realizing he had joined them for the first time. The girl was around 18, and the older man was considerably...
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November 27, 1927 11:30 pm
New Orleans, Louisiana
A French Quarter dance club

From the sekunde story balcony, the view of the club was overwhelming. The crowd was a whirling mass. The flappers and their dates spun and slid and swung their bodies freely, many flirtatiously so as the medium of dancing allowed their souls to fly free.
"You don't like to dance?"
Alexie looked up and to his right where a potbellied, white haired man in an excellent suit and tie took a puff from his cigar. The young man straightened, taking a draw of his own cigarette before calling over the music, "I prefer the view...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Alex sat on the bed, letting her injured wing hand off the side, mindlessly rubbing her arms as she listened to her husband chatter away but not processing anything he said. "Alex?" The blonde shifted her eyes when her name was said. "Sorry, Jack.." She attempted to give him a reassuring smile but it ended in failure as her bottom lip quivered. "I just.. could've-" He cut her off, sitting beside her. "You done what wewe could. No one could ask anything more." He reached up and gently rubbed the juu of her head before hugging her close. "You will never be anything your brother, even at your worst."...
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posted by Eclipse-YJ
I found this large chart about character descriptions and I have been wanted to fill it out for ages. This is gonna end up in 5 parts I think but if wewe want to dive in deep into your co's the chart is here: link

-Character's Full Name: Pandora Elizabeth Diana Ruby Rouge-Spade
-Reason au meaning of name: Pandora is her birth name but she changed it after discovering how her family died Elizabeth was her sister, Diana was her mother and Ruby was her birth middle name.

-Nickname: Phoebe
-Reason for nickname: Zero was her first friend, he told her of the rarity of her name so she became worried about...
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posted by Robin_Love

If wewe want to listen

She stood still, her back straight as a rod. The sword in her hand was gripped tight, her knuckles white.
The cut on her cheek stung, but she grit her teeth and looked at her opponent. He was just as calm as she was on the outside, but both were tactical storms underneath, debating their inayofuata move. She blinked, and suddenly was back to years earlier.

You fascinated me
Cloaked in shadows and secrecy
The beauty of a broken angel

I ventured carefully
Afraid of what wewe thought I'd be
But pretty soon I was entangled

You take me kwa the hand...
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I heard this and it reminded me of my girl Ocs. So I wanted to post it.
young justice oc
posted by XxKFforeverXx
I decided that I needed a break from the intensity of Uncertain Death.. so I wrote a bit of fluff <3 I'll have zaidi up after I write a bit zaidi chapters

Fang awoke to sound of a child crying, turning to meet eyes with his wife. "I just fed him and changed him.." She sighed and Fang nodded, slowly sitting up. "I got him, go back to sleep." He smiled and leaned down to kiss her head before sliding out of bed. He stepped onto the cold hardwood floor and pulled on his shirt, sighing out as he left the room. Within a few sekunde Fang was in the newborns room, walking over to the crib, kitanda cha mtoto mchanga and grabbing...
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posted by SilverWings13
This is based off an RP with RL's characters, but I just wanted to write soemthing on these two characters that get too oftenly drawn and too rarely written. Just a heads up: there's a tiiiiny mention of rape, but nothing explicit au graphic.

The cold wind whistled through the frozen forest. Most every other sound was muffled kwa the snow: weak branches falling, brave rodents hopping over the white blanket. Bigger wanyama were prowling the forest as well. The Siberian could hear it all, accustomed to the world of white like the one where he had been born.
After an saa of sprinting, the man gave...
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