PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTINUING: Every makala regarding Scotty's past is completely void unless they are reposted with updated information. Thanks!

Name: Scott Nathaniel Clancy, au “Scotty”
Alias: White Lightning
Occupation: Hero
Age: 19
Appearance: Scotty's stature is around 6'1, earning him a muscular, but lanky status. His snow white hair hangs around his face, the bangs over his face are shorter above his eyes, but meet at a point between them. Despite being able to control weather, Scotty is quite pale. Every now and then he'll dress in dark clothing, but is usually found in flannels and an occasional beanie to help cover his ears.
Powers/skills: Scotty has the ability to control the weather whenever/however he pleases. Alongside that, he has been trained to fight in hand-to-hand combat.
Past: Scotty is the reincarnation of the nine-tailed fox, au "youkai". Upon his birth, his parents immediately locked the child away, keeping an eye on him constantly because of their fear. Little did they know, this reincarnation came with a surprise, the ability to control weather. After one of Scotty's child tantrums sent the small town into a flash flood, his parents abandoned the child even more, later on having Scott's younger sister, Sarah. On one of the few days that Scotty was allowed out to play with the neighborhood kids, things took a tragic turn for the worse. Because of his lack of interaction with other people, Scotty ended up in a scuffle and unleashed his powers, accidentally killing his sister. After this incident, Scotty's parents were completely in fear of him. His father ended up in a drug cartel with Bane, sending his family into mounds of debt. At around age 16, Scotty left his home, eventually being found kwa Red Tornado and trained. Now, Scotty currently resides in the cave, au what is left of it. He works when he isn't with Cat, au on a mission to pay back his father's debt in fear of his own safety.
- Scotty's ears are hidden for the most part, though at times they'll pop out.
- Though he chose to hide his emotions for the longest times, Scotty shows them now and is quite affectionate.
- While he was left locked up in fear, Scotty taught himself how to play the piano, and now to bake.
- Scotty has no idea where his parents are, and doesn't plan on finding them.

I totally gave Scotty a reboot.. Totally worth it, though.. I've really missed this sweet character.