Commonly known as: Ana Rome
Official title: Princess Anastasia Romanov II of Russia
Alias: Saint
Nicknames: Anaka, Annie, mitaani, mtaa rat, princesska, kotyonok
Affiliation: independent; force for good
Species: Kitsune
Religion: Catholic
Weapons: sword, claws/canines (when shape shifted; typically out of her control when enraged)
Sexuality: straight
Born: March 12, 1938
Age as of March 17, 2017: 17 yrs
Relationships: brother: Alaksander Romanov; niece: Noëlle Romanov; "uncle": Mikel Angelo; lover: ?
Significant scars/markings: missing her pointer and middle fingers on her right hand
Personality: hyper, headstrong, impulsive, loving to her allies, angry at her enemies, terrible at the whole princess thing
Typical attire: a brown fire/water/bullet proof dragon skin poncho w/ hood, black leggings, red tanks top, brown boots

Summary: Anastasia was born as the sekunde daughter and youngest child to Prince Alexie while he was in hiding in Austria. She was born the night Austria was invaded kwa Nazi Germany. Her brothers were sold into the military, and she, her sister, and mother left to London. The whole family escaped the war the siku after the London Blitz started in 1941 when Ana was 3 yrs old. A warlock sent them to 2003, but two years later, her elder brother Thomas killed himself and the family fell apart.

Ana was sent away with her sister "for her protection" and was only recently rescued kwa her brother Aleksander. She currently resides with him, unaware of the plot of the Ruriks. Aleksander keeps her in the dark in fear of his passionate sister attempting to help link gain power in order to get justice for the assassination of the royal Romanov family.