Jessie Bennett
Name: Jessie Bennett
Alias: None
Powers: Healing, combat
Occupation: Doctor
Weakness/Limits: Unknown
History: Jessie Bennett came from a long line of pure-blood healers. Her race is unknown, despite how human she looks. Her aliyopewa name has been forgotten. She came to Earth much like the Man of Steel. But she was found kwa a traveling caravan in an Arabian desert. She grew up among them and immediately took a fondness to medicine. kwa accident, she found out her inhuman abilities when she was five. Almost immediately, she was sent away, to America. She spent almost a mwaka in a facility, learning English. She was then put into an adoption agency. Jessie was adopted within six months and once again moved. She ended up with a young couple, the mother three months pregnant with a boy. When she turned fifteen, Jessie volunteered to help in a care center for animals. She worked along side the vet, who treated the wanyama with as many natural and herbal remedies as she could before using other medicines. Jessie, as an intern, mixed all the antidotes with her ability. She was approached kwa Martian Manhunter, who happened to be on a scene the same time she healed someone from a fatal shot. Jessie trained under HawkGirl, Black Canary, and even Batman before joining the team. She goes on missions purely as a doctor. She is trained in case she ever needs to defend herself.
Notes: Jessie was inspired kwa Poison Ivy to start her own garden of natural herbs and other things. Her “inhuman ability” is that her blood can cure anything. Because of her ability, she has to cut herself in order to help. But she has super-fast healing on her part so there are no marks on her skin. Growing up in a caravan, she is not overly social. Jessie prefers as little people as possible. She is shy and not very outspoken. Despite the modern era, Jessie dresses in a very modest, kikale, kale fashioned way. Her inayopendelewa things are flowers, soft caramels, and books. Jessie has a fear of being replaced.
Her herb gathering outfit
One of her few modern clothes
Her work clothes