“Are wewe ready?’ Martian Manhunter asked. Phoebe gave a nod and slowly sat back on the chair, placing her arms and legs on the rests. She watched carefully as they readied the program for her. Most of the team had been doing these tests all day, a new type of training which gets wewe to come face to face with your greatest fears and confront them. Sounded like an easy trauma trigger to Phoebe. None the less she thought this experience could prove useful and since everyone else is going through it she was scared they would wonder and ask maswali as to why she wouldn’t want to.

She flinched a little at the coolness of the sensor as it was stuck to her temples, zaidi were placed symmetrically along her body, all connected to various computers and monitors. “We will begin in a moment but remember, this is a training exercise, everything wewe experience isn’t real. wewe are unlikely to over come your situation in your first session, everything wewe see we will see on the screens if it gets to much we will pull wewe out. Do wewe still want to go through with this?” Batman asked. Her eyes looked into the lenses of his cowl and nodded. 

“I have nothing to fear but fear itself” She replied and turned her gaze to the ceiling then quickly panned down to Zero sitting on the floor a few feet away, then to Dylan, he mouthed the words ‘I upendo you’ which made her smile giving her a little zaidi courage. Back to looking at the ceiling again Phoebe took a deep breath. “The formula is being injected now good luck Phoebe” Black Canary alisema softly giving her arm a small squeeze then stepping back.

Suddenly there was a sharp stinging sensation where the needle went in her spine making her flinch again and close her eyes. She opened them again but everything was blurry and getting darker, an high pitched sound like white noise was all Phoebe could hear. Finally everything fell into place and she was awakened suddenly in a dark space with a small beam of light cast upon her. She scanned all around her but it was pure darkness. 

“What am I afraid of?” She asked listening to her echo fade away.
“It is not the dark…”
“It is not empty spaces…”
“It is not being-"

Suddenly she heard whispering. Her head whipped around trying to find the chanzo of the noise. “Hello?” She asked into the darkness. Pulling her kofia down in frustration Phoebe moved slowly forward. It sounded like someone was running around in the darkness. Her hands naturally braced ready for her claws to come out. She moved quietly listening intently for her hidden opponent. Where she went this ominous light followed but there was nothing to seen in the vast darkness. Phoebe grew zaidi on edge, however whatever was looming near kwa felt terrifyingly familiar. 

((Ive Lost a lot of motivation for this series but I'm trying my best to make it happen as wewe will learn a lot about Phoebe. and yes this is series is based on the song control which I ilitumwa a while ago))