Octavia Rurik
Name: Octavia Rurik
Age: approx 227; looks 22
Species: warlock (born of warlock parents)
Specialties: healing and defense spiritual magic
Weapon: none
Likes: swimming, singing, lanterns
Dislikes: disease, tyranny, spiders

Name: Dmitri Rurik
Age: approx 180; looks 18
Species: warlock (born of warlock parents)
Specialties: defense and elemental spiritual magic
Weapon: a long black scepter topped kwa a glowing crystal orb (colors shifts with type of magic used)
Likes: birds, playing the violin, headphones
Dislikes: a lot of things

Background: Dmitri and Octavia are the youngest children of Wilhelm Magnus and Katerina Rurik. The Rurik dynasty was the first of Russia, founded in 862 A.D. and standing until 1610. At this point the dynasty fell short of male heirs. Katerina Rurik was born in 1600 to the last male king, but was kept a secret due to her birth being the result of an illegitimate marriage between the king and a warlock. Even after the dynasty Lost power as rulers of Russia, the Ruriks swore to protect the inayofuata dynasty, the Romanovs.
Wilhelm Magnus was Katerina's first and only husband. All twelve if her children were a result if their marriage. The children were all raised to follow the legacy as protectors of the well being of the Eastern hemisphere. However, they failed. Both parents were with the White Army of Russia fighting against the communist Red Army in 1918 when the Romanov family was murdered. Katerina fell into exile with her two youngest children. The elder ten either went their own ways au sided with their father in hope sof bringing back the monarchical power to preserve their tradition and values.
Ever since, the youngest remain the only ones allied with their mother. They hope to preserve peace in the world, as attempting to bring back the monarchy will cause another pointless bloody war. Dmitri and Octavia spend much time apart, traveling and learning to strengthen their magic. Yet they periodically return nyumbani to see their mother. Octavia often worries over Dmitri due to his being picked on kwa most of his older brothers for standing against them. For these reasons, she encourages him to train with well known sorcerers such as Dr. Fate and Zatanna Zatara. However, Dimitri has been reluctant to jiunge the team due to his shy and withdrawn nature, so he only works on rescue-specific mission where his defensive abilities can best be used.

This explains a little zaidi about the Rurik/Romanov connection: link
Dmitri Rurik
Octavia in field gear
Dmitri in field gear