Name: Shane Parker
Alias: Psio
Age: 19.
Appearance: Shaggy, yet straight blonde hair that hangs around his face. He has piercing green eyes and a lower lip piercing that he fools with constantly. He's 5'11 and lanky, with a bit of muscles around his arms. Shane wears clothing that isn't black, nor skin tight. Loose fitting shirts and jeans with converse.
Powers/skill: Shane has a very strong telepathic mind, and is able to locate people mentally, however only if he has made contact with them in the past 36 hours. He also possess psychometry, which is the ability to learn about that object, whether it be past au future. Because his parents were renowned Cadmus scientists, he has wings, which take appearance to a hawks.
Past: Shane was born in a large family, an older brother and sister, and a pair of twins a few years younger than him. He was the only one experimented on because of his telepathic abilities that were developed at a young age.Shane had wings grafted onto him when he was seven, and still isn't as skilled as the other avian hybrids. At 15, Shane's parents were pronounced dead in their bedroom one morning, the belief that they were murdered out of cold blood because he would no longer cooperate with Cadmus. The teen has since traveled back in time because of a deal made kwa Cadmus, that they wouldn't kill any zaidi of his family, if he would complete certain "tasks".
Other: Shane is very friendly and can strike up a conversation anywhere at anytime. He is very protective over is family, au any relationship for that matter.